Episode 9 | AI and the Art of Problem-Solving with Kian Gohar

Adapt and Learn in a Fast-Paced World

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Today I have an extraordinary guest joining me, someone I’m proud to call a dear friend in the world of transformation and leadership. Kian Gohar is a visionary futurist, a best-selling author, and a key member of the transformational leadership council, which is a gathering of about 150 people who started as leaders in the transformational space and are now making a huge difference in the world.

As a former executive director of the XPrize Foundation and a faculty member at Singularity University, Kian has a wealth of experience in innovation and cutting-edge technologies. He is also the founder and CEO of Geolab, a well-respected leadership development firm.

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Tune in to Episode 9 of The Jack Canfield Podcast to begin learning to love change, reorient your mindset to think of change as an opportunity rather than a threat and begin asking the question: How can I start experimenting with AI to approach problem-solving from a future-focused perspective?  

🎯Inside this powerful episode:

  • Harnessing Change: Hear Kian share how overcoming his disruptive upbringing helped shape the work he’s doing (2:45)
  • The Bionic Age: Learn about generative AI and its commercial potential (5:52) 
  • Reinventing Workflow: Kian provides a simple five-step process for using Ai to problem-solve and ideate (13:58) 
  • Reimagined Leadership: Challenged and opportunities presented by AI that are reshaping the future of leadership (19:36) 
  • Collaborative Consciousness: Exploring a whole new world of creativity (23:52) 
  • Becoming Future Proof: Learn the logical fallacy that can help you lean into change ahead of the game (29:11) 
  • Remaining An Asset: Guidance for becoming more adaptable at the team and organizational level (32:16) 
  • The Innovation Gym: A breakdown of the training process for teams working with Kian (37:33) 
  • The Bigger Picture: Using Generative AI to address global issues and guidance for integrating these tools (40:29)  

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