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Jack Canfield Makes Your Program
and Your People Come Alive

Positive and profound changes are the result when your employees, managers, members or leaders experience Jack Canfield and his proven principles for success and achievement.

Whether your organization needs to increase sales, boost income, increase output, expand creativity, enhance problem-solving, find more balance or improve customer service — these disciplines, when put into practice, will create massive and permanent change in the lives of your participants and in the day-to-day operations of your organization.

When Jack Canfield’s time with your group is over, they will experience new confidence and commitment, at all levels – including risk taking, making decisions, pushing through fears, and asking for what they need as an individual, or as part of a team. Audience members even experience immediate results by putting the principles into practice, right at the event!

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Speaking & Training Topics

Grow your employees as people and watch their confidence soar

Mastering the Principles of Success

How to Get From Where You are
to Where You Want to Be

In this exciting program, Jack will leave participants excited about the potential they have for their career, their company, their personal life, and their success goals. But more than just a motivational experience, this program offers the actual methods, strategies, activities, and exercises participants need to achieve what they want... and what you as a company or professional association want for them.

The Power of Focus

How to Hit Your Business and Personal
Targets with Absolute Certainty

Jack has discovered there are certain “disciplines of success” that high achievers practice in a systematic way — and focus on for consistent, breakthrough results and optimum success! Your audience will learn these principles and discover how to incorporate them into their day-to-day routine for a more fulfilling and satisfying workday and a more dynamic personal life.

Transforming the Trainer

Success Prinicples for Training Professionals

A 2- to 3-day interactive seminar designed to give professional trainers the skills they need to facilitate The Success Principles trainings in-house — for new hires, workgroups and other special employee populations. This program emphasizes familiarity with the curriculum, activities and exercises, while preparing your in-house trainers to deliver powerful information and activities.

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Speaking Formats

Programs can be tailored for your specific audience and delivered in a variety of formats for maximum impact

The Keynote

1 – 2 hours

This engaging, thought-provoking program will leave your conference or meeting participants energized and excited about the material they have just learned.

The Keynote Experience

2 – 4 hours

The perfect way to begin — or end — any convention, conference or retreat, The Keynote Experience gets participants involved with the material — and each other.

The Workshop

4 – 8 hours

This 4 to 8 hour program utilizes exercises, activities, and group experiences, to achieve awareness and personal growth among participants.

The 2 or 3 Day Training

12 – 18 hours

This type of training provides the most in-depth coverage of the material available, with voluminous workbook and learning tools included.

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Other Ways to Work With Jack

Group or Team Webinars

Train virtually with a private webinar or series of training

Mastermind Day

Have Jack facilitate and lead a mastermind with your team

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching programs designed to get the results you want

Executive Retreats

Build clarity, alignment and vision with your leadership teams

Let Jack Canfield Rock Your Results!

We work with you every step of the way to understand your needs and bring them into focus. Jack’s programs always hit the nail on the head, empowering and producing unbelievable results for our clients.

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