Episode 14 | Embracing Your True Self: The Art of Self Love & Self Care with Shannon Kaiser

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Jack Canfield Podcast: Episode 14

Today I’m really, really thrilled to have a special guest with us. Shannon Kaiser is a renowned spiritual guide and self-love teacher. She’s someone who has not only journeyed through the challenging valleys of depression and anxiety, but has emerged to help countless others find their path to fulfillment.

Shannon is the author of six transformative books, including the self-love experiment, Adventures for Your Soul. With content reaching over 22 million people a month, which is amazing, she’s been rightfully titled “Your Go-To Happiness Booster” by Health Magazine.

Her latest book, which I consider to be a masterpiece, is called Return to You, 11 Spiritual Lessons for Unshakeable Inner Peace where Shannon offers deep insights into achieving unshakeable inner peace. And in today’s world, finding direction when things seem lost is more important than ever.

Tune into Episode 14 of the Jack Canfield Podcast where we will explore the concept of authenticity and knowing how and when you’re living your most authentic life; how to practice proper self love and self-care; developing the power to say no and keep toxic people out of your life.

Have Shannon’s experiences and insights sparked a reflection on your own path? Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and personal experiences by giving us a review on your favorite platform below. Your journey towards embracing your true self begins today!

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🎯Inside this episode:

  • The Path to Inner Peace: Hear about Shannon’s quest to discover how we can have peace no matter what’s going on in the outside world. (01:16)
  • The Authentic Self: Discover the true meaning of authenticity and identify the common barriers to self-fulfilment. (04:32)
  • Drop Into Your Heart: Develop your inner guidance system. Practice listening to yourself and never be led astray ever. (05:46)
  • The Pillars of Self Love:  Learn about the importance of self-care, self-compassion and self-trust in living an authentic life. (11:22)
  • The Healing Power of Nature: Learn Shannon’s techniques for connecting with nature for mindfulness and mental wellbeing (14:11)
  • Ikigai: Learn to nurture your unique gifts and talents for a passion-filled life
  • (18:21)
  • Return to You: Understanding the vital role of relationships with others and oneself in the journey to an authentic self (22:27)
  • Sage Advice: Hear Shannon’s top tips for returning to your authentic self (29:16)
  • What Next For Shannon?  Hear how Shannon is cultivating the value of leading with love and respect to creatively spread the message of love, self-love and authenticity (31:41)
  • Banish the Energy Vampires: How to cultivate your inner circle of nurturers and say no to people who drain you (35:06)

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