Episode 19 | Healing The Heart and Soul With Plant Medicine With Gerry Powell & Jack Canfield

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From Crisis to Healing: Discover The Power of Plant Medicine 

Welcome to the Jack Canfield Podcast. It’s my pleasure to introduce our esteemed guest today, Gerry Gerard Armond Powell. He’s a conscious entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Rythmia Life and Advancement Center in Costa Rica. This program is renowned for its transformative impact on spiritual awakening and personal growth, with an impressive 97% of guests reporting miraculous experiences.

Tune into episode 19 of the Jack Canfield podcast, where Gerry shares how he successfully led My Choice Medical Corporation, which he later sold for over $80 million. However, a personal crisis after this sale propelled Gerry into a profound journey of self-transformation through plant medicine.

This experience ignited his mission to share this transformative opportunity with others through Rythmia. Gerry’s life is a testament to resilience, perseverance, and the power of personal growth. Jack Canfield has had the privilege of knowing Gerry since 2017 and has witnessed the remarkable impact of his work firsthand. Today, Jack is honored to have Gerry join him on the podcast as they delve into his journey and the miracles of personal transformation he’s facilitating.

🎯Inside this episode, you will learn about:

  • Gerry’s Journey: Gerry shares his personal journey from struggling with addiction and mental health issues to finding happiness and purpose through ayahuasca (3:00)
  • Healing the soul and heart through plant medicine: Gerry describes a process of healing and self-discovery through admitting one’s true identity (7:31)
  • Personal growth and healing through truth-telling and ceremony: Gerry emphasized on the importance of truth in personal growth and spirituality (14:36)
  • Spiritual healing and personal growth through surrender and letting go of attachments: Gerry describes how medicine shows memories and truths that had been repressed, allowing him to confront and heal from past pain (22:00)
  • Forgiveness, and the importance of acknowledging one’s own flaws: Gerry reveals his struggle with seeking significance and approval from others, realizing that it’s He also stated that judging others is a reflection of unacknowledged aspects of themselves (28:47)
  • Miracles and healing experiences, including testimonials from older adults: Gerry shared the story of a woman whose visible tumor disappears after the ceremony. He also observes that older adults are “trying to figure out what to do with their life” and finds joy in seeing them experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment (45:00)
  • Spirituality, and consciousness with Jack and Gerry: Jack and Gerry emphasize the importance of inner guidance and heart-based decision-making (53:00)

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