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6 Signs the Universe is Telling You You’re on the Wrong Path

If you’re feeling like something isn’t right in your life you should try to listen to the universe.

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Everyone has a unique purpose in life, and finding and following that purpose is the key to creating a happy, abundant, meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself.

Sometimes, though, for one reason or another, you may unconsciously drift away from your staying true to your purpose, or you may think you are on the right path when really you’re heading in the opposite direction of where you intended to go.

The good news is, the universe wants you to live your purpose and show up in the world as your best self.

When you listen to the universe it gives you strong signals that let you know when you’ve gone off track and are no longer on the path to fulfilling your true purpose in life. If you notice any of the following tell-tale clues in your life, it may be a clear sign that it’s time for a course correction.

1. You’ve Lost Interest in Thing You Once Loved

Fulfilling your purpose in life should be deeply interesting and important to you. If you feel like your work has lost its meaning and relevance, that may be a sign from the universe that you have veered away from your true purpose.

I encourage you to ask yourself: What can I change or do differently so that my work is more fulfilling and I am no longer just going through the motions?

2. You Thirst for Change

The next sign to watch out for is a constant thirst for change. We all want to have new experiences. That’s a natural and important part of being human. But when you are fully living your purpose, you aren’t craving something different all the time. You love what you’re doing so much, you don’t want to be doing anything else.

So if you find yourself regularly fantasizing about doing something different, that can be a clear sign that a change is exactly what you need.

3. You’re Stressed Out

Stress is your mind’s and your body’s way of letting you know that something isn’t right in your life. Sometimes, the source of your stress may be obvious, such as a strained relationship, financial troubles, or any other number of factors.

Other times, though, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why you are experiencing stress.

Everything seems fine on the surface – yet you can never seem to fully relax and allow yourself to be happy. That’s a pretty strong clue that your life as you’ve currently designed it isn’t giving you the joy and fulfillment you crave.

4. You’re Annoyed & Irritated

Something else to look out for is when you feel constantly irritated and annoyed by every little thing that happens. I’m not talking about dealing with a person or situation that most people would find annoying, such as dealing with a setback at work or having someone cut you off in traffic.

I’m talking about the little things that normally wouldn’t bother you suddenly driving you up the wall. If this ever happens to you, consider it may be the universe trying to tell you that you’re on the wrong path.

5. You Have Unexplained Chronic Pain

Another thing to watch out for is unexplained chronic pain. Pain is a sign that something isn’t right in our bodies. But it can also be a sign that something isn’t right in our lives.

If you are dealing with recurring pain that you and your doctors cannot explain, the source of that pain may very well be the fact that you are not on the right path.

Because when you know at a subconscious or soul-deep level that you are not living your life in alignment with what truly matters to you, that message will sometimes make itself known to you in the form of physical pain.

I know a lot of people who have seen their unexplained physical pain lessen or go away entirely once they made the right changes in their lives and began pursuing their true purpose.

A doctor I had in a training a few years ago had constant migraine headaches. When we delved into the issue, he revealed that he never really wanted to be a doctor. His real passion was working on cars.

However, he came from a family where everyone was a doctor, his mother, his father, his uncle, his older brother, and sister. He was expected to become a doctor. It was as if working on cars was below the family status.

Nevertheless, he resigned his position at the hospital and opened a garage where he worked on exotic cars, and his migraines suddenly disappeared.

6. You Feel No Joy in What You Do

Joy is the number one piece of feedback that tells you when you’re on the right path. And if you follow your joy, it will guide you in the direction of your dreams. Because nothing will bring you more happiness and fulfillment than fully living your true purpose. So if you aren’t experiencing joy in your day-to-day life, that’s a powerful signal that you are not on the right path.

The good news is, once you pay attention to the message the Universe is sending you, you can change your direction and use your joy as a compass to find and stay on the path that will lead you to the life of your dreams.

Has the universe been sending you any signs that you’ve been ignoring? If you’d like to learn more about the universe and the Law of Attraction click the link to get a guide.

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