Video: Starting the New Year Right



If you don’t set goals for yourself this year, one thing is certain: You will wander aimlessly throughout the year, and in life. Taking charge of your results starts with deciding what you want to experience and achieve.

In this video you’ll discover my techniques for optimum goal setting, the importance of setting goals, common pitfalls to avoid, and more. 

TIP: Use this worksheet to help you Unleash the Power of Goal Setting:

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  • Angel Armogida

    Loved this thank you! x


    have you tried to help a poor person you admire the ever so I had the money to take responsibility for an African child dying of starvation instead of listening to you, people always hungry it's money, money, money

  • Ute Shelley Osterried

    What to do, if your spouse, although you told himm all about it many times, still does not want to set goals, take over 100% responsibility, ...
    This seems a massive roadblock to me .. Any suggestions?

  • Jodie Hollen

    I found this video very helpful.. I had started to write my goals but ran into some "road blocks" so I did not finish them or even reread them. This video helped to get me motivated Thank you

  • Lili Daliessio

    This video is very helpful!! Thank you so much for sharing with me via email!!!

    • Parul........

      PLZ KINDLY SEND ME THE VIDEO ON, as i wana get the blessings of this video you all are talking about.

  • Deneen K Berry

    What an amazing 2014 this year has started to be. I am thankful for : 1- my new gym shoes 2-my new lap top 3-my new eyeglasses 4-and winning $1500 when spirit told me to play a certain machine !! Since starting this class with Mr. Jack Canfield I put up some pictures of my desires. Each day I listen to the video and take his recommendations seriously and do them. Today I joyfully added to my wall a "FORK" knowing that "The best is yet to come !! " My next goal is to have my dentures fixed. I'm on SS, and today I will ask spirit for the inspiration of how I can complete this goal. THANK YOU JACK, YOU HAVE BEEN A BIG, BIG, BLESSING ! I just turned 66 years young on 01/11/14, and am very happy to have been able to purchase your book "The Success Principles". One question: some books by other authors say to work on your desires, and then let them go to let the universe handle the outcome. But your book says to daily stay with the vision ??? So I am not sure whether to keep on the same vision daily or to let it go ??

  • How To Start The New Year Righ

    How To Start The New Year Right

    I found this video very obliging. I had in progress to write
    my goals but ran into some "road blocks" so I did not finish them or still
    revise them. This video helped to get me aggravated Thank you. Consent with all the points, particularly the Social Media
    aspect of focusing on the current big players first, before chasing new

  • Omer

    Thank you Jack this video is helpful but what to do if lack of money stops us from doing everything we want to do.