Episode 13 | Transformation thru Love: A Soulful Journey with Arielle Ford & Jack Canfield

Embracing Love’s Evolution

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I’m back for another enlightening episode of The Jack Canfield Podcast, as I sit down with my dear friend Arielle Ford in a soulful dialogue, unraveling the intricate layers of transformative love and personal evolution.

Throughout the conversation, we delve into the multifaceted nature of love, moving beyond conventional notions and embracing its transformative power. Love, we affirm, transcends mere emotions; it’s a conscious choice, a behavior, and a spiritual path. Arielle shares her insights on relationships, revealing how they serve as a mirror to our wounds and lead us to profound healing.

Tune in to Episode 13 of The Jack Canfield Podcast, as we explore the various dimensions of love through Arielle Ford’s masterful skill of demystifying the concepts: From soulmate connections to spiritual awakenings, discover the secrets to finding and nurturing love in every aspect of your journey. Gain insights, inspiration, and practical wisdom for transforming your life through the magic of love.

You’ll discover pragmatic advice on nurturing lasting relationships as well as the spiritual and emotional depths of embracing love along the Seeker’s journey. You can begin answering the question: How are my lessons of love transforming not just my personal relationships but every facet of my life, guiding me towards a more connected and heart-centered lived experience?   

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🎯Inside this episode:

  • Shifting Through Synchronicity: Arielle reflects on moving from PR to relationship coaching (1:40) 
  • A New Creative Direction: The decision to go from non-fiction to novels and an overview of The Love Thief  (6:38) 
  • Crafting Characters: Arielle discusses the inspiration behind certain characters and the reality of love-bombing  (15:35)
  •  Transformative Voyages: Exploring the research trip in India that set the stage for this story and what Arielle hopes readers can take on their journeys  (19:32) 
  • An Outlook On Love: Understanding why love is a choice and how we become susceptible to manipulation  (23:24)
  • Transcendent Indian Experiences: Arielle recounts her experiences in India with Nadi Readings, past-life recall, and reconnecting to her spiritual roots  (29:25) 
  • Defining Soulmates and Love: Arielle’s perspective on soulmates and what love truly means  (38:30) 
  • Arielle’s Upcoming Projects: Discussion about future plans, including retreats and new ventures (41:39)

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