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Join #1 Bestselling Author of The Success Principles and Star of The SecretJack Canfield, for 3 Life-Changing Days of LIVE Laser-Targeted Coaching, Transformation, and World-Class Training…  Where You’ll Learn Exactly How To Make Any Vision, Intention, or Goal A RealityRapidly!

Here’s How You Can Breakthrough To Success in 2024, Master the Law of Attraction & Achieve Anything You Can Imagine or Desire…  so You Can Get From Where You Are, to Where You Want To Be!


APRIL 12 - 14, 2024

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Whether you want to dramatically increase your income, fulfill your personal and professional goals, or manifest your deepest Life Purpose in 2024… Jack Canfield’s world-class coaching will give you the life you always dreamed of.

Welcome Motivated Success Seekers...

I’m Jack Canfield – the #1 bestselling author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup For The Soul series, and a featured star of The Secret

If you are committed to making 2024 your most successful, abundant, and biggest year everthis will be one of the most important letters you ever read.

The reason why is I’d like to invite YOU – and a guest of your choice – to join me for 3 days of laser-targeted transformation, coaching, and breakthroughs at my most famous and best-loved Live Online Event: Breakthrough To Success, on April 12-14 2024.

If you choose to do so, your life will be changed… forever.

Over 3 powerful days, you’ll discover that you can achieve literally anything you can imagine. You’ll learn how to make your dreams come true. And I’ll help you to live your biggest and best life… on your terms.

If that sounds exciting to you, here’s how it works:

Over the 3 days of the live event – with my personal help, coaching, and training – we will be focused on ONE thing only:

Helping YOU to BREAKTHROUGH to Success in the Most Important Areas of Your Life… Rapidly!

Stop and imagine this for a moment:

Whether you want to dramatically increase your income and financial abundance… fulfill more of your personal or professional goals… create an exciting new lifestyle… start a profitable new passion business you love… transform your beliefs and self-image… or even achieve your deepest life purpose in 2024…

I can help you.

That’s why I’m working intimately with you over 3 days at Breakthrough To Success  to help you decide on your next BIG breakthrough goals… Eliminate the limiting beliefs which are holding you back… Create an ‘action plan’ for your new success… and guide you step-by-step to achieve your #1 BIGGEST dreams for 2024…

Easily, effortlessly, and joyfully.

PLUS: I want YOU to bring a friend or loved one with you to the entire 3-day event, for free, as my special guest… so you can both enjoy a life-changing Breakthrough To Success experience!

During our time together, I will personally work with you (and your guest) to create an inspiring new vision for your life… Take 100% responsibility for your results… Take inspired action… Raise your vibrational frequency… and master the Law of Attraction.

I’ll help you to go from where you are now to where you want to be – so you can Breakthrough To Success, and create the abundance, success, and “Big Life” you desire and deserve.

Here's How the Breakthrough to Success Experience Works:

First,  I’m going to coach you for THREE full days (April 12-14) on the most powerful and life-changing ideas I’ve ever shared.

YES: I will be your private “Success Coach”, helping you personally.

We’re going to get together… figure out what YOU want to achieve most in your life… then create a proven action plan for you to go and get it!

Over our 3 transformational days together, I will give you the very best tools, strategies, and action steps you need to create a life of success, freedom, and abundance… to help you quantum-leap to your next level of achievement, and tap into your full genius potential.

And, because this is a “virtual” online event, you can attend from the comfort of your home or office… wherever you are in the world.

Even so, Breakthrough To Success is visceral, powerful, and experiential, to ensure you get the biggest possible results. That’s why I’ll be leading you in Instant Belief Change exercises… guiding you through manifesting Visualizations and Affirmations… and – back by popular demand – I’m even hosting my famous Vision Board Party for you!

Over the past 40 years, I’ve made it my life’s purpose to research, understand – then teach – the “secret” principles of success… and I’ll be giving you the very best of what I’ve EVER learned.

If that sounds as exciting to you as I believe it will, all you have to do is decide to join us… before we (inevitably) sell out of virtual seats. 

And remember: I want you to invite a friend or loved one, for free, as my special guest… so you can both Breakthrough To Success in 2024.

Breakthrough to Success virtual was off the scale AMAZING!

Lisa Sharpe

Like WOW! Jumping for joy that I got to talk with Jack personally!!  Thanks for all the help and advice.

Sheri Garisek

Amazing BTS! Such a great group of high thinkers and achievers!

Kevin Cahill

Over 3 Life-Changing & Transformational Days, I’ll Be Working With YOU Personally To:

  • Decide on your “Breakthrough Goals” for 2024… the #1 most important goals that will truly change your life, forever… and then learn exactly how you can create, attract, and manifest these dreams – easily, effortlessly, and without stress or struggle.
  • Take 100% Responsibility for your life… so your results will dramatically, rapidly, and permanently change for the better. (Plus, this means you will get more control, clarity, and power in your life.)
  • Master the Law of Attraction… so you can ask, believe, and receive what you want – on demand – each and every time. (If you ever struggled with the Law of Attraction before… I will help you MASTER the process of manifesting – in just 3 short days!)
  • Identify and Eliminate the Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back… and then “program” NEW empowering beliefs, deep in your genius subconscious mind. (This is an essential step to take… before you’ll receive your next breakthrough in life!
  • Tap into the proven power of Creative Visualization, Affirmations, and Intention Setting… so you can get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. (And you’ll even attend my famous Vision Board Party, at the end of day one…where we’ll “turbo-charge” your intentions together, LIVE!)
  • Overcome Procrastination & Perfectionism forever… and start to take inspired action on your goals – easily and effortlessly. (If you've ever struggled to motivate yourself before… THIS IS FOR YOU.)
  • Breakthrough To A Life of Success & Abundance Rapidly – with my proven system which has already helped millions of people. (This is “the secret behind The Secret”… Now yours!)

And more… Much, much more.


By the end of our 3 days together, you will have set – and learned exactly how to achieve – your #1 biggest goals for 2024…

You’ll have raised your vibrational frequency… Have more belief in yourself… Let go of your fears, doubts, and insecurities that’ve been holding you back… Stopped self-sabotage in its tracks… Created a plan for your success…

And, above all, you will feel more powerful, abundant, and inspired  than ever before… So you’ll leave the event KNOWING your Breakthrough To Success is inevitable and that your dream is being magnetized towards you, right now. Imagine that!

"At BTS Jack said if I did everything he said,  I would double my income and double my time off in 2 years or less.  I did everything, every day, no excuses and no exceptions - and he was right!"    -  Jennifer Burrows

JOIN US NOW for the Most Advanced Success & Law of Attraction Event You'll Ever Attend... from the World's Most Famous Success Trainer!

Overall, I am confident Breakthrough To Success is the #1 most advanced and effective success, goal-achievement, and Law of Attraction live event available – anywhere.

This “hands on” 3-day live program with me is the result of over 40 years of research, optimization, and real-world experience with literally millions of people, from all over the world.

Remember: over the 3 days we spend together, you’ll benefit from EXCLUSIVE access to me, powerful LIVE laser-coaching sessions, and you'll be part of a thriving, exclusive community of like-minded success seekers.

YES: I am personally invested in your success…

And, as such, I can – and will – help you to Breakthrough To Success in 2024, master the Law of Attraction, and create more of what you want… and less of what you don’t want… Guaranteed.

And here's the best news for you:

I’m Making This As Affordable As Possible!

This is the only time I’m running this 3-Day Live Virtual Event this year (and it may be my last) … so I want to make it really easy for you to “say yes” today.

And that’s why the investment for one of the limited spaces at my Breakthrough To Success 2024  3-day event is not $20,000… $10,000… $5,000… or even $2,000…

You can enroll now for $1297.00 only $697 for a VIP “ALL ACCESS” Ticket – where you’ll get EXTRA access to me, personal coaching, private talks, and more… and you'll still get to bring a friend or loved one for free.

Yes! This is the most affordable opportunity you'll find to gain exclusive access to life-changing coaching directly from me, allowing you to ask specific questions and receive personalized guidance, all geared towards helping you achieve genuine success, abundance, and wellbeing in your life.

Or, if you prefer, you can claim a General Admission Ticket for $997 only $297. (And yes… you can still bring a guest of your choice, on me!)

Imagine this: If you use what you learn from me over the 3 days of the event to come up with just ONE money-making idea…  or ONE solution to a problem or block you’re facing in your life… your small investment has completely paid for itself. And that’s just from the first idea!

Imagine how huge an impact this will have on you in the months, years, and decades to come… what this could be worth to your bank account, self-esteem, belief, freedom… in addition to your spiritual wellbeing and overall enjoyment of life. (Clue: it’s priceless!)

Imagine what it will FEEL like, just 3 short days from when we meet together (or even sooner)… when you tell your friends that you have already figured out how to manifest your #1 biggest Breakthrough Goal for the year. 

YES: whichever way you look at it, it’s going to be easy – and fun – for you to generate a significant Return on Investment (ROI).

The only “catch” is….


This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense time, focus, and attention needed in order to provide you with results… and the fact that our Virtual Studio limits us in the amount of people I can host live.

Not to mention the fact that Breakthrough To Success 2024 takes place very soon, on April 12-14th, 2024!

PLUS: this is the lowest price I’ve ever offered for 1-on-1 access to me… or for one of my famous live events...  and your free guest ticket offer expires on Friday. March 1st.

(This life-changing 3 day event “should” cost $5,000 or more per ticket… but instead, I’m giving you TWO tickets for as little as $297. That’s how committed I am to your success.)

So with all that said, I expect seats to fill up fast.

That’s why, if this resonates with you and you’re ready to take the next step, take action and join us at the lowest price.

Join us, 100% risk free:

CLAIM YOUR TICKET to Breakthrough To Success 2024  Now – and Bring A Friend For FREE!

This special Early Bird Bonus Ticket Offer expires Friday, March 1, 2024 @ 3pm Pacific

General Admission

Breakthrough to Success Live Virtual Event
April 12, 13, and 14, 2024

General Admission $997

VIP "All Access" Pass

This is for YOU if you want to elevate your experience, increase your access to Jack, get your most pressing questions answered, replay your favorite parts of the event

  • 3 Days of LIVE Breakthrough Training with Jack Canfield April 12, 13 and 14, 2024
  • Pre-event training  to maximize your participation
  • Event materials shipped to your home
  • 1:1 Coaching session with a Canfield Coach  @ BTS
  • Facebook Event Group
  • VIP:  Private Welcome Session with Jack
  • VIP:  Private Session with Guest Speakers
  • VIP:  Private Q & A Session with Jack
  • VIP:  Event Recording Access for 30 days
  • VIP:  FREE General Admission guest ticket for a friend!

All-Access VIP Pass $1,297

I’m Making It So Easy For You

To Say “YES” Today…

By now, you know that when you take inspired action and enroll now in Breakthrough To Success 2024I’m giving you a SECOND ticket for free for a guest of your choice… 

But what you don’t know yet is…

I’m also going to give you a VERY special collection of FOUR Bonus ProgramsFreeRight Now… to help you master the Law of Attraction, get belief in yourself, and attract more abundance… even before we meet for 3 life-changing days in April. Yes, really!

Take a look at the gifts I have lined up for you, with instant access:


Jack Canfield’s ULTIMATE Law of Attraction Collection of FOUR Courses, Meditations & Guided Visualizations (Value: $197.00)

You’ll love this! 

I just created a BRAND NEW collection of FOUR world-class LOA programs – designed to be the world’s #1 resource for learning (and mastering) the Law of Attraction…

… And YES: I want to give this collection to you, FREE!

First, you’re getting The Law of Attraction Amplifier – a brilliant program I created with my legendary friend a dn colleague Dr. Paul Scheele, from Learning Strategies Corporation.

This includes a fantastic Audio Training Course – alongside THREE exclusive, “Done For You” Guided Paraliminals… the #1 personal growth and visualization tool I’ve ever used.

Literally all you do is listen, and you’ll be guided into a high vibration… effortlessly… where you’ll find it quick, easy, and fun to manifest ANY intention or desire.

The guided Paraliminals will help you to access your genius subconscious mind – so you can automatically attract more success, abundance, and wellbeing into your life.

PLUS: you’re also getting THREE extra bonus programs:

  • My 2 hour Living The Law of Attraction Masterclass – which many people have called the best “Beginner’s Guide” to manifesting with the Law of Attraction they’ve ever tried… which you’ll love…
  • The Success Principles 10 Day Challenge… a fun, fast-paced, quick way to generate HUGE results in your life, in only 10 days…
  • And Awakening Power: two guided meditations and visualizations I recorded to help you manifest abundance and success.

And YES, you really are getting all this for free when you enroll in Breakthrough To Success 2024 today… As my gift to you.

Join Us & Breakthrough To Success… Fast!

If you’re excited by the potential of transforming your results, achieving your #1 Breakthrough Goals for 2024, and having ME as your personal success coach over 3 life-changing days…

I invite you to enroll in Breakthrough To Success 2024 right now.

You’re getting three  LIVE Coaching Days with me… Where I guide you step-by-step through the habits, actions, beliefs, and “Success Principles” that will quickly transform your life…

A FREE Guest Ticket For A Friend or Family Member… as well as FOUR brand new bonuses you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Imagine: at the end of our 3 days together you will be armed with the most powerful, proven, and cutting-edge tools for creating success you could ever wish to learn.

You will know how to set – and achieve – your Big Breakthrough Goals. You’ll be taking 100% responsibility for your life. And you’ll be living authentically with your unique Life’s Purpose… taking inspired action on your dreams… and so much more.

So let me ask you…

Is NOW A Good Time To Breakthrough To Success?

It’s really up to you...

Check in with your intuition and ask yourself:

  • Do I want to live the best life imaginable?
  • Do I want to inspire my friends and family with what’s possible?
  • Do I want to fulfill my personal and professional goals, dramatically increase my income, and manifest my deepest life purpose in 2024?
  • Do I want to master the Law of Attraction, raise my vibration, and manifest the biggest and best year of my life so far?
  • And – do I believe that spending 3 days with Jack Canfield is likely to help me achieve more of my goals… faster and easier than struggling on my own?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please do whatever it takes to join my brand new Breakthrough To Success 2024  3-Day Live Event.

Like I said, it will change your life.

Remember, you can be a VIP and get extra exclusive access, coaching, and 1-on-1 help from me… for only $697.

Or if you’re on a tighter budget, you can claim TWO general admission tickets, for only $297.

Either way, this is a sensational offer I hope you’ll jump on right now.

Day One is on April 12th – I can’t wait to meet you!

Love and Success,

Jack Canfield

Your Success Coach

CLAIM YOUR TICKET to Breakthrough To Success 2024  Now – and Bring A Friend For FREE!

Time to make your decision:  You can choose a General Admission ticket for only $297… Or get the best possible results – and access – with a VIP upgrade.

IMPORTANT:   VIP’s Have Access To Incredible One-On-One Coaching… and more exclusive benefits.

The beauty of the virtual event format is that everyone gets a front-row seat to the action. So there’s far more opportunity for face-to-face interaction, not only with other participants… but with me as well.

But  as a VIP, you'll get even more “bang for your buck”…

During the event, you have the chance to be laser-coached by me personally on-stage. Plus, our VIP attendees can even schedule 15-minute private coaching sessions with one of our fully certified Success Principles trainers… to give you deeper levels of insight and help with your personal questions and challenges. (And more!)

Whichever option feels best for you, remember:  you’re getting an extra ticket, as my gift, to share with a friend, colleague, or loved one.

Just make sure that you’re “in the room”. That’s what matters most.

Here's What Breakthrough to Success Alumni Say About this Life-Changing Event

Jack’s work is a must for anyone desiring to dive deep within themselves to discover their greatest potential. To say it’s life-changing and transformative is an understatement. 

My life just keeps getting better!

Amy Burton

BTS truly changed my life…

Not only did it clarify my calling but it opened my eyes to all the thoughts and beliefs holding me back.  Since then, I’m a lot happier and have started a business that allows me to contribute to society, and have met beautiful people that help my journey.

Joyce Rojas

Jack's principles have completely changed my life! I was able to double my income, find my purpose in life, and communicate better with my teenager to build a trusting relationship with him.


Now I teach these principles to my entire family!

Noemi Rub

I literally doubled my income twice in 3 years...

By applying Jack's principles.
We bought a vacation home and eventually reached my breakthrough goal of purchasing a investment property and we've found greater purpose in living more intentionally.

Mike Pate

No matter who you are or where you may be in life, Jack’s wisdom and insight will help propel you to any of your life’s goals. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to dream big or make their life better.

I am more confident and significantly more excited about my future.

Lynn McInnis

I always come back energized, focused,and ready to take on the world.... 

I've been to BTS twice now. My business continues to grow and thrive, and I credit much of that success to the strategies, practices and insight I gained at BTS. Plus, my relationships with my wife, family and friends has never been better.

Peter Krull

How Does the Virtual Event Work?

This isn't just any event; it's live, highly interactive, and must be experienced in real time, which means you have to attend all of the training sessions IN PERSON.

Prepare to immerse yourself each day, from 8:00 AM to approximately 6:00 PM Pacific time. We’ll have short breaks throughout the day, plus we'll pause for an hour lunch break for you to recharge.   

Whether you're reflecting inwardly, collaborating closely with a partner, or engaging in group activities, every moment is crafted to spark significant breakthroughs.

And just like the Breakthrough to Success event itself, our virtual event studio is truly an experience like no other!

Your virtual experience is powered by our exclusive state-of-the-art event studio, bringing the dynamism and interaction of an in-person event right into your space. 

Our virtual format doesn’t just simulate the live experience; it reinvents it, ensuring that every session is a blend of interactive, high-energy, and, YES, outright fun activities!

You’ll be surprised at how vibrant and energetic you’ll feel, both during and after the training.

Meet Your Breakthrough CO-HOSTS

Patty Aubery
Mindset Coach, President of the Canfield Training Group

Patty Aubery is a NY Times bestselling author and the driving force behind the multi-million dollar Canfield Training Organization - helping Jack Canfield evolve from an emerging self-esteem expert to the world-renowned leader in personal development and achievement he is today. And now, YOU get 3-days of access to her insight, intuition, and expertise throughout the event! 

Romeo Marquez Jr.
Emcee Extraordinaire

Romeo is an international speaker, trainer, coach, delivering more than 1,000 speeches, performances, and presentations to over 1 million audience members worldwide, on the topics of Leadership, Motivation, and the Success Principles. You're going to love his high-vibe energy and positivity!

FAQ about Breakthrough to Success

Browse answers to your questions on everything related to the event. Need more help? Contact our Event Support Team at and we'll get back to you ASAP

How do I know this is right for me?

Is this the same content that’s in Jack’s other programs?

Who should attend?

Can I attend if I live internationally?

What if I can’t attend live? Can I watch the conference later?

Can I Bring a Guest with Me -- and is there a Discount?

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What time does the event begin?

Will I be able to interact with Jack and other participants?

Will there be breaks during the programming?

Is there a Facebook Group I can join?

Reserve Your Ticket Now!

General Admission

Breakthrough to Success Live Virtual Event
April 12, 13, and 14, 2024

General Admission $997

VIP "All Access" Pass

This is for YOU if you want to elevate your experience, increase your access to Jack, get your most pressing questions answered, replay your favorite parts of the event

  • 3 Days of LIVE Breakthrough Training with Jack Canfield April 12, 13 and 14, 2024
  • Pre-event training  to maximize your participation
  • Event materials shipped to your home
  • 1:1 Coaching session with a Canfield Coach  @ BTS
  • Facebook Event Group
  • VIP:  Private Welcome Session with Jack
  • VIP:  Private Session with Guest Speakers
  • VIP:  Private Q & A Session with Jack
  • VIP:  Event Recording Access for 30 days
  • VIP:  FREE General Admission guest ticket for a friend!

All-Access VIP Pass $1,297

Need help?

Contact our event support team at 805-881-5191
or email us at:

Loads of Love from BTS Attendees

1000+  5 star reviews

This is my 3rd BTS...

I keep coming back to get amazing gold nuggets from this event as Jack’s process is so amazing to me. Every time I get more clear, I build a better belief system and I trust myself more.

- Khursheed Sethna

It was truly magical.

I loved every part of Jack's process and achieved my first breakthrough before the 2nd break!

- Shradda Agarwal

Many breakthroughs...

You guys have made this weekend amazing! The participation of everyone in the break out sessions was wonderful. You all helped me make many breakthroughs this weekend. I love all of you so much!!!

- Barbara Craigie, CSP

Still basking in the afterglow...

Thank you for a truly AMAZING weekend!!! I’m still basking in the afterglow of being immersed in healing love, incredible support, and positive energy last weekend during BTS!!! This exceeded my expectations by the millions! 

- Sally Hand

Tremendous coaching...

Thank you for your tremendous coaching throughout the BTS weekend. Your generosity, energy and dedication are truly inspiring. The support system you have innovated is brilliant. Moreover, BTS creates a context that brings out the best in its participants. 

- Steve Timmins

Transformative weekend...

Thank you Jack for your invitation and perfectly-timed opportunity to attend this powerful transformative weekend, and my heartfelt gratitude to the Canfield Team for this amazing Breakthrough experience. 

- Teri Cox

Best. Damn. Event. Ever!

Thank you for this Jack! Best. Damned. Event. Ever! And I am 63. Love you all for your commitment and time!

- Janice Varvel

You showed me the way!

BTS was amazing! Each time I get to achieve something wonderful in my life. From my family, weight loss, reversing diabetes, and writing my book - you helped me live the life I’m living by showing me the way.

- Irene Leung

It's been life-changing!

Living on a small island in the Indian Ocean I’m so grateful you are doing the BTS event  online.

- Ravin Papiah

Breakthrough decision...

Being here is a Breakthrough decision!!! Talk about the Power of Decision!!!

- Patricia Gunther

Phenomenal weekend!

 Jack and Patty were fantistic and the people I met and listened to have been nothing but inspirational. Rooms full of successful people, grateful for their life, and working to better themselves.

- Andrew Szczecinski

Solid, positive group!

It’s amazing to be part of the Jack Canfield community! It’s such a solid, positive, fabulous group to be apart of.

- Myriam Korstanje

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