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How to Attract Wealth with Positive Affirmations

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Financial success starts in the mind and there are incredibly simple affirmations that can help you attract wealth.

If you have a good attitude about money – if you like thinking about it, and reading about it, and managing it effectively – you can learn how to attract money more easily.

But if you have negative ideas around money – it’s hard to make, you’ll never have enough of it, and you don’t like checking your bank account because you’re afraid of what it’s going to tell you – guess what?

You’re going to find it very difficult to make, save, and manage your money.

And you’ll probably never get to a place where you are entirely free from financial worry.

The good news is that there are simple and actionable affirmations that you can do every day to help you change your perspective of money and attract wealth.

Why Attracting Wealth Seems Scary

The messages we receive in childhood form our earliest impressions about money. Let’s see if any of these scenarios seem familiar.

  • We hear our parents arguing because they don’t have enough – and that teaches us that money causes unhappiness.
  • We’re told that the cool toy we really want is too expensive – and our takeaway is that we don’t deserve the nice things money can buy.
  • We hear adults groaning about doing their taxes, and we understand that managing our money is boring and difficult.

Whatever the experience may be, we form negative beliefs around money that sabotage our financial success.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the myths that form around attracting success in your life, and see if any of these concepts resonate with your own beliefs.

Myth #1: Becoming Rich Would Violate the Family Code

In many low to middle-income families, there’s a belief that rich people earn their money on the backs of the poor.

This isn’t always true, of course, but in some households, being poor is a badge of honor and keeps you equal to the rest of your family or your neighbors.

Myth #2: The “Good Life” Only Comes at a Sacrifice

Do you know how much your parents had to give up so that you could have a musical instrument, go to private school, or compete in your chosen sport?

This myth negatively associates wealth and prosperity with hardship and sacrifice. It is completely untrue.

Myth #3: Wealth Brings Pain and Misery

It’s not uncommon for a child to be exposed of volatile arguments about money, or the lack thereof.

Those memories are painful and cause negative emotions attached to money.

What did you learn about money from your parents, teachers, and others when you were a child? Are any of those messages sabotaging your financial success?

Attract Wealth Using Positive Affirmations 
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How to Achieve a Positive Money Mindset

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Money is difficult to make and even harder to manage. Wealth and prosperity are not for people like me. Life is hard.”

Well, that’s simply not true!

It’s just a story you keep telling yourself and that story only exists in your head.

The key to having more money in your life is to change your money mindset into a more positive one. Then, focus on ways to bring more money into your life—and manage it wisely.

For example:

  • Instead of avoiding it, you will find yourself attracting it.
  • Instead of finding it boring or difficult, you will find it fascinating and you’ll love the time you spend learning how to manage it more effectively.
  • Instead of dreading your bank balance, you will be excited to monitor it because it just keeps going up and up!

That is the power of a positive money mindset.

Developing a positive money mindset is a critical skill that you can benefit from for the rest of your life.

How to Change Your Perception of Money and Attract Wealth

Now, I wanted to share 3 quick steps you can take right now to release your limiting beliefs around money and unleash your potential for achieving financial success.

Step 1: Write Down any Limiting Beliefs you May Have

These can be any of the numbers of myths about attracting money we previously mentioned such as it takes money to make money, or that you will have to sacrifice a lot to get to financial freedom.

Think of anything that has limited you from pursuing your dreams and limiting your ability to attract money. Then write that concept down and really think about it.

Step 2: Challenge your Limiting Beliefs with Statements that are Actually True

For example, if you believe it takes money to make money, remember that there are many businesses that you can start on less than $500 such as consulting, network marketing, or becoming a service provider.

Alternatively, maybe you can get a promotion and a raise if you join your company’s free management-training program.

Step 3: Create a Positive Turnaround Statement

You can write, “Everything I need to make money is easily showing up at no cost to me.”

Say this out loud with passion several times a day for at least 30 days and this belief will become part of your money mindset forever.

If you want to attract money, it’s important to visualize it as if you already have it.

Step 4: Set Clear Goals for Your Finances

Setting financial goals is a critical step towards mastering a positive money mindset. 

Try to get as specific as you can when setting your financial goals, and consider using the SMART goal setting template: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Having these goals will change how you look at your money and give you something specific to work towards.

Step 5: Practice Using Daily Affirmations

It takes time and consistent effort to train ourselves to think and speak about money in positive ways.

By using daily affirmations, you can help bring about the opportunities, resources, and people who can help you reach your financial goals.

Consistently ask for what you want, and then let the universe worry about how you get it.

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Affirmations to Attract Money and Grow Your Wealth

Now let’s look at some affirmations you can incorporate into your daily practice to dissolve your limiting beliefs around money and open yourself to receiving the unlimited abundance the universe wants you to have.

You may want to write these affirmations down as you go because I want you to repeat them at least once a day – twice is better – for 30 days in a row.

Make them part of your daily practice for a month.

Affirmation #1: I am Making Positive Choices About What to do with my Money

Imagine yourself experiencing that reality.

You’re monitoring your budget and spending your money wisely, no longer wasting it on purchases you really don’t need.

And as a result, your bank balance is growing, you’re paying off your debts, and suddenly your big dreams of going on that big vacation, or paying off the mortgage, or retiring early no longer seem impossible.

So take a moment after finishing this blog to consider the choices you currently make around money.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can you do to make more and spend less?
  • Is it time to raise your rates or ask for a promotion?
  • How about your spending habits?
  • What are some of the ways you can reduce the amount of unnecessary spending you do each month?

Imagine yourself taking positive action to save, grow, and manage your money more effectively.

Affirmation #2: I am Creating all the Money I Want and Need to Accomplish Everything I Want to Do in Life.

Imagine yourself making more than enough money to live comfortably and never worry about paying your bills again.

No more debt, no more stressing about making ends meet or worrying about how you’re going to pay for that unexpected major expense.

I want you to know right now that you are so much closer to that reality than you think.

Imagine yourself there right now – getting a bill in the mail and feeling so much gratitude that you can pay for it right then and there.

Or, being offered the chance to go on an amazing vacation – and saying “yes” right away because you know you can easily afford it.

Feel the gratitude, confidence, and freedom that entails!

If you repeat this affirmation every day, so much of the negative energy you have around money will evaporate.

Affirmation #3: I am Releasing All Negative Thoughts about Money and I Feel Free to Visualize my Dreams.

It’s time for you to release your limiting thoughts about money.

They are holding you back from becoming the person you were meant to be. Feel how powerful you are and how boundless your potential is.

You can accomplish anything you imagine in life. As you work toward your dreams, the money you need to make your vision a reality WILL come to you. I guarantee it.

Bob Proctor says, “The present state of your bank account is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking.”

I totally agree with that. When you change your thinking around money, you will dramatically change your bank account balance. Guaranteed.

Put Your Affirmations Into Action and Attract Money

Through affirmations, deciding what you want, believing it’s possible, and acting as if, you can shift your consciousness and develop a positive money mindset.

The reality is, you can bring wealth into your life through conscious effort.

The Law of Attraction will attract all abundance to you – you just have to ask!

Law of Attraction and Money

Leveraging the Law of Attraction is one of the most effective ways to change your beliefs about money into a belief system that will open you up to the prosperity that is all around you.

The Law of Attraction dictates that the things you believe inwardly and project outwardly will be the things that you attract into your life.

First, you must take some steps to really see it work to change your life.

I encourage you to repeat the three affirmations I just taught you several times a day. When you do, remember after repeating each affirmation to close your eyes and visualize yourself experiencing the reality the affirmation describes.

Imagine what it looks, feels, and sounds like. The more you are able to feel yourself experiencing that reality, the more powerful your affirmation practice will be.

Now it’s your turn. What are some affirmations that you are using to help attract success into your life? Leave a comment below with your answer. I’d love to read what you have to say!

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