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How to Become a Certified Life Coach: 7 Steps to Take in 2022

Transform yourself in 2022. Understand how to become a life certified life coach in just 7 steps.

7 Steps to Become a Transformational Trainer

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Are you the kind of person who loves to inspire others to become better people and create lives of greater joy, meaning, and fulfillment for themselves? 

If so, I have a question for you: 

Have you ever considered becoming a certified life coach?

And that of course might prompt a question of your own – namely, “What is a life coach, Jack?” 

Simply put, a life coach is someone who helps people get clear on what they want in life, overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their goals, and take consistent, effective action to make their dreams come true. 

They are someone who has been trained in effective coaching methods by a professional organization and successfully undergone testing to prove they mastered those methods.

So, I want to help you determine if life coaching is right for you, and if so, how to become one. Take a look.  

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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a career that has exploded in recent years… and small wonder considering the world we currently find ourselves in! 

These days, more people are finding themselves dealing with unanticipated obstacles and challenges and are struggling to create lives that actually make them happy. 

Even people who have achieved incredible professional success in their business or careers often feel unfulfilled and wish their lives offered them greater purpose and contentment. 

That’s why the services life coaches offer are so valuable. By helping others get clear on the kind of life they really want and then supporting them as they work to achieve their goals, life coaches can completely transform the lives of their clients. 

If you are looking for a new career and are passionate about helping others (particularly if you have experience as a leader or a manager within an organization or have worked with others in some other capacity), I encourage you to learn more about life coach training to see if it’s a good fit for you.  

How to Become a Certified Life Coach in 7 Steps

The best way to become a successful certified life coach is to recognize that if you want to help others create lives they love, YOU must be able to create a life YOU love first. 

And the first step to do that is to discover your true purpose in life and make sure your decisions and actions are fully aligned with that purpose. 

How to Become a Certified Life Coach in 7 Steps

Once you do the work and realize that your life purpose is to help others then life coaching could be the ideal career path for you. Follow the steps below to make your dreams a reality.  

Step #1 Inspire People to Take Action

Great coaches teach their ideas and concepts in a way that inspires people to take action and get real results. Because the only real difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who don’t is that successful people take unstoppable action toward their goals

Most people don’t do this. 

They spend their lives reacting to their existing circumstances instead of acting to create their ideal circumstances. When they do make an effort but don’t get the results they want, they give up too easily and tell themselves to settle with whatever fate has handed them. 

This is one of the biggest problems that you will have to help other people solve as a certified life coach. Signifying it’s the most important problem for YOU to solve in your own life, so you can others to do the same.  

Step #2 Identify Emotional Blocks

“That which you seek is seeking you.” 

I love this quote by Rumi. 

The Universe WANTS you to achieve your goals and will readily provide you with the resources and opportunities you need to make it happen. But all too often there is an obstacle on your path that prevents you from recognizing these resources and opportunities. 

And that obstacle is… YOU! 

Emotional blocks created by your past experiences and traumas often stand in the way of your progress. They need to be addressed and healed if you want to become the kind of person who is capable of achieving your goals. 

Step #2 Identify Emotional Blocks

The problem is, that most people are afraid to deal with their emotions. These blocks prevent them from learning the proper lessons or acquiring the skills and experience needed to create the life of their dreams. 

And that’s what makes great life coaches so valuable. Their life coach training empowers them to help their clients overcome their emotional blocks so they can achieve real and lasting results.

Step #3 Create A-HA Moments

For a lesson to “stick,” the student must absorb it at a soul-deep level. And the best way to help them do so isn’t to “talk at them” – it’s to facilitate breakthrough epiphanies that allow them to experience and understand the lesson for themselves. 

So if you want to know how to become a certified life coach, you must know how to create these breakthrough moments. It’s not enough to simply know the information and present it to others. 

You should be able to create a learning environment that allows students to experience instant comprehension of the lesson in the form of an epiphany. So be sure to choose a life coach training program that promises to teach you how to deliver these “a-ha” moments. 

Step #4 Speak to All 8 Dimensions of Being

To become an effective life coach, it’s important to recognize that people learn and absorb information in different ways. So if you want to create lasting change in a person’s mindset and behavior, you must speak to all dimensions of a person’s being, including: 

  • Intellect
  • Imagination
  • Emotion
  • Intuition
  • Physical Body
  • Awareness 
  • Will/Choice
  • Higher Self

When you speak to all 8 of these dimensions, you will be able to impact the people you work with in a much deeper and more profound way. 

Step #5 Create Transformational Experiences

Most coaches, trainers, and speakers aim to only teach people – and as a result, most people who listen to their workshops or presentations tend to forget 80% of what they’ve learned within three to four days. 

Step #5 Create Transformational Experiences

Truly successful life coaches, on the other hand, aim to transform people. 

They don’t just deliver information — they create powerful experiences that lead to life-changing results for their clients. And they do this by imparting their wisdom through engaging stories and interactive exercises that allow people to absorb the lessons on a deep emotional, physical, and spiritual level. 

Step #6 Give People a Proven System

Effective certified life coaches understand that there is a huge difference between giving people excess information and advice — and teaching them a proven system that walks them step-by-step through a process that is guaranteed to help them achieve their results. 

Simply put, you have to do the right things in the right way at the right time if you want your actions to build on each other and get life-changing results. 

So if you want to teach this kind of system to your clients, you must either create this kind of system yourself (which will involve a lot of trial and error) or receive a coaching certification program that will teach you their proven system. 

The good news is, that there are effective programs that allow you to become a coach online and learn everything you need to know to facilitate lasting change in the people you work with. 

Just be sure to confirm that their “proven system” actually works by reading their client case studies and testimonials to learn more about the kind of results people are getting.

Step #7 Build Your Training Business

Finally, your success as a certified life coach depends entirely on your ability to let people know you exist and convince them to sign up for your workshops or training sessions — and then come back for more!

Your goal should be to a client or workshop attendee to leave your training saying, “That was the best thing I’ve ever attended! I’m going to tell everyone about it!” 

You want to be a transformational trainer that leaves people wanting more and inspires them to not only become lifelong loyal fans of your business but persuade others to do the same. 

And the best way to achieve this goal is to build your business with this in mind from the very get-go. Follow the seven steps you have just learned about as you build your brand and establish your expertise and authority with your desired client niche. 

Become a Certified Life Coach Today

Now that you have learned how to become a certified life coach, I have one final question: are you ready to go for it? 

If you find yourself intrigued by this exciting career opportunity, I encourage you to take the next step in learning more about it. 

I have created a free guide, 7 Steps to Become a Transformational Trainer, that goes into detailed steps of what you’ve just learned about so you can become a life coach. 

Plus, you’ll understand what requirements you need as well as the types of life coaches out there so you can decide if becoming a certified life coach is right for you. 

You can download this guide for free and get it delivered to your inbox in minutes here: 

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