Episode #2: Potent Healing Power of the Mind with Jairek Robbins

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Jairek Robbins: a true embodiment of versatility. A best-selling author, performance coach, motivational speaker, and dedicated philanthropist, Jairek has dedicated his life to empowering professionals to discover their purpose and achieve unparalleled success. With accomplishments ranging from being awarded the Congressional Award Gold Medal at the young age of 23 to his recent appointment as President and Chief Strategy Officer of Success Magazine, Jairek’s journey exemplifies his commitment to living with intention.

Episode 2 of The Jack Canfield Podcast is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Discover how a near-death experience acted as a catalyst for Jairek’s deep dive into the potential of the mind. Explore the fine line between personal development and human development, and contemplate the essence of true victory when achieving your loftiest goals.

Drawing from his extensive expertise, Jairek delves into the pivotal moments that have shaped his distinctive perspective on success and personal growth. However, the spotlight of this episode is on harnessing the incredible healing power inherent in the human mind.

Join us as we embark on a profound exploration of Jairek’s unique approach to success, enriched by his insights, experiences, and guiding principles. Through his personal journey, Jairek has unearthed the transformative potential that lies within the human mind for healing and holistic well-being.


🎯In this episode, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Redefining Success: Explore the evolving definition of success (2:30)
  • Building Authentic Connections: Uncover unconventional methods for cultivating meaningful relationships (8:00)
  • Intentional Living: Learn Jairek’s unique process for creating a purpose-driven life (15:25)
  • The Core Four Challenge: Embrace an empowering challenge that can transform your life (28:55)
  • Revolutionizing Education: Reflect on the transformation of modern education (35:38)
  • Busting Misconceptions: Gain clarity on common misconceptions about Jairek (38:31)
  • Guiding Advice: Receive valuable advice for your personal journey (39:28)
  • A Vision for the Future: Envision the world’s trajectory over the next 35 years (39:58)
  • Literary Wisdom: Explore Jairek’s top three book recommendations (40:42)
  • Proud Milestones: Discover the moments that hold deep significance for Jairek (41:45)

Tune in for a captivating dialogue that spans personal development, professional growth, and the untapped potential of the human mind for healing.

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