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The Power of Intention

For Episode 16 of the Jack Canfield Podcast, we’re thrilled to welcome Lynne McTaggart, an internationally acclaimed author and thought leader in the realms of consciousness, intention, and the science of spirituality.

This episode dives deep into how collective thought can transform our lives and the world. Lynne shares enlightening insights from her bestselling books and groundbreaking research, uncovering the power behind collective intention. Don’t miss the engaging discussion on harnessing this power for personal and community healing.

Tune in and join us in exploring the science of connection and the transformative effects of love and gratitude.

Lynn McTaggart is an internationally acclaimed bestselling author and researcher. Her groundbreaking international bestselling books like The Field,  The Intention Experiment, The Bond, and The Power of Eight are available in more than 30 languages and have sparked a profound awakening, transforming the lives of countless readers around the globe. As a co-owner and editorial director of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, Lynne, along with her husband, Brian Hubbard, published one of the world’s most respected health magazines, which is now available in 15 languages. 

🎯Inside this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The Beginning: What inspired Lynne to delve into the science behind consciousness and intention, overcome her skepticism, and write The Intention Experiment (02:11)
  • The Psychic Internet: Hear about the experiments where group intention grew seeds from 8000 miles away and lowered violent crime in St Louis (05:51)
  • Harnessing The Power of Eight:  Lynne breaks down the process of group intention and how to achieve remarkable feats of physical and psychic healing (11:16)
  • The Science of Love and Gratitude: Lynne explains the transformations in the brain that create feelings of oneness and connection. (21:37)
  • The Bulletproof Vest of Altruism: How science shows our need to connect and belong is as powerful as our need to breathe; and how altruism helps us live longer, healthier lives. Plus the “rebound effect:” how performing group intention brings peace to your life (28:06)
  • The Eight Revolution:  Expanding the power of intention from individuals to entire neighborhoods to promote connection and heal polarized communities (35:21)
  • What Doctors Don’t Tell You: The healing powers of homeopathy and aromatherapy, and how conventional medicine overlooks the body’s capacity to heal itself  (44:47)
  • The Lost Symbol. What’s it’s like being a character in a Dan Brown novel (45:19)
  • What’s On the Horizon?  Uniting Republicans and Democrats: Gaia’s giant intention experiment (46:36)


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