“I still play The Success Principles in my car during “drive-time university.” In three short years, I went from the edge of bankruptcy to owning a seven-person real estate company producing in the top two percent of all agents in Arizona. I built a respected real estate law firm and have now partnered in a land acquisition and development company. The foundation of my success is directly traced to the lessons I’ve learned from this book.”
-Jason Wells, Tempe, Arizona

“Once I read The Success Principles, I bought copies for my husband’s dental staff. As a result, we decided to open a dental assisting school to produce excellent dental assistants who would easily get jobs. Now I buy a copy of the book for every student and talk about key principles at our graduation ceremony. The Success Principles offers everything they need to be successful in every area of their lives.”
-Helen Hussey, Arlington, Washington

“In the two years since reading The Success Principles, I received an offer to work as the head of the psychology department at a prominent institute in Qatar; went on a fabulous long holiday to Thailand, the UK, and India; became part owner of an apartments and suites property; published my first book with Hay House Publishers; created an effective plan to manage my finances, tithing and wealth—and became a millionaire in the process.”
-Dr. A Moosani, Mumbai, Maharastra, India

“For 10 years I worked as a doctor in different countries and fields of medicine, but although that sounds exciting, I was never truly happy in hospital Jobs which made me feel miserable and drained. The Success Principles made me realize I could say “no” and taught me to “inquire within” about what felt right for me. When I saw an ad on the Internet from the air ambulance looking for a flight doctor, it sounded like such a fantastic opportunity, even though I wasn’t sure they’d be interested in me. I applied anyway—and was hired. It’s by far the best job I have ever had!”
-Johanna Gnad, Vienna, Austria

“After a 34-year hiatus from competitive amateur wrestling, I decided to compete in the Veteran’s Nationals just two months away. With my son as a coach, I used visualization, modified my diet, worked out vigorously and kept my eye on the prize. Even when our flight got rerouted and we arrived at 2:00am, I still persevered. On just a few hours of sleep, I practiced my affirmation and visualized winning.  Several hours later I was the Freestyle National Champion.”
-Skip Mondragon, Evans, Georgia

“This book was the catalyst that reunited my family and saved my marriage! I was on the road to divorce—I’d separated from my husband and moved across the country. As I write this, my husband and I have reconciled and our family is back together. I’ve shared the book and what I’ve learned with my husband and children, and even lead a weekly “Jack Meeting” for our office. I feel so fulfilled sharing what I’ve learned with others.”
-Carole Murphy, Columbus, Ohio

“My son is a very bright individual, but never found his place in the education system. As he struggled through his first year in university, I gave him a copy of The Success Principles. He read your book and, soon after, left university to pursue his dream to become an entrepreneur. That was five years and two companies ago. Thank you.”
-Janet Barlow, Ajax, Ontario, Canada

“When I immigrated to Germany five years ago, I was living on 500 euros a month, afraid of the future. I found The Success Principles in one of the houses where I worked as a babysitter—and within two months of starting to follow the principles, I got a job as a consultant that paid two hundred euros per day—or 4,000 euros per month. A year later, wanting to pursue my Ph.D., I got a scholarship to attend university that 200 other students had applied for.”
-Maria Fernanda Valdes, Berlin, Deutschland, Germany

“By following The Success Principles, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of traveling around the world. I have now traveled to six of the seven continents and 40+ countries and have helped many children and families along the way. In 2013, I was on the road for almost nine months out of the year, traveling through South and Central America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It was an amazing year!”
-Antoinette Bernardo, Brooklyn, New York

“I was near suicidal after a lay-off and a tough season of self-employment. After reading The Success Principles, I committed to writing a book, winning a Toastmaster contest and finding a mentor who would take me to the next level. Within 24 months, I completed my book Live A More Excellent Life, finished in the top 20 of the Toastmaster’s International Speech Contest out of 35,000 contestants, and am now a certified professional speaker, trainer, and coach.”
-J. Loren Norris, Euless, Texas

“After reading The Success Principles, I was able to turn my life around. I went from being $30,000+ in debt to saving my business from failure, paying off my debt, and creating substantial savings for a new home and retirement—all in just under a year!”
-Jenny Cleary, Chicago, Illinois

“Jack has returned my self-esteem and courage to pursue my dreams. Today, I am financially independent and own a company that helps people design their lives. I do seminars with thought leaders to audiences of 800 to 1,000 people. I am well respected in my community and PTA president at my son’s school. All of this was possible because Jack gave me back what I had lost: MY POWER.”
-Puja Gupta, Chennai, India

“Because of the “Reject Rejection” principle, I became a pastry chef after being told it was impossible since I hadn’t apprenticed at a young age—and because I have three small children and a husband with a demanding career. I kept knocking on doors until one opened up—and I’m proud to say that I now work at the best French patisserie in Calgary, Canada. Thank you!”
-Mariko Tancon, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“This is one of the best success oriented books I have read. It has amazing motivational potential. Every one of your pages is as if you wrote it just for me. I feel your words tugging at me with each chapter.”
-Thom Singer

“Just wanted to send a note to tell you just how much I’m enjoying The Success Principles book. I’ve started this new habit that launches my day in a very positive way. I get up 30 minutes earlier, grab my coffee and your fabulous book, open the blinds to see the Catalina Mountains and I read!”
-Tricia Hooper

“I have The Success Principles and have found it to be the best I have ever read relating to usable ideas.”
-Paula Harris

“I am a pastor and graduate student here in Virginia Beach. I have just finished reading your book, “The Success Principles” and just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write this most inspiring helpful life manual. I have read a number of books and continue to do so. Your book is one of the most inspiring I have ever read! You share such helpful and timely insights that encourages and challenges the heart never to take one’s dreams and destiny to the grave without actually living it out here on earth. You personal transparency is so refreshing! Along with being one of the most inspiring books I have ever read, you book stands alone as the most informative. I have never read a book that both inspires you and then tells you practically how to go about living that inspiration as your book does. It is unrivaled in it’s references to place to go and contact for further information. I have not only taken this book as the book for me to work through all year and beyond, I plan to teach it in my church as part of my “Living Your Purpose and Destiny” seminar as the primary reference book for the course. You are a jewel Jack. Thank you again for all you’ve done to make this world a better place by contributing so much to the lives of people!”
-Clarence McPherson

“I admire your writing and am putting your success principles to work in my life. And I can see a difference in what I’ve accomplished as well as my attitude toward my goals.”
-Stacey Toben

“Mr. Canfield, you have raised the bar with The Success Principles.  It was compelling and had a profound impact on my life.  You are Michael Jordan,Tiger Woods, The Beatles, Picasso-there could never be a more well written guide to life.”
-Steven Rasner

“Did I mention that I love the book – even coaches need to get back on track sometimes. It’s really inspired me to move forward in some areas where I have bogged down a bit, so thank you. I gave it to one of my coaching clients yesterday who has been really struggling. While discussing what it was about and why I though it is important for him to read, he had a breakthrough!!! Thanks again.”
-DeeDee Hixson

“I just purchased your most recent book, The Success Principles. Although I have read many books on success, building self-esteem, increasing happiness, your book is the best one by far! It has become my bible for survival. I loved the book so much I bought another copy for my mother.  We read and re-read one or two chapters every day. I consider myself blessed to have found your book and I am trying very hard to integrate all of the advice you provide to use in my life.”
-Beverly Klein

“I am writing you from sunny South Africa. I recently bought your book The Success Principles. I must tell you that your book is one of the most inspiring books on motivation that I have ever read (and I have read a tremendous amount of them from a broad spectrum of authors). Just to give you a brief background of myself, I am 57 years old and have been helping clients meet their financial objectives for 24 years by selling investments and insurance through South Africa’s largest insurance company Old Mutual. I am in the top 3 percent of my company’s big producers but I am always reading self-help books to try to do better and lift my targets.”
-Colin White

“I recently purchased your new book.  I am also a trainer.  I have been studying personal development for the last 10 years. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoyed your book.  I have a library full of hundreds of books on business and success.  Your book is one of the best I have ever read.  The discussion of precessional effects was very powerful.”
-Eric Lofholm

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am a 45 year old male and feel that I am in a rut.  I have a wonderful partner of 15 years, love my job, have a lot of love around me, but feel so empty inside, until I purchased your book, The Success Principles. I have purchased many of the self-help books over the years.  None have touched me so much as this one, I am somewhere around page 200, and needed to stop and write to you.  I can already feel inside that this was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, if not the best.”
-Daryl Arsenault

“I just want to take a moment to send a very heart felt THANK YOr.  I picked up my copy of The Success Principles at my local Navy Exchange shortly after New Year’s Day, and I couldn’t have picked a better way to begin my New Year!  I truly appreciate the wonderful writing style and the fantastic step by step guide to how to get where I want to go in life!”
-Jo Wrede

“I’ve finished reading through The Success Principles book for a second time. What an inspiration it has been! It reaffirms my drive to improve my own situation.”
-Connie Hall

“I used the principles in this book to propel my website from 100 visitors a month to over 5000 visitors a month.”
-Zev Saftlas

“Your book and insights are like an answered prayer after months of promotion struggle!”
-Debra Schweiger Berg

“Recently I walked into Barnes and Noble to purchase a book. Upon entering the store I noticed the book The Success Principles. Something about it interested me (mind you it was on a table with several other books of the same kind).  I looked at the cover and  moved on.  A few days passed and I received an email message from Debbie Fords Best Year of Your Life, and in that email it mentioned your book. Third times a charm…I was again in Barnes and Noble, again looking for another book, and as I was looking at the other book, The Success Principles fell off of the table and got my attention!  I got the message loud and clear and bought the book!!!  I haven’t been able to put it down.   I’m  bringing a product to market and it was exactly what I needed!  Grace works in strange ways.  Thank you for writing such a great book!” 
-Mollie Suits

“Your book “The Success Principles” is the most wonderful book!!  I read it with awe and wish that I could have read this 20 years ago. It’s truly a life changer…Next to the Bible, it is my daily read.”
-Brenda Fields

“I believe that there are physical angels on earth and I have been fortunate enough to benefit from a few of them. One that stands out in my mind is you and the words of encouragement and inspiration in your book, The Success Principles. I was so tired of my small existence, I always knew I was here for a greater purpose, but lost sight of it in dealing with a controlling, abusive husband whom though I divorced still managed to have control over me. And being a single mom, working, etc. You’ve heard it all before. Your book helped me take back control of my life, helped me define my purpose and goals and I have already taken steps to achieving them. Now I feel like I am living again. And I’m only up to chapter 15! While your book continues to motivate and encourage me, the best two things I have learned from your words are that yes there is always someone that has done what you want to do, but don’t let that stop you, contact them even learn from them. And don’t just plan it, do it! Before this book I would have though, why would someone successful like you want to hear from someone like me? Your mission is to inspire people, well let me tell you, my friend, that you are achieving that mission. You are important to me and to people like me.”
-Michelle Gellar

“As one of the people featured in the TSP, I thought you might be interested to know that I have used the same principles to reach the status of semifinalist in the Buenos Aires Tango Championships… 4 months after taking my first class!  There is a chance I will go as far as the World Championships, and I am competing (and have already beaten) professionals with over 20 years of experience.  As Buenos Aires is the birthplace of Tango and home to its best dancers, this competition is rightfully considered by many more prestigious and harder than the World Championships.”
-Tim Ferriss

“Your book has been an inspiration to me and I am only on the 18th chapter. I have already made so much progress. Thank you for making your knowledge so accessible and so easy to use.”
-Theresa Frasch

“Thank you for writing The Success Principles.  I read the book through and am now applying the principles to my everyday life.  You and your books are such a blessing.”
-Vicki Mitchell

“A friend told me about your book after hearing you speak at a Twin Cities Chamber meeting. I am now reading it and it’s changing my life. It’s helped me to fully realize just how much more we’re all capable of and what a wonderful world it would be if we lived up to our potential. It’s a wonderful book and has inspired me to reach even higher. I’ve become unbearably optimistic and love that it’s contagious. I’ve had a very successful life and career in advertising, but now see that my real success is yet to come. I’d love to inspire and motivate others the way you’ve done for me. Your book has full (and forever) flipped the switch in my brain to all that’s possible. And thanks for making it all seem so easy and approachable.”
-Maryanne O’Brian

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your book The Success Principles has transformed and super-charged my life.”
-Ken Carre

“This book is fabulous and I have had my whole team get it along with the tapes. We are using it as part of our leadership training.”
-Jean MacDonald

“This is quite possibly the best book I’ve ever read. It’s full of powerful truths and should be mandatory reading in public schools everywhere.”
-Monica Ricci

“I must tell you that I am addicted to your book. Having read many, many, “how to” books, I find that “The Success Principles” works as a practical guide which travels with me during the day and closes the evening at night. Thank you again.”
-Elisa Pineirua

“I am writing to let you know that you are responsible for changing my life. One of my best friends read your book “The Success Principles” recently, and enthusiastically encouraged me to read it as well.  Although it is a large book, I devoured it within a few evenings.  Because I was so motivated and inspired by what I was reading, I could not put it down.  I have read a long list of self-help and motivational books, as well as many business books.  I now enthusiastically refer to your book as “the best book ever written”! I am a corporate magician who specializes in customized presentations for sales meeting and trade shows.  In addition, I am quite proud to share with you that I recently expanded my offerings to include motivational speaking.  I use magic, comedy, and lots of fun audience participation to illustrate each motivational message in a visual, fun manner. Because of your book “The Success Principles”, and mainly thanks to your teachings on visualizing in a detailed manner, excluding negative influences and people, and also committing to incredibly specific goals, I have increased my business and have found sudden and phenomenal success.   Specifically because I have been visualizing the way you suggest, I am quite frankly, suddenly finding myself the embodiment of your subtitle “How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”. Before I read “The Success Principles”, I often struggled with booking enough shows in my local market Atlanta.  After applying many of your beliefs – most specifically visualizing exactly what I want – I just returned from performances in New York City and Las Vegas, I am preparing to leave for Dallas to perform at a national sales meeting, and next month I will travel to Japan to perform for 2 months! Thank you so much for changing my life!”
-Debbie Leifer

“Jack, I am in the process of listening to your new book, The Success Principles. I have read and listened to hundreds of books on leadership and personal effectiveness, but this is one of the best! I also teach these subjects, so I am familiar with the principles. However, this book really touched me in a way that few others have. You have inspired me to set higher goals and to begin work on achieving them today. I am Assistant Professor of Business at Mount Olive College in North Carolina and have begun work on a leadership book that will be published through the college’s press. This is my first attempt to write a book. I contacted the press after listening to the first tape of your audio book. The editor was enthusiastic about my idea and asked me to submit a manuscript in two months! I also have a small training and consulting business. You have helped me to dream bigger dreams about the potential of my speaking career and personal financial achievements. I am particularly impressed by your focus on living a balanced lifestyle that includes success in all areas of life. I truly can’t say enough about your book. Thank you.”
-David Rendall

“I would like to thank you for writing the book ” The success principles”. Over the years, I came across many motivational books but could apply none to work. But yours did successfully differentiated itself from the rest and I am glad to have picked it up. For years I’ve always dreamt about being wealthy, filthy rich. But with no coaches and mentors and lacking some tertiary qualification, I was seriously beaten down to a self doubting defeats. I have personally failed in different business ventures over a period of 10 years and I was about to settle down to a mere 9-5 job and give up my dream. Then I read your book, I feel obligated to try once more. I have not reach there yet but I will apply your principles and see if it works for me. I will get back to you with testimonials if I accomplish my dreams and with that kind of money, I am sure I can afford to fly over to personally thank you by then.” 
-Kiren J.

“Thanks so much for sharing your book. I happened upon it waiting in the airport. Wow, it is amazing. I have a 21 year old son who has a blinding eye disease and who just had a baby 5 months ago. I read to him from your book every day. It is so powerful. I am a salon owner and manicurist in Norman, Ok.  I have a chance everyday to empower people. I have been doing this naturally, for 15 years. After reading your book, I know that I have been doing the right thing all along. It just makes it easier.”
-Tonia Rayburn

“I recently purchased and started reading your latest book, The Success Principles.  I really enjoy the simplicity, inspiration and key principles found in your book.  I know that my mission in life is to promote inner wealth and to inspire people to live their best lives using creativity and intuition.  You mention “intuition” in your book several times, and I teach people how to use their intuition to ease and enhance their lives.  Even though I haven’t finished reading your book, I knew that it would make a difference in my life the minute I browsed it in the bookstore.”
-Darlene Pitts

“Jack, I am a junior at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and I have read your book on success, which inspired me. The dream of success has been mine since childhood. Your book helped me realize this even more. It helped me not settle for mediocrity.”
-Christopher Bain

“I recently got hold of your book The Success Principles and I find it incredibly useful. I am an Estate Surveyor and Valuer with the desire to run a  highly successful international property company. But up till now I am still an employee at 40. Reading your book has inspired me not to give up.”
-Ayodele Abolarinwa

“My sister passed her book to me and I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever read. I tell people that every sentence is meaningful. I plan to give books for gifts. Wonderful book!”
-Kathy Boyle

“I’ve nearly completed reading “The Success Principles” and I must tell you that I’ve read many motivational books over the past 10 years but have found none to be as inspiring and informational as this book.  When I stated that I’ve nearly completed reading the book…. what I really meant to say is that I’ve completed reading your book from cover to cover straight through. I’m, however, committed to rereading and applying each principle again for the next 64 days. Because of my enthusiasm for your book I’ve been giving them out as graduation presents, as must reads for the leaders of my small home remodeling company and about anyone else I have influence over.  I believe the best way to touch a young persons forming mind is with positive influences.  Your book is just that, a positive influence.”
-Dave Knight

“My name is Chinwe Antonia Odukwe. I live in London, United Kingdom. Thank you so much for putting together an easy-to-understand book on Success. The powerful lessons and stories within the Success principles are truly life changing. I wish I had the information 5 years ago. I loved it. I found inspiration and motivation on every page. I thank God for your life.”
-Chinwe Antonia Odukwe

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I just started reading this book 2 days ago… & I LOVE it!! I started my goal-book and using positive affirmations & I reached my 1st goal!!! In just 2 days!!!  I love the fact that the book is divided into small chapters that let easily-distracted people like me to complete reading the book little by little.  I’m recommended it to all my friends & family members!! Again… THANK YOU!!”
-Omayra Rivera

“I want to personally thank you for all that you do.  As a Success Coach, your latest book is my new bible!  I consistently refer to it to support my clients in living their dreams!”
-Mari Smith

“I ran across your book while looking for another book and have taken on the Success Principles.  I really feel that you have distilled the best of practical and spiritual teachings, incorporating everything from Abraham to Landmark to Brian Tracey!  Your 65 principles have value and I’ve been reading a few everyday. A couple of weeks ago I read about “asking”…I have been discussing a deal that is good but hasn’t shown me that it is great–so empowered by your “give up the good to get the great”, I started thinking about other opportunities.  While on the phone networking with some powerful people in the business, instead of feeling intimidated or just being grateful that I could have them in my network circle, I asked for what I wanted, other opportunities to self-publish my book.  All of them said yes!  Without your “asking” success principle, that would not have happened! Your book is really helping me to focus on what I want, make a plan for it and go forward in an organized manner, not only for work, but as a structure for my personal relationships as well. Thank you for your contribution.”
-Barb Gonzalez

“Thank you, Jack, for your body of work.  As I have told my 20-year old son, there are only about two books I think anyone would need to be successful in life… the Bible and your book on The Success Principles!”
-Tom Kinser

“I would like to let you know that while I was using the visualization and affirmation techniques of Jack Canfield I got inspired to buy a lot (land 50×145) from my dad that he was just sitting on. I paid 400k for it, I got part of the monies from a friend of mine that is worth about 200 million. He is very politically connected and told me that the council for this district was considering raising the zoning for this area. The zoning did pass and I have now got a buyer, we are in contract for 1.25 million. My dad got 400k from me and his home next to this lot I also got him 1.25 million netting him 1.65 million!!!!”
-Leonel Dorta

“What a great book! Nowhere have I seen such a tremendous collection of principles – one after another. I get re-inspired each time I pick it up.”
-Bobbi Deporter

“Thank you for the work you have done over the years in helping to inspire and motivate millions of people worldwide. More specifically, thank you for how you have influenced me personally and been a key part of enriching my life and guiding me in my journey to peace and happiness in spite of what might be going on around me. Your book, The Success Principles, has been a key resource for me and I keep a copy right next to my bed so that I can read from it regularly, particularly when I need to re-center my thoughts. I have also purchased copies for family members, close friends, and the offices of the several organizations I volunteer with. That is how powerful I believe the book is.”
-Sharilee Guest

“I would like to share my appreciation for the incredible book and wonderful information it possesses. I own a personal training and rehabilitation studio and I found that many of the ideas work wonderfully with my clients. One client who purchased the book took to work and her boss purchased copies for the whole firm! Great work and thank you for putting it out there for us.”
-David Gilks

“Thank you! I listened to your message about “asking” the morning of my mid-year job review.  When it got to the end of your message, you said to make a list of those thing you would like to ask for and my very first thought was “I would love to ask to be able to work flex-time.” But in the back of my mind, I knew that would never happen. But as you convinced me, there certainly is no harm in asking. I asked my boss during my review and to my surprise he said he had no problem with it! So my new hours give me Friday afternoons off which enable me to work on the children’s book I am writing and illustrating. Thank you thank you thank you!!!”
-Kim Oravecz

“I would like to write and say ‘thank you’ for your amazing book. I am only on page 107 and am deeply inspired by your life and your desire to share these success principles with others. I have found your exercises to be very helpful. It seems to be perfectly timed for my life right now as I step away from the corporate way of life and into my own business as a Coach and Entrepreneur. I have written out my goals, vision and mission statement and for the first time believe in them and in myself. Thanks to you, I am taking action to get closer to that path in life.”
-Joy Martin

“I am writing this letter to you from Mumbai, India, to let you know what I think about your book The Success Principles. I am 37 years old and suffered a major heart attack at age 29, was going through a divorce and both my parents had cancer.  I read your book almost every other day and it has helped me professionally and personally. I am gradually taking control of my life, and not letting others control it! I am a lot happier person now, and whenever I feel down in the dumps, I go over to the store and read your book! My main purpose is just to say thank you for motivating and guiding us along a path that leads to happiness and control with peace of mind.”
-Berjes Eric Shroff

“Thank you for writing your book The Success Principles which I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy very much. The book offers a refreshing and exciting approach. More to the point, applying the processes and techniques is where the real value is…action!”
-Dr. Sean Collins

“I just finished reading The Success Principles and just got the CD so I can listen to it over and over again. I am taking action! I just completed the 100 Successes! I wanted to let you know that for some reason, as I was reading the book, I was in tears! This is the type of success book that I could completely relate to. It is so different from how I grew up, in a poor, very negative, and abusive home. And as life went on, some unfortunate events continued to happen. Yet somehow, there has always been a seed in me of resilience, and even inside a pessimist mindset, the optimistic seed was there. Your words have just watered and fertilized this tiny seed. Your work has given me a burst of enthusiasm and I realize that I cannot let go. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!”
-Gina Clowes

“Loving what you do it easy to do.  Congratulations on making the powerful and significant positive influence on people’s lives that you do.  I thank you.  Having just listened to the cd set of the Success Principles again, I am newly pumped up and my creative juices are flowing (as they often do).
-Eileen McConkey

“Not only have I read your book twice, but I just finished my second time through you audio set.  I am thrilled to tell you that my business and personal like is working!  I have used your book as a bible, I learned from you to focus on what I love.”
-Robin Berlinsky

“I’m one of your millions of fans! I have been using your book The Success Principles every day for months!  It’s been a real gift to me and I’m very grateful!”
-Kari Joys

“Thank you so much for writing the Success Principles.  It’s magnificent.  I finished reading it near dawn this morning and I am so inspired I couldn’t wait to write you a thank you.  Thank you Mr. Canfield for writing the best book I ever read.  And, foremost, for inspiring me to take immediate action.
-Dexter Hawk

“Your book has benefited me greatly and given me a much needed shot-in-the-arm.  Your book has encouraged me to maintain a positive approach in a business where there are no clear cut rules or guarantees of success.”
-Murray Goodsman

“Several months ago I reads Mr. Canfield’s newest book, The Success Principles.  This book has radically changed my life.  I have recommended it to many of my friends and have personally purchased more than 20 copies of it and given it away to friends and family members.”
-Roy Harris

“The Success Principles is one book that is very hard to put down.  I enjoyed it so much that two other people from my staff have begun reading it as well.  The inspiration from this book has helped me to keep my eyes on the goal and to stamp out ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) which is a goal killer in disguise.
-Linda Bouchard

“The overall value of the Success Principles can’t be measured, the principles are a part of our lives, and the foundation of our success.  Thank you for showing us the way.”
-Mark Semple

“Your book about success is fabulous and makes me think I can sell 5 million copies of my book instead of 5 thousand.”
-Marcia Vanderwoude

“My husband purchased ten copies of your latest book.  He gave them to our sons and daughters-in-laws, our college age grandchildren, our Unity minister and a good friend. You are a blessing to the world.  We are retired but never too old to learn and experience more.”
-Madeline Westbrook

“For the first time I don’t feel helpless, and I’ve got this book and those involved with it to thank.  Jack has done a great justice sharing with the world the real tools that have made my challenges less of a mountain; more like a molehill.”
-Janifer Cheng

“Through the Success Principles I am beginning to get a grip on my days and I am able to regain control from the craziness and insanity that life deals me or that I deal myself.  Change is a necessary evil for without change, one cannot grow to the next level of life.”
-Rich Hart

“I took a lot of time to really read your book and I wonder if I have ever read a book of this kind.  I have read many law books throughout my ten year practice but will no doubt read them from a different perspective henceforth.  I shall read more of your books, thank you.”
-Viren Ramchum

“After reading your book the Success Principles, my life actually did change.  I went from being depressed, bored with life, drinking too much alcohol and ruining I had, to becoming an absolute inspiration.  I’ve since stuck my head in the books and learned as much as I can get my hands on with regards to life coaching.  I’ve opened an office and set up a business coaching people and using hypnosis NLP to get people through their problems.”
-William Farrell

“I have been applying the principles to my life bit by bit and cannot believe the changes I have incurred already in the months passing this year.  So much so, that I even enrolled to train fully as a life coach with the UK college of Life Coaching, and finding the study rewarding and rather more easy to motivate myself more than I thought possible.”
-Dawn Berry

“You and your fantastic book have changed my life forever. I have already purchased 2 additional copies of your book and given them as gifts to my two children, aged 19 & 22 and they too are finding your book an excellent read. Like it has done for me, I hope it will help inspire them to an even more fulfilling life.”
-Lorenzo Zanini

“If I could only take one book with me if my house was on fire, after my Bible, I’d take The Success Principles. It has everything one could possibly need.”
-Marcia Francois

“This book is a must read for all business people like myself.  I have bought five books already as gifts to my management team.  I apply these principles in my daily routine and it works with great success.  Keep up the good work.”
-Achmat Abbas

“I want to thank you for the changes that have happened in my life since I read the Success Principles. I am a better person, a happier person with more energy and conviction inside me than I have known before.  I am not a religious person but you could say that the changes in me have been a spiritual awakening.  The first piece of advice I applied was to read everyday, I love reading and picked out what I thought would help me most from your reading list and dived right in. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” was a great read and has brought me out of myself.  I have started reading the writing of great leaders, I am reading “Essential Ghandi” right now and learning so much from it.  Until you asked me about what I wanted, I was in a rut.  I have a good job (I am a Veterinarian working for charity) and a loving family but it felt that I was on a constant treadmill keeping my clients happy, doing things for my wife and kids and feeling put upon, that my wants did not count for anything.  I looked hard, agreed with you that the best people to work with and work for are enthusiasts – I needed to find my enthusiasm.  So I started making an affirmation to myself on my bike (I cycle 8 miles to work each day) “ I am a team leader, a problem solver and I am gonna have fun today” often followed by Queen’s “Don’t stop me now” just to get the juices flowing, you won’t be surprised to hear it works!!  In essence, I have become self-aware, the first step to being the best I can be.”
-Chris Sherwood

“I have been blessed to listen to and work through Jack Canfield’s “Success Principles, 30 Day Journey” program.  Over the past twenty years I have listened to dozens of self-help tapes and CD’s, and have been to twenty plus live programs; without hesitation I can endorse this program as the single best I have experienced.  One of the best features is Jack’s breadth of experience and his willingness to unselfishly offer additional resources for support and help.”

-William Schenck

“I want to thank you for helping me refocus my life and get me back on track towards the achievement of the goals that I have set out for myself and my company, Laopan Inc. I just finished listening to your program, The Success Principles. They were highly motivating. I knew most of these principles and have put them into practice in the past, however every now and then one has to hear them again to get refocused.”
-Dennis Donsker

“Your CD set “The Success Principles” inspired me to gather together a small group of professional women to study your course each Wednesday….In addition to what I wrote before, one of the women in the group was inspired to persue her dream of interior decorating as a profession (she had her degree in design but was working for a payroll company) and, following your principles actually spoke of having been hired as a
designer by a company WEEKS BEFORE they actually hired her!  There were over 200 applicants and she got the job!  Thanks so much.”
-Barbara Henderson

“The Success Principles has transformed my life completely! I live in Kenya, Mombasa.  I am a Pastor and have been for the last 21 years.  Education is really the passion of my soul.  I have read many books on personal development.  This is the first book I have read that has shaken me tot he core of my being.  I realized for the first time in my life how far I was from the path of true success.  The spirit of integrity and excellence in you book exposed me to me!  Oh how you probed me in your book! My weaknesses were laid bare for me to see But you gave me hope…The standard is high, very high.  But I have committed myself 100% to a life of integrity.”
-Alfred Munith

“Firstly having just finished The Success Principles I would like to say what a fantastic book it is.  I am a coach/trainer in the UK and truly say that all of the books I have read on motivation/performance/success, it was this one that has given me the most, both personally and professionally.”
-Steve Ward

“In less than one years time, I have been interviewed for our local paper, People Magazine, done local radio and tv. This exposure and our non-profits unexpected growth is due to The Success Principles. I can tell you without a doubt, it works!”
-Gina Clowes

“We have been doing the “Success” show for eighteen years and your book, The Success Principles, is by far the best book on success we have ever read.”
-William Horan

“First thank you for your book “The Success Principles”.  I downloaded it onto my iPod as I started to train for my first half marathon.  I am certain that as the days turn into years that your words and encouragement will help me to achieve all the dreams I have for myself, but in the short term please take what pleasure you will in knowing that your voice and message distracted me from the loathing I have for running sufficiently enough to allow me to complete two half marathons (and counting)!”
-Scott Gillespie

“I read Jack’s book and found that it reinforced what I had learned, my own life long motivations and beliefs but also because it provided such concrete examples and strategies it enabled me to absorb the information at a different level.  The book is excellent as it reinforces both in theory and practicality which escales retention and movement.”
-Regina Dawson

“I am one of your millions of admirers around the world.  Immediately after listening to your audio book on “Successful Principles”, I chalked out a plan for immediate and long term future.  Within three weeks after that, I got a certification in a critical technology area in my profession.  Your passion to empower people has transformed my life permanently.  This Thanksgiving day, I would like to thank you for providing me with the 21 day mentorship program as well as for being my friend, guide and philosopher.”
-Sahadev Komaragiri

“I hesitated long before sending you this email, but I thought that sharing this experience with you regarding the Success Principles book would be nice.  I received your book at my birthday last October (30th).  It was the first book that I read to the very last page.  You cannot imagine the relief it brought me especially that I have lost my job two weeks before my birthday, and I was too depressed not knowing what to expect, what to do, and where to begin.  Your book gave me a sense of direction and self-confidence.  For once, I decided to implement what I am learning in the field of personal development.  Although I have not found what I am looking for, the efforts that I have expended using the tools mentioned in your book opened many channels and perspectives that I am following up to reach what I want!  I would like to thank you for the amazing book and to encourage you to write and cover more topics.”
-George Khayat

“I would like to thank you for the most amazing book.  Many of the princliples you will agree are universal laws and have been written about before.  The difference is you bring them over in an amazing way.  You make it easy for your readers to communicate them to others.  I always say “if word of mouth is the best form of marketing, give people something to talk about.”  Many thanks once again for all your hard work and I know you will help make a million millionaires.”
-Carl Smyth

“Thank you very much for your book The Success Principles.  After reading it though once, my husband and I are now rereading it together and doing the exercises.  Though he is a CFO and I am a stay-at-home mom, both of us are inspired and thrilled by the possibilities for ourselves and our family.  We are enjoying going through the process together and sharing dreams.  We plan on reading you book with our 14, 12, and 10 year olds.  What possibilities…”
-Tim & Chantal McBride

“I am an Athletic Director at a small Montana School in Shelby.  I have begun an “11” program with our student-athletes that focuses on the total development of our student-athletes.  This year I purchased a dozen copies of your “Success Principles” and downloaded your excercises to accompany the book.  We meet every Monday morning to go over your principles and establish goals for the week.  In the two months since we have started the students and I have seen great strides in many phases of their development.”
-Ray Wanty

“Let me congratulate you on such a wonderfully successful career and thank you for producing such an excellent book with The Success Principles.  I have found it incredibly inspiring and consider it one of the very best books I have ever had the opportunity to read.  Your comprehensive set of principles comes at a time when I am making a difficult and dramatic change in the course of my own life and I refer to the book often.  Overcoming fear and thinking big are important reminders to myself as I attempt to start a large biotechnology company based on a collection of novel ideas.”
-Scott Caveney

“Let me tell you what an amazing man you are, I am ever so grateful to have sent you a letter for my student who wanted their dream to come through.  I teach adults at continuing education here in Missoula, Mt.  I purchased your success principles and was so thrilled to hold a 2010 party at our wonderful restaurant the Pearl.  My students were equally grateful and very glad to participate fully.  It was a wonderful evening and I know if they have not written you as of yet it is because their lives have been catapulted into a great career and are living it to the fullest as we speak.”
-Erin Brown

“Thank so much for your wonderful book!  Two weeks ago I hosted a “Come As You Will Be in Five Years Party” for 70 guests at the Santa Monica Water Garden.  We are celebrating 20 years in business and wanted to celebrate the coming 5 years with our friends and networking buddies.  The party included a tasty buffet, live music provided by a friend who has a blues band, a silent art auction to benefit the Chouinard Art School and Foundation, and Goodie bags for everyone to share their promotional materials.  I will mail you photos of the guests with their awards, the write-up in and industry newsletter, a photo of the beautiful showroom featured in LA Architect Magazine where we had the party, and samples of our 3rd email invitations.”
-Sylvia Greer

“I have read the Success Principles, and am now ready to take on the world!  It was just the push I needed at this particular time in my life.  I am a single mother of two young girls.  I work full-time outside the home, volunteer at school, attend every soccer practice and game scheduled, donate time and money to various community organizations, run my own mother-daughter book clubs, and believe that I still have something left to offer which may make the world a better place.  Your book confirmed to me that I do!”
-Denise Corin

“Thank you for sharing your incredible determination to reach your goal on writing the Success Principles.  I understand why it required so much of your heart and soul, it is one of the best books I have ever read, probably the most profound part came in the introduction, which I almost never read. The “Warning” you included made all the difference for me and I continue to read it to remind myself that while I’m not where I strive to be, I am much further than I was before!  You mentioned that you’re “just a regular guy” and after meeting you three times now, I can say that your desire to give hope and inspire greatness in others means you’ve turned that could have been an ordinary life into an extraordinary one!”
-Sanyika Boyce

“I recently bought your success principles audio program and feel compelled to contact you to congratulate you on a really inspiring piece of work.  I found it inspirational, honest and practical, Thank you and keep up the good work.”
-Joe Mappin

“Three months ago I have discovered and devoured and re-devoured your book “The Success Principles”.  Here is my life scheduled for the next ten years, full of projects and enthusiasm.  I am sixty two years old an my first “work-pleasure” is to be a real estate promoter.  I am living in New Caledonia, an island that is a French territory near Australia.  When I was young (I am always young with just 35 years more…) I obtained two master’s degrees in psychology and physical science.  Twelve years ago I discovered NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis that were a first positive revolution in my life.  I have attended a cursus in NLP, Eriksonian Hypnosis and coaching.  Sometimes I use my knowledge and my skills in this area being psychotherapist or coach.  Your book and all the information it contains are certainly the second positive revolution of my life.”
-Patrick Elies

“I just wanted to compliment and thank you for your phenomenal book, “The Success Principles.”  I am not even finished reading it yet (on the last couple of chapters) and I am already so motivated!  I am going through a lot of changes in my life and this book is exactly what I needed to help me stay focused, positive, and confident to do what I need to do to succeed.”
-Kelly Peoria

“Reading your book, the Success Principles is a ‘religious experience’.  This book is a success with the examples, quotes and specific how to applications of each principle.  And, I am a success reading it!”
-Pauline Tessier

“Last month on my way to California, I bought your book ‘The Success Principles’.  Initially, I was hesitant to buy it probably its dumb reading like hundred others.  But, it proved like a best friend all through my journey.  My work life was so stagnant for the last couple of years.  As a matter of fact, I always feared risks and roadblocks.  But, believe me you did a miracle for my life.  I’m definitely going places in my career.  Thanks Jack for writing such a nice book.  It’s more than a million dollar worth.”
-Akhtar Harneed

“My friend Mike Bradley called me on Friday as I waited in Heathrow.  We chatted and he told me how he was doing and the goals he was setting.  He also told me of a great new book THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES by Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer and that I should get it.  Well on Sunday morning, thre in Aberdeen airport right in front of me was the book.  So I bough it – on page 233 today – half way through.  It’s awesome.  I’ve read loads of these types of books in the past and this is a wonderful compilation as well as having some fantastic wisdom.  Buy it if you want to find out where you want to go and how to get there…”
-Nicky Slater

“I am writing you to let you know that The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be impacted my life in a most profound way over the past month and 1/2.  From early childhood when I was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on heavy doses of medications to combat the disease I immediately began to see limitations in my life but I was unsure of what to call them and how to defeat them. Many of these limitations were brought on by the fears my parents felt and the lack of knowledge on how to deal with the problem.  Because I accepted the limitations placed on me by my parents in regards to the epilepsy it became easy for me to also readily accept other limitations that came up in my life.  At this same time I began to shrink from society because I felt others did not understand me or my limitations due to the epilepsy and the side effects of the drugs I was taking.  I began to believe that I was a burden to society and that my life was not really worth living.  I lived with these thoughts and more over thirty years and was diagnosed in October of 2005 with severe OCD on top of everything else.  At this point my life was near a breaking point but I did not feel that I hit bottom until January 4th, 2006 of this year.  This day is special to me as I realized how much better my life could be and should be after I listened to your first tape in The Success Principles several times.  At midnight on January 4th I fired my negative persona and almost immediately saw many of my limiting factors leave my life.  I would like to reach your level of success and I know that I have the knowledge, experience and now the power of positive thinking to impart to others.”
-Carolyn Wilman

“First of all, I want to thank you for writing this book with Ms. Switzer.  Secondly, I applied some of your principles last year and they worked!  I realize this is not big news to you, however, it is for me.  Thirdly, I gave each of my adult children one of your books to guide them through life, especially in years to come.  That way I can be there for them even after I go onto my great reward!  In addition, when my cohorts ask me my secrets to achievement, I send them to Borders to buy your book!”
-Patrick Higdon

“Most peoples’ bookshelves are weighed down with self-help books. Some teach you how to lose weight. Others refocus your financial development. Still others help you with relationships. Yet others look at better habits. And others propound moral principles to guide you. What most of these books have in common is that they are usually superseded by a new and better book . . . soon after being published. How can you hope to keep up? Well, you couldn’t . . . until now. Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer have created something different in the self-help literature — a compendium of the principles that have stood the test of time. I didn’t find a single source of ideas that I like (except those that are only grounded in my religious beliefs) that wasn’t included here somewhere. The book is organized in several sections to make these references easier to follow: The Fundamental of Success (which includes principles like Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life, Be Clear Why You’re Here, Decide What You Want, Believe It’s Possible, Believe in Yourself, Unleash the Power of Goal-Setting, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Be Willing to Pay the Price, Reject Rejection, Use Feedback to Your Advantage, Commit to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement, Practice Persistence, and Exceed Expectations); Transform Yourself for Success (which includes principles like Drop Out of the “Ain’t It Awful” Club . . . and Surround Yourself with Successful People, Acknowledge Your Positive Past, Face What Isn’t Working, Transform Your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach, Stay Motivated with the Masters, and Fuel Your Success with Passion and Enthusiasm); Build Your Success Team; Creative Successful Relationships; Success and Money; and Success Starts Now. The authors also provide many free tools to help you succeed.  If the strength of this approach is that you cover the waterfront of sound principles, the weakness is that the coverage is pretty thin in places. That will be the gripe of many people against this book. But unless it was to be 2,000 pages long, that weakness is unavoidable. The suggested reading and other references in the back, however, are more than adequate to lead someone to deeper resources where they are needed.  To give you a sense of how valuable I found this book, I persuaded the dean of the university where I teach to let me launch a new course for self-improvement based on The Success Principles as the text. This one book will replace what many students are now acquiring through taking as many as six other courses. I see that as an important step forward for their educations . . . and yours, too, if you read and apply this book as I have been doing since I read it. I’ve seen immediate results . . . and believe that you will, too! If you are a writer, you will also enjoy the many places in the book where Mr. Canfield shares lessons from his remarkable success with developing the series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. If you have already read much of the success literature, you probably think this book isn’t for you. I beg to differ. Seeing so many good ideas in one book will help you weld together good habits and actions in even more constructive ways.”
-Donald Mitchell

“I have heard of your book, “The Success Principles” as it was recommended to me by my PartyLite Senior Regional Vice President, Mary Grace Lewandowski.  She is a top earner in our corporation and is a mentor to me.  She is a great fan of your work, and lists you as her favorite author.  She trains with and daily uses your principles in your books, and her successes leave amazing clues!  I purchased your book, and began to devour it today.  I am confident that by applying your principles daily and consistently that I am going to reach or surpass my goal of becoming a Unit Leader by Conference this year.  I am greatly anticipating you speaking to us at the PartyLite National Conference this summer in St Louis MO.  Thank you so much for your talent and for this book, and I hope to be able to meet you to tell you about my successes!”
-Sylyn Musselman

“I just want to say I’m enjoying your book immensely.  I’ve read almost all of the literature in this area and must say your latest book is FANTASTIC.  I must also tell you I just recommended the book to a couple who’s on the brink of divorce because the husband is unemployed.  They promised to give it a try to save their marriage.  I’m a semi-famous author, trying to get my writing career and speaking career to the next level and I can’t say enough thank you for your book!”
-Marisol Konczal

“Your book “The Success Principles” has been an inspiration.  It was given to me as a 20th birthday gift from my mother, and she intended for it to give me guidance, as I was rapidly approaching my college graduation without a clear goal in sight.  While reading the book, I found myself abe to isolate and analyze my reactions to everything in my life – whether they were my verbal or “gut” reactions.  I never thought about myself as a negative person, but while reading, I discovered that I was giving off a lot of negative energy, which was slowing both me – and everyone around me – down.  Now that I have read the book through, I have improved my relationship with my father, have begun to understand my four roommates and I have learned that my dreams will only come true if I make them.  Although the plan was to read the book twice, I have noticed that even this first read-through has made me a more confident and reliable person, and nothing I have read before it has had such an impact on my life.  I cannot wait to read it a second time.”
-Kathy Slattery

“I just wanted to offer my congratulations on the book “Success Principles”.  I purchased my copy last year and then gave a copy of it to my friend for Christmas.  Both of us are using it as a meeting tool in our business training meeting for our staff.  I just love it and know that it is a book that I will own and use forever.  I am a mother of three children, running two businesses and it has been invaluable to me in keeping me motivated.  I am going to buy copies for each of my three children to keep as well.”
-Celine Egan

“I would like to start by saying thank you.  Your book “The Success Principles” has had such a positive influence in every aspect of my life.  Your book was actually a gift from my girlfriend.  At first I was naturally thinking like every man in their late 20’s, “where’s the cologne or tie, socks, or if they really like you, season tickets?”  I decided to open my mind to it and dedicate myself to reading at least the 1st chapter; needless to say I devoured your book within days.  Not long after I was seeing immediate changes in my finances and job status.  My mind frame went from I could, or maybe it’s possible.  To “I am” and “it is done” simply confirming what I want and realizing it’s already there just on top of the shelf simply asking me to reach higher and stretch myself to reaching things I naturally thought were too high from my height.  Your book was that food stand in making it possible, once again thank you.”
-Stephan Marcone

“I have read “The Aladdin Factor, “and “The Success Principles.”  I have also watched “The Secret” 9 times on pay per view, and I believe that I am beginning to really understand the “Law of Attraction.”  I have a few stories that will blow you away, things that have happened to me since I met you.  I moved into my dream home, on the exact date I attracted it.  I went from the brink of bankruptcy and barely surviving to now earning almost $200,000.00 per year with Isagenix.  I now consistently train with Kathy Coover and I even spoke on stage at the Convention last year for Isagenix.  I have been invited to speak at this year’s conference in Las Vegas as well.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping me understand true principles and begin to feel joy all the time.”
-Lenny Evans

“Thanks, Jack!  Yours is the first ‘self-help’ book that I’ve read all the way through.  The thing that is different about your book is that it contains a program of action.  Thank you for that!  I read the book and started to integrate some of the priniciples into my life and (among other things) got the best paying job I’ve ever had.”
-Rick Tigne

“I have purchased one of your cd’s.  I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful works you have done, and how much you have lifted my spirit!!  You see, I quit my full-time job to go after my dream of becoming a full-time yoga teacher, author, and mother.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t finding work as easily as I had though I would.  Then I went out, and with the little money I have, I purchased your cd (The Success Principles – how to get from where you are to where you want to be) on Monday May 8th.  Just from the positive energy from your cd, good things started to happen.  Every morning when I woke up, I make my intentions, (to attract success, wealth and abundance into my life & to be an inspirational teacher to my students).  Today is Friday, and I have, (since Monday) successfully been hired by the District of Port Moody, The School District of Coquitlam and 2 fitness centers!  I finally feel like I’m doing what I am meant to be doing!!”
-Nash Cajee

“For two years I have listened to your “Success Principles” audio program. It is hands down the best and most inspiring program I have ever heard…and I have them all!”
-Robin Crow

“I met you about a year ago at a Midway Chamber of Commerce event in St. Paul, MN. Since then, I’ve read your book The Success Principles, have put to practical use the exercises and have implemented the vision, purpose, the goals, and planning strategies you so highly recommend and teach. Thank you for that because I am making progress.”
-Maureen Sultan

“I had the opportunity to see you and hear you speak in Reno, NV last October at the Assist2Sell convention. I want to compliment you on the great presentation you gave. It was enjoyed by all. As a matter of fact since that time I have purchased at least 4-5 of your books “The Success Principles” and have given them away to people….As I write this e-mail I am looking at a check that I wrote myself on December 31, 2005 in the amount of $1,000,000.00 to keep in my subconscious and give me the goal to work toward as you suggested in your book. On April 5, 2006 I walked out of a closing with a check made payable to my company for $960,625.00. This is proof that what you spoke about works.”
-Terry Monroe

“We met a few weeks ago in Minneapolis – I was your eager on-stage participant and got the book. I think I might have been having an out of body experience that day, since that was a little out of character for me. When I’m passionate about something it shows. I’m sure you could easily see that’s how I fee about The Success Principles and The Secret. I ‘get it.’ And it’s changed my life. I feel fully alive again. I’m back on a path to spiritual consciousness, making time each day for my Prashasana practice and meditation. Thank you for my wake-up call. What difference you’ve made in my life. I some how know I’ll be thanking you for years to come (quite publicly is my sense of it). My goal is to do for others, what you’ve done for me – help them see what they’re capable of and live more consciously and purposefully.”
-Maryanne O’Brien

“Jack, I bought your Success Principles audio book off of Itunes Music Store after seeing you on the Today Show.  I don’t have a lot of time to explain to you how inspirational it was and how helpful it was to me, by let me just say this:  I went from working 8-5 for a television station as the art director, making $33,000 a year and never seeing my own family or getting to spend time with my daughter, to starting my own business and making over triple what I was making in 1 year, and I get to spend as much time as I want with my baby girl.  I wanted to personally thank you.
-David Novak 

“After reading The Success Principles it dawned on me how influential you have been in helping me achieve my goals.  Thanks to your motivational writings, I have been able to attain the following goals after first reading The Aladdin Factor:  Went to three winter Olympics as a strength coach; strength coached Olympic medallists in 16 different sports, from 5 different countries; wrote 5 books, one of them has been voted by Muscle Magazine as the 3rd most influential weight training book of all time; wrote over 400 strength training articles which have been translated in 8 different languages; lectured on strength training in 8 different countries and in 3 different languages; started my own coaching certification program, which has already certified strength coaches in 8 countries – the certification manual is now being translated in German and Spanish; developed a website ranked 172,208 points on Alexa.com; developed three elite strength training facilities across the US.  Again THANK YOU!”
-Charles Poliquin

“What caught my attention when flipping through the book was the “Come as you will be…in 2010 party.”  When I got back from your seminar I started a mastermind group and we are planning on having one of parties in a couple of months.  It should be a blast as well as a boost to getting to our goals.  My best friend who is one of the group had us do treasure maps for this year and gave us some special tips on putting them together.  My income at my part time job went up 30% the first week after completing the financial one.  Since then my income has about doubled at that job.  Things are coming together in my life even a little faster now.”
-Karen Groves