You, Me, and Oprah: REPLAY

Super Soul Sunday with Jack Canfield

This holiday season is especially exciting for me as I will be appearing on Oprah’s Super SOUL Sunday series this coming Sunday, December 13th at 11 am EST/PST and again at 7 pm EST/PST on OWN.

During our conversation this Sunday, we’ll be talking about how to align your vision and goals with the fulfillment of our purpose in order to create a happy, fulfilled, and joyful life. I’ll also share why I believe we are all unlimited in our capacity for consciousness and creating profound impact in our lives.  

I hope you’ll join us! I think it’s going to be a great show.  Check your cable/TV provider for exact times and set your DVR!


A replay that will be available to international audiences after the show has aired. I’ll be sending out an email with the link once the show has aired, so make sure you watch out for it! (If you’re not already on my email list, you can sign up by clicking here.)

 The Importance of Your “Internal GPS”  
Find out what Jack says you should look for to determine whether you’re moving toward happiness and greater spiritual fulfillment.


Jack Canfield: If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It  
Find out why Jack believes our wildest dreams are within reach.

Jack Canfield on Why People Do Bad Things  
Here, Jack explains why he believes the answer for getting people to do better isn’t punishment; it’s offering opportunities to gain new skills and awareness.



  • Pam Garcy

    Two brilliant, love-filled, soul-driven teachers having an inspiring conversation...what more can we want? I can't wait to see the whole thing!

  • Darren Muise

    This is going to be great! I can't wait to watch. I wonder if they are going to use the footage that we filmed from BTS back in August. I hope so. That would be very cool to be on Oprah in some way.

  • Sheri Fink

    Can't wait to see Jack sharing his wisdom with Oprah on Sunday! His teachings have made a tremendous positive difference in my life. He is one of the greatest teachers of our time. I'm so happy to see his dream come true!


    will this program on Sunday be archived in its entirety for viewing at ? please reply asap....I'm in the library for the next hour only

  • Sandra Biskind

    What an inspiration you are Jack Canfield, I am so honored to call you a friend and to work with you on such a deep level. The world needs your wisdom, your level of consciousness, your willingness and commitment to sharing all that and most of all it needs your love! This is a match made in heaven - Jack Canfield and Oprah. Looking forward to 8am Sunday.
    Love always xxx

  • Sandra Pagliani

    I am neither in the US nor in Canada...Is there any way we can watch this in Europe too?