Episode 8 | Loving Yourself Back To Life with Anita Moorjani

Discovering Inner Peace

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Episode 8 of The Jack Canfield Podcast:

I’m so happy to have a truly remarkable and inspiring guest Anita Moorjan. She is an international speaker in the New York Times best selling author of several impactful books, including Dying to Be Me, What if This is Heaven?, and Sensitive is the New Strong

Anita’s journey from near-death to self-acceptance and authenticity is a remarkable story.  As you listen to this podcast episode, take a moment to reflect on your own journey.  What lessons can you draw from Anita’s experiences? Remember, personal growth is a lifelong adventure, and the wisdom shared in this conversation can serve as your guide. Embrace the transformative potential that lies within you, and unlock the doors to a more authentic, fulfilling life.

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of delving deeper into Anita’s remarkable journey and exploring the wisdom she gained from her experience, which offers inspiration and valuable guidance for all of us.

Tune in to Episode 8 of The Jack Canfield Podcast to begin learning about the profound healing power of our consciousness, discover what’s possible when we stop striving and start simply being, and begin answering the questions: What wisdom have I learned in this life? And how have I expanded my capacity to love? 

🎯Inside this powerful episode:

  • A Story To Die For: Hear the story of Anita’s profound near-death experience (2:07) 
  • Honoring Your Knowing: Rebelling against cultural expectations and finding the courage to choose you (10:30) 
  • State of Clarity: Anita shares the experience of communicating with her Higher guidance on the other side (19:10) 
  • Shifting The Focus: An Exercise for illuminating the darkness and directing your light in the right places (24:36) 
  • Transmuting Sensitivity Into Strength: The importance of self-care for empaths and highly-sensitive people (30:22) 
  • The Power of Undoing: Experience the freedom of accepting yourself exactly as you are in the present moment (40:11)
  • Staying Connected: Explore Anita’s concept of the infinite net and tuning into Higher Intelligence through our intuition (45:30) 

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