Episode #4: From Breakdown to Breakthrough with Heidi Powell

How Greif, God, and Gratitude Lead to a New Calling

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Heidi Powell for her first interview since her entire world suddenly shifted about a year ago following the sudden tragic death of her friend, and former Disney Executive, Dave Hollis. We explore Heidi’s journey through grief and acceptance, her personal insights on overcoming challenges, and the new approach that she’s using to reclaim her life and future.  Join us for this unfiltered conversation with Heidi Powell, and start your journey to reclaiming your time and living a life that truly fulfills you.

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Popularly known as Heidi Powell from her time on ABC’s hit show Extreme Weight Loss, where she served alongside her then-husband Chris Powell as a daily fitness coach, Heidi Powell is a skilled transformational specialist.  With more than a decade of experience as a personal trainer, Heidi is also a mother of four, a savvy businesswoman, an inspirational speaker, and an author. She has become a beacon of inspiration and practical guidance for countless individuals seeking to transform their lives.  

As a personal coach, Heidi has helped 1000s of women rewrite their stories in their lives and create the lives that they’ve always dreamed of. She also has a successful blog where she shares her insight on health and wellness, family life, and her experiences as an International Federation of Bodybuilders and Fitness Bodybuilding Pro.

Tune in to Episode 4 of The Jack Canfield Podcast and learn about the significance of evaluating your priorities and unlocking the secrets to lasting personal transformation.

🎯Inside this episode:

  • The Breakdown: Heidi’s process through grieving the past and meeting God (2:35) 
  • Reclaiming Sovereignty: Surrendering to the false self to uncover authenticity (11:52) 
  • Living Life Unfiltered: Releasing the fear of being seen solely through the lens of truth (18:17) 
  • New Priorities: Saying no to creates new opportunities (26:02) 
  • Trusting Internal Guidance: Understanding the wisdom within your desires and deep senses of knowing (33:21)  
  • Evolving Consciousness: Why healing yourself will always heal the collective (36:18)

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