Episode 17 | Living Your Dreams with Mary Morrissey

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How to Use Brave Thinking to Build Your Dreams

Today I am thrilled to be sitting down with a very dear friend and an extraordinary visionary in the field of personal development, Mary Morrissey.

As someone who has been a beacon of hope and an unwavering advocate for the potential that lies within each of us, Mary’s insights and wisdom are not just enlightening; they’re transformative. In our conversation, we traverse the landscape of what it means to engage in “brave thinking” — a philosophy that Mary has not only preached but practiced throughout her remarkable career. As a speaker, best-selling author, and a visionary leader, Mary brings a wealth of experience and a treasure trove of stories that illustrate the power of our thoughts, the significance of our dreams, and the incredible potential for change that exists within all of us.

Tune into Episode 17 of the Jack Canfield Podcast where Mary dives deep into the art and science of building dreams.  She opens up about how she overcame her personal hardships; and shares the simple steps of her proven and repeatable system of transformation.  Mary’s story is a testament to the fact that no matter where you find yourself today, the possibility for a brighter, more fulfilling future is always within reach. It’s about making the brave choice to think differently, to dream boldly, and to act with conviction.

🎯Inside this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Mary’s Journey: Mary opens up about her teenage pregnancy, being forced to leave high school to graduate from a “delinquent school” and being diagnosed with a fatal kidney disease; and how overcoming these trials began her lifelong calling to study transformation (3:42)
  • Shifting from Common Hour Thinking to Brave Thinking: Mary unpacks how to dream and plan free of the tyranny of circumstance, situations and conditions (18:33)
  • The Art of Science of Building Dreams: Mary shares the simple steps for envisioning and building the life you would love to lead (16:02)
  • You’re Never Too Old to Change: Mary shares how her mother overcame her depression after losing her husband and followed her dream of becoming an artist at the age of 85 (32:27)
  • Taking Baby Steps to Mount Everest: Mary delves into the simple habits such as the five-minute power rule that we can use every day to achieve extraordinary goals (45:23)
  • Building A Personal Legacy: Jack and Mary talk about the importance of their good work living after them through their teaching and programs such as Jack’s Legacy Club (45:16)

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