Discover the secrets of personal and professional success from the masters themselves! Jack Canfield, founder of the billion-dollar The Chicken Soup for the Soul brand and author of The Success Principles, asks some of the world’s top personal development professionals to share their most powerful strategies for achieving your most ambitious goals and creating the life you desire. 

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Episode 1   Jack Canfield: Set Your Vision
Join Jack to discover how to tap into your life purpose and create a vision of what you want to achieve in life - and how to avoid the traps that prevent most people from manifesting their dreams.

Episode 2:  Lisa Nichols: Commit to Win
The spoils of victory go to people who make a 100% commitment to the outcome. Lisa will teach you how to develop an attitude of uncompromising commitment that will make your success non-negotiable.

Episode 3   Tim Ferriss: Do More, Faster
Tim is the author of The Four-Hour Work Week. Discover his secrets for achieving peak performance, including the best ways to motivate yourself to achieve a goal and how to failure-proof your efforts.

Episode 4   Cynthia Kersey: Be Unstoppable
Discover Cynthia’s “7 Keys to Becoming Unstoppable” – and learn powerful strategies for replacing limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts and aligning your actions and goals with your life purpose.

Episode 5   John Gray: Elevate Your Love
The bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is back with valuable advice on how to create more successful, authentic, and fulfilling relationships with everyone in your life.

Episode 6   Les Hewitt: Boost Your Focus
The #1 reason why people don’t achieve their goals isn’t a lack of resources, time, or money – it’s a lack of focus. Les Hewitt will teach you how to stay on target and hit your goals every time.

Episode 7  Pamela Bruner: Learn to Let Go
Master tapping practitioner Pam Bruner will show you how to achieve success by “release the brakes” and letting go of the images, beliefs, and experiences that are standing in the way of your goals.

Episode 8 David Wood: Be a Real Leader
Authenticity is one of the most critical and valued traits of effective leaders. David will show you how to live more authentically so you can easily create the change you want to see in the world.

Episode 9  Nathan Nguyen: Make an Impact
Giving back is a great way to guarantee prosperity. Let one of the youngest self-made millionaires in America show you how to live a life of meaning while creating a world that works for everyone.

Episode 10  Joe Sweeney: Grow Your Network
“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This former sports agent and bestselling author will show you a fun and easy way to expand your network and build relationships that support your business.

Episode 11  Stewart Emery: Ensure Success
Stewart will show you how to accelerate your success by confirming you’re investing your time wisely – and how to graciously say no to the people and opportunities that don’t resonate with you.

Episode 12  Marcia Wieder: Just Go For It
Pursuing your dreams is key to living your purpose. Marcia will help you build your confidence and avoid the common dream-killing mistakes that most people make so you can bring your dreams to life.

Episode 13   Ivan Misner: Expand Your Team
The visionary founder of BNI shares his tips on how to grow your business and stay true to your vision while building a team that will help you get your message, services, and products to the world.

Jack Canfield

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