Episode 25 | The Food Revolution: Eric Edmeades on Reversing Diabetes and the Power of Evolutionary Health

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Welcome to Jack Canfield Podcast. I’m Jack Canfield, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to today’s episode of the Jack Canfield podcast. Joining me today is not only a dear friend but also a forward-thinker in the realms of health and human potential, Eric Edmeades.

Eric is a trailblazer in the emerging Food Revolution, dedicated to empowering individuals to seize control of their well-being. Today, Eric is here to discuss his latest publication, “Post Diabetic,” freshly launched last month, which promises to be yet another invaluable resource, steering readers toward vibrant health. His book draws upon his extensive knowledge of evolutionary biology and human nutrition, topics we’ll delve into shortly, tracing his journey from his renowned Wild Fit program. 

In this episode Eric talks about how his health transformation inspired him to study nutrition and human evolution. He also emphasizes eating a diet focused on seasonal, whole foods like our ancestors ate, rather than restrictive diets. Some key points included understanding why we eat emotionally, the importance of meeting nutritional needs over avoidance, and how humans are adapted to survive seasonal fluctuations through metabolic flexibility. He also discusses challenges in spreading this message due to the influences of the pharmaceutical industry.

🎯Inside the episode you will learn about: 

  • Pharmaceutical Influence on Psychiatry: Eric shares a story about disagreeing with his girlfriend’s father, a pharmaceutical psychiatrist, over the ratio of necessary vs unnecessary drug prescriptions. Legislation allowed drug advertising, pressuring doctors to overprescribe and turning psychiatrists into “unwilling salespeople” for pharmaceutical companies (2:52) 
  • Health, nutrition, and evolution with a focus on debunking myths and exploring alternative perspectives: Eric describes his journey towards health transformation, which led him to explore the intersection of nutrition, coaching, and psychology (14:04) 
  • Human evolution, diet, and health, with a focus on the importance of seasonal foods: Eric suggests using the wild fit approach to diet, which involves eating seasonally available fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, meats, fish, and eggs (18:03) 
  • Health, nutrition, and food psychology: Eric further emphasizes the importance of understanding the psychology of food and how it relates to seasonality. He also discusses how humans evolved to survive harsh seasonal fluctuations and how this impacts our relationship with food today (22:32) 
  • Evolution of human metabolism and dietary needs: Eric advocates for eating meat that is more in line with what our ancestors ate, such as bison, which is lower in fat and more flavorful (26:10)
  • Ethical and sustainable food choices, with a focus on meat and fish: Eric argues that ethical meat consumption involves more than just species, but also how the animal was raised (27:05)
  • Using hypnosis to overcome emotional eating and food cravings, with a focus on the role of the subconscious mind and Al: Eric shared how he helps his clients identify and change limiting beliefs and behaviors, such as cravings for certain foods (30:07) 
  • Using Al in healthcare, promoting a book on plant-based nutrition, and overcoming industry censorship: Eric discusses the challenges of promoting a book on a controversial topic while facing censorship and criticism (34:54) 

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