FREE Vision Board App

Vision Board App - Free Gift for YOU!

Without a doubt, having a vision board is one of the most powerful ways to visualize your goals and keep you focused. It’s a physical representation of where you are going… representing your dreams, your goals, and your inspired life.  I have used this tool for decades, and– chances are – you have too.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with the team at Mogulworx to create a fun and easy Vision Board App for your smart phone or tablet!

To celebrate it’s release, we’re giving it away at iTunes and Google Play FREE for a limited time.

Watch a video demonstrating the app here: 


Grab your free download of the app for your Android or Apple device below and let us know what you think: (If you are outside the US, search your country’s store for “Success Vision Board app”)

Available on iTunes   Android App on Google Play

BONUS: Enter unlock code: “Jack-Gift” to access a private library of pre-written affirmations for your vision board.  (You will be prompted for this after the app has been installed on your phone and you build your first vision board.)

If you are committed to achieving your goals, and are looking to stay focused and inspired to achieve massive success. You’ll want to check this out.





  1. Vanwill says:

    I found this app last night and had a great time building my vision board! Great app! 2 suggestions..I wish it would pop up on my notifications (if I specify) at a specified interval and play my slideshow. Also, I can add a voice memo to each slide but it doesn’t play when I run the slideshow. Maybe next release??

  2. Corinna says:

    I did install the app but unfortunately it doesn’t work on my tablet :-( always blocking it when I try to create my vision board

  3. Jason Youngman says:

    This is cool!

  4. Camilla Carboni says:

    Just love this App! So much actually that I wrote a blog post about it to spread the word: Thanks Jack!

  5. Merja Rämö says:

    Awesome!! Thank you for this gift Jack & your team :)

  6. Kelley Forester says:

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  7. Nancy Himmerich says:

    Will this app sync across different devices?

    1. Ruthie Davis Collins says:

      Sadly no. Only the boards you have published currently.
      If you have to reinstall for any reason, all of your boards saved will not come back.
      Plan accordingly. Make backups!

  8. kaushik dhameliya says:

    really its an amazing app for making our vision clear every day in front of us

  9. kaushik dhameliya says:

    thanks a lot jack & your team

  10. Michelle says:

    Any plans to add this to the Amazon app store?

  11. Patty says:

    Vision board app still not working.

    1. Dwain Jeworski says:

      So sorry about this Patty.. please go here: and they will help you.

    2. Ruthie Davis Collins says:

      Do you have the most current version Patty?

  12. Deline Sigwaa says:

    Fantastic. Thank you Jack and Team.

  13. Deline Sigwaa says:

    Just downloaded mine. Will update you on how I do.

  14. This looks awesome. Can I see it on my computer? I am still a bit old school I guess. Tiny screens do nothing for me.

  15. Says it’s not available in my country yet? In the USA? Wow!

    1. Manuel Deniz says:

      I got the same message, but then did a search for “Jack Canfield” and found the app

  16. Leo Candido says:

    Just downloaded mine!Very excited:)

  17. Swapnakumari says:

    great app. But I like printed one…

  18. Luisa Jablo says:

    love this! We created a beautiful Vision Poster Creator

  19. Beth Ellen Nash says:

    Not getting it to work. Says not available in your country yet. I’m in the US.

    1. Manuel Deniz says:

      I received the same message, but then did a search for “Jack Canfield” and found the app

  20. Laura Krausen says:

    Help! I want to add my own photos but it is only accessing a small portion of the photos that are on my phone. I’ve even attempted to make albums, but it sees the album but none of the photos in it. Thanks!

  21. Not free anymore, maybe update that? No Bonus either as far as I can tell.

  22. Legend says:

    Wow awesome

  23. Aslam Jeewa says:

    Is it still a free download?

    1. Hi, Aslam. The free download was available for only a limited time. You can still download the Vision Board app to help you achieve your goals in a fun and easy way!