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Today I’m honored and excited to welcome as my esteemed guest Marie Diamond, a true luminary in the world of transformational leadership.

Marie is a master in the art of Feng Shui who has taught more than one million students over the last 30 years and has spoken in more than 30 different countries. She’s a founding member of the Global Transformational Leadership Council and is the founder and president of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe. She’s also a featured teacher in the movie, The Secret.

Marie is a business and spiritual mentor to many top celebrities, corporate CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and champion athletes. Her clients include A-list celebrities in the film and music industry, including Steven Spielberg, Jodie Foster, Dan Aykroyd, and Paula Abdul; top-selling writers and speakers, including Rhonda Byrne from The Secret, the late Bob Proctor, Dr. John Gray (Men Are From Mars), Marianne Williamson, who’s currently running for president as we record this, Vishan Lakhyani from Mindvalley, and myself, of course. She works with world-class athletes, championship-winning sports teams, leading CEOs and members of royal families around the globe.

In the fall of 2022, Marie launched her own podcast,The Marie Diamond Show. In the fall of 2023, she produced and starred in the major network TV show, Feng Shui Your Life. As well as all of this, she is the best-selling author of nine books.

Tune in to Episode 23 of the Jack Canfield podcast where we focus on Marie’s latest book, Feng Shui Your Life, a beginner’s guide to transforming your living spaces to attract the life you’ve always dreamed of. Learn Marie’s insights into how our environments play a pivotal role in our success, even more so than willpower alone. She shares stories of how she has used these insights in her own life and to help her A-list clients. Above all, she shares practical tips to help you achieve what you want through the conscious and intentional design of your environment, be it financial success, improved health, better relationships, or advanced spirituality.

Inside this episode you’ll learn about:

  • The Art of Feng Shui: Marie relays the core principles of Feng Shui and how people can begin to incorporate these principles into their lives (03:21)
  • The Corners of Success: Marie reveals the formula to organize the“corners”in your own spaces and maximize success in health, finance, wisdom, and relationships. Jack shares how simply removing a globe from the corner of his home improved his relationship with his wife (06:27)
  • How to Feng Shui Your Life:  Marie’s in-depth guide to declutter and consciously design your space from colors to furniture positions and liberate the energy flow in your space for maximum wellbeing. Free tip: Be like a mafia boss, always sit facing the door. Plus how to block the energy “beams” that cause you pain (11:06)
  • The Science of Feng Shui: Marie dives deep into the cutting-edge research confirming the principles of Feng Shui; how covering mirrors improves blood pressure; the petrochemical company that improved safety by changing colors on their site (24:08)
  • Feng Shui Success Stories: Just some of Marie’s successes.The woman with 100 angel statues and how Marie helped her meet her husband; how a day’s work rearranging a client’s workspace doubled her income; Marie buys 3 mini-oscars and gets Spielberg as a new client; the prickly CEO whose decisions improved after he got rid of his cactus (29:26)
  • Aligning with The Cycles: Marie delves into the fascinating Feng Shui “cycles of nine” and what colors and activities can ignite our passion, purpose and wisdom; looking forward to the Spiritual Revolution (41:58)
  • Taking the Next Step: How to get Marie’s book and app, and start  redesigning your life; Marie’s next big project taking Feng Shui into the mainstream (45:52)
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