Episode 20 | Giving Yourself Permission to Succeed with Patty Aubery

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Today’s episode is particularly close to my heart as I’m joined by Patty Aubery, not just my business partner for more than 30 years, but she’s also one of my very closest friends in life. 

She’s the President of the Canfield Training Group. She went from being my personal assistant more than 30 years ago, to President of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises. She oversaw the production and marketing of more than 150 Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, which have been translated into 50 plus languages.

She’s also a multiple New York Times bestselling author in her own right, having co-authored 13 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, including Chicken Soup for the Expected Mother Soul, Chicken Soup for the Cancer Survivor’s Soul, and Chicken Soup for the Woman Golfer Soul, just to name a few, as well as her most recent book:  Permission Granted: Discover How Life Changes When You Give Yourself Permission to Succeed.

Tune into this episode of  The Jack Canfield Podcast where Patty and I explore how embracing and appreciating each person’s unique qualities can be a game changer in any partnership whether it’s a business relationship or a personal partnership. We’ll share some of the challenges we faced, and how learning to value our differences has not only fueled our success, but also deepened our friendship.

🎯Inside this episode, you will learn about:

  • How It All Began: Jack and Patty talk about the early days when, against all advice, Patty followed her intuition to share in Jack’s vision
  • “You’re Killing Me:” The Story of Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Hear how Jack and Patty overcame rejections and clashes of styles to create their life-changing project (06:08)
  • Embracing Difference:  Jack and Patty discuss their differences and how those styles supported each other in their success (08:37)
  • The Success Principles Vision:  How Patty’s original vision for a network of online Success Principles trainers lead to worldwide success (16:05)
  • Healing the Survivor’s Soul: Patty talks about how her mother’s cancer treatment inspired her first Chicken Soup book (20:37)
  • Permission Granted: Overcoming paralysis and fear to show up, stand up, speak up, ask for what you want, do what you want (22:05)
  • Patty’s Final Advice: Trust your intuition and follow your passion still applies in today’s social media-driven world (29:45)

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