Join #1 Bestselling Author of The Success Principles and Star of The Secret, Jack Canfield, for 3 Life-Changing Days of LIVE Laser-Targeted Coaching, Transformation, and World-Class Training…  Where You’ll Learn Exactly How To Make Any Vision, Intention, or Goal A Reality – Rapidly!

Break Through to Your Best Life Ever!

October 24-26, 2024 | NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA

Here’s How You Can Breakthrough To Success in 2024Master the Law of Attraction & Achieve Anything You Can Imagine or Desire… 

so You Can Get from Where You Are, to Where You Want to Be!

Whether you want to dramatically increase your income, fulfill your personal and professional goals, or manifest your deepest Life Purpose in 2024… Jack Canfield’s world-class coaching will give you the life you always dreamed of.

One Week ONLY!
Early Bird BONUS Offer (a $1,297 value)

NOW IS THE TIME to Make the Leap to Where You Want to Be!

YOU have the power to achieve anything you can imagine. Join me for an immersive life-changing weekend of self-discovery and transformation that will unlock your full capacity for success over the course of a single game-changing weekend - so you can achieve your most ambitious goals & create a life your truly love.

  If you’re ready to own your big dreams  and design a life that brings you boundless joy, abundance, and fulfillment - your next big “level up” awaits! 

I hope to see you there,


Welcome Motivated Success Seekers...

I’m Jack Canfield – the #1 bestselling author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup For The Soul series, and a featured star of The Secret

If you are committed to making 2024 your most successful, abundant, and biggest year everthis will be one of the most important letters you ever read.

The reason why is I’d like to invite YOU to join me for 3 days of laser-targeted transformation, coaching, and breakthroughs at my most famous and best-loved Live Event: Breakthrough To Success, on October 24-26th.

If you choose to do so, your life will be changed… forever.

Over 3 powerful days, you’ll discover that you can achieve literally anything you can imagine. You’ll learn how to make your dreams come true. And I’ll help you to live your biggest and best life… on your terms.

If that sounds exciting to you, here’s how it works:

Over the 3 days of the live event – with my personal help, coaching, and training – we will be focused on ONE thing only:

Enter your text here...

Helping YOU to BREAKTHROUGH to Success in the Most Important Areas of Your Life… Rapidly!

Stop and imagine this for a moment:

Whether you want to dramatically increase your income and financial abundance… fulfill more of your personal or professional goals… create an exciting new lifestyle… start a profitable new passion business you love… transform your beliefs and self-image… or even achieve your deepest life purpose in 2024…

I can help you.

That’s why I’m working intimately with you over 3 days at Breakthrough To Success  to help you decide on your next BIG breakthrough goals… Eliminate the limiting beliefs which are holding you back… Create an ‘action plan’ for your new success… and guide you step-by-step to achieve your #1 BIGGEST dreams for 2024…

Easily, effortlessly, and joyfully.

During our time together, I will personally work with you (and your guest) to create an inspiring new vision for your life… Take 100% responsibility for your results… Take inspired action… Raise your vibrational frequency… and master the Law of Attraction.

I’ll help you to go from where you are now to where you want to be – so you can Breakthrough To Success, and create the abundance, success, and “Big Life” you desire and deserve.

Here's How the Breakthrough to Success Experience Works:

First, I’m going to coach you in person for THREE full days (October 24-26) on the most powerful and life-changing ideas I’ve ever shared.

YES: I will be your private “Success Coach”, helping you personally.

We’re going to get together… figure out what YOU want to achieve most in your life… then create a proven action plan for you to go and get it!

Over our 3 transformational days together, I will give you the very best tools, strategies, and action steps you need to create a life of success, freedom, and abundance… to help you quantum-leap to your next level of achievement, and tap into your full genius potential.

Breakthrough To Success is visceral, powerful, and experiential, to ensure you get the biggest possible results. That’s why I’ll be leading you in Instant Belief Change exercises… guiding you through manifesting Visualizations and Affirmations… and – back by popular demand – I’m even hosting my famous Vision Board Party for you!

Over the past 40 years, I’ve made it my life’s purpose to research, understand – then teach – the “secret” principles of success… and I’ll be giving you the very best of what I’ve EVER learned.

If that sounds as exciting to you as I believe it will, all you have to do is decide to join us… before we (inevitably) sell out of seats. 

Breakthrough to Success virtual was off the scale AMAZING!

Lisa Sharpe

Like WOW! Jumping for joy that I got to talk with Jack personally!!  Thanks for all the help and advice.

Sheri Garisek

Amazing BTS! Such a great group of high thinkers and achievers!

Kevin Cahill

Over 3 Life-Changing & Transformational Days, I’ll Be Working With YOU Personally To:

  • Decide on your “Breakthrough Goals” for 2024… the #1 most important goals that will truly change your life, forever… and then learn exactly how you can create, attract, and manifest these dreams – easily, effortlessly, and without stress or struggle.
  • Take 100% Responsibility for your life… so your results will dramatically, rapidly, and permanently change for the better. (Plus, this means you will get more control, clarity, and power in your life.)
  • Master the Law of Attraction… so you can ask, believe, and receive what you want – on demand – each and every time. (If you ever struggled with the Law of Attraction before… I will help you MASTER the process of manifesting – in just 3 short days!)
  • Identify and Eliminate the Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back… and then “program” NEW empowering beliefs, deep in your genius subconscious mind. (This is an essential step to take… before you’ll receive your next breakthrough in life!
  • Tap into the proven power of Creative Visualization, Affirmations, and Intention Setting… so you can get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want. (And you’ll even attend my famous Vision Board Party, at the end of day one…where we’ll “turbo-charge” your intentions together, LIVE!)
  • Overcome Procrastination & Perfectionism forever… and start to take inspired action on your goals – easily and effortlessly. (If you've ever struggled to motivate yourself before… THIS IS FOR YOU.)
  • Breakthrough To A Life of Success & Abundance Rapidly – with my proven system which has already helped millions of people. (This is “the secret behind The Secret”… Now yours!)

And more… Much, much more.


By the end of our 3 days together, you will have set – and learned exactly how to achieve – your #1 biggest goals for 2024 and beyond…

You’ll have raised your vibrational frequency… Have more belief in yourself… Let go of your fears, doubts, and insecurities that’ve been holding you back… Stopped self-sabotage in its tracks… Created a plan for your success…

And, above all, you will feel more powerful, abundant, and inspired  than ever before… So you’ll leave the event KNOWING your Breakthrough To Success is inevitable and that your dream is being magnetized towards you, right now. Imagine that!

"At BTS Jack said if I did everything he said,  I would double my income and double my time off in 2 years or less.  I did everything, every day, no excuses and no exceptions - and he was right!"    -  Jennifer Burrows

Your Breakthrough Event Agenda

I’m committed to giving you as much value into each day as humanly possible!  Looking over my agenda of exercises, lessons, and experiential encounters – it's just a small sample of what you’ll discover during our time together…

Day 1:

Most people push themselves to the brink, getting totally burned out while still not getting the results they want. 

Starting on DAY ONE, we’ll determine what you really want out of life. You may be surprised to learn it's not what you think it is - at least not on the surface.  Once we've made that discovery…  Layer upon layer, we’ll work together to transform you into the person who can confidently create, pursue, and maximize those goals.

  • How to identify your life purpose and how to align your life to serve and fulfill that purpose.
  • How to take 100% responsibility for your life and how this simple assertion can radically change your life (and how to avoid unhealthy guilt and shame at the same time).
  • How to stop settling for less than what you want, and start getting more of what you desire. (You’ll learn how to say “no” to the good so you can say “yes” to the great.)
  • Attend a festive Vision Board Party where you'll bring your deepest, most heart-felt desires to life on personal vision board so you can become a vibrational match for what you want. We give you all the tools, ideas, and inspiration!

Day 2:

On Day Two, we'll help you identify and overcome the negative beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Through powerful exercises and techniques, you'll learn how to reframe your thinking and develop a positive mindset that supports your success. 

Get ready to transform your thinking!  Limiting thoughts and beliefs can be the biggest barrier to every new level of success. 

  • The real power of visualization and how to use it to get what you want in life. (Don't worry if you've tried it before and couldn't seem to make it work. I'll show you exactly how to do it, based on the latest research, in a way that guarantees it will work for you).
  • How bad habits, negative thoughts, procrastination and lack of motivation hold you back ... and a simple, effective set of techniques to dissolve all of these problems once and for all (so they never come back to haunt you again).
  • Door-opening ways of developing and trusting your intuition and reasoning abilities (and how to know when you should rely on each).
  • Secrets of how successful people think and act, and how to change your own thinking and behavior so you can get the same results they do.
  • Shift your attitude and beliefs from the “I can’t” to the “I can” solution model, and how to turn your inner critic into your inner coach.

Day 3:

Stop spinning your wheels, working 24/7 on all the wrong things... instead, learn exactly what to focus on — and what to ignore — to reach your biggest goals. 

On DAY THREE, not only will you learn the success secrets you need to create the life of your dreams – you’ll also learn how to rapidly apply the steps to your own life, allowing you to attain unimagined levels of success and make positive, lasting change.

Wake up excited. Spend the majority of time in your genius zone. With the right support, you can experience even more abundance, energy, and joy!

  • Why success seems to come easily and automatically to some people (you've likely known some of them yourself), and how, with a few changes, you can attract the same phenomena.
  • The one best way successful people deal with setbacks, failures, and defeats. (Once you learn this secret, you'll not only be able to deal with adversity, you'll take any adversity and turn it into an equal or greater benefit.)
  • Innovative ways to motivate yourself to get started, keep going, and – most importantly – complete what you start, so you actually get the rewards you want.
  • Jack clearly spells out the power of the Success Principles, the Law of Attraction, and his own precise methods for putting these tools (and others) to work in your life.

Here's the Best Part...

Your Ticket Includes a Unique Celebration of YOU!
(Get Ready to Party Like it’s 2029!)

The best way to understand how incredible your life can be is to EXPERIENCE it for yourself.

You’re also invited to join in a special Celebration on the final evening where we’ll not only enjoy a festive dinner with dancing, but also a unique “Come As You’ll Be in 5 Years” Party all included in your tuition!

If you haven’t read about this event in my book, The Success Principles (Chapter 12), get ready for one of the highlights of the training!   It’s a dinner party with a twist:  You'll attend – not as you are today – but as you’ll be 5 years from now!

You'll imagine all of the goals you wanted to accomplish by then have already come to pass. You’ll be asked to talk the part, act the part, dress the part while you enjoy a celebration of life.

"Jack helped me fulfill my destiny."

- Cindy Eartman

"Hands down, the most moving and profound experience of my life."

- Susie Duane

"I achieved my goals in just 3 short months!"

- Pamela Bruner

VIP Ticket Holders Get Private Time with Jack Canfield!

That's right! If you’d like to have more time with Jack, get your most pressing questions answered, create memorable moments, connections, and more - this is a great opportunity for you!

VIP Package includes:

  • Private Welcome Session day before event
  • VIP Book Signing & Photo at Welcome Session
  • VIP Daily Networking Lunches
  • VIP 1:1 Coaching Session with Certified Coach
  • VIP Post-Event Debrief / Q & A session with Jack

Grab your VIP tickets while spaces are still available!

 ⏱️Time is a Factor...

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense time, focus, and attention needed in order to provide you with results… and the fact that our Training Room limits us in the amount of people I can host live.

Not to mention the fact that Breakthrough To Success 2024 takes place very soon, on October 24-26th.

PLUS: this is the lowest price I’ve ever offered for 1-on-1 access to me… or for one of my famous live events.

(This life-changing 3 day event “should” cost $5,000 or more per ticket… but instead, I’m giving you tickets for as little as $697. That’s how committed I am to your success.)

So with all that said, I expect seats to fill up fast.

That’s why, if this resonates with you and you’re ready to take the next step, take action and join us at the lowest price.

Join us!

CLAIM YOUR TICKET to Breakthrough To Success NOW– and SAVE!

PLEASE DON'T DELAY:   This Early Bird BONUS won't last long! 

General Admission

October 24, 25, and 26th, 2024

  • 3 Days of LIVE Breakthrough Training with Jack Canfield October 24-26, 2024 in Newport Beach, California
  • Get the exact tools, strategies and psychology you need to thrive & create success in a changing world
  • Jack's famous "Come As You'll Be" social hour, celebratory dinner, and dance party on final night
  • Breakthrough event materials
  • BTS Private Facebook Group
  • Life-Changing Results

Ticket Price $997

NOW ONLY  $697

3 Pay Option Now Available (incl finance charge)

VIP Package

This is for YOU if you want to elevate your experience, increase your access to Jack, enjoy exclusive benefits and additional perks

Get Everything in the GA Ticket PLUS:

  • Attend Jack's Private Welcome Session October 23th at 4:30-7pm (Day before event)
  • VIP Book Signing & Photo with Jack Canfield during Welcome Session (Day before event)
  • 3 Daily VIP Catered Networking Lunches
  • VIP Coaching Session with a Canfield Coach during the Breakthrough to Success Event

VIP Pass $1497

NOW ONLY  $1,297

3 Pay Option Now Available (incl finance charge)

Need help?

Check our our BTS event FAQ's.

Or contact our event support team at 805-881-5191
or email us at:

Join Us & Breakthrough To Success… Fast!

If you’re excited by the potential of transforming your results, achieving your #1 Breakthrough Goals for 2024, and having ME as your personal success coach over 3 life-changing days…

I invite you to enroll in Breakthrough To Success 2024 right now.

You’re getting three LIVE Coaching Days with me… Where I guide you step-by-step through the habits, actions, beliefs, and “Success Principles” that will quickly transform your life…

And DISCOUNTED Early Bird Pricing, saving up to $300!

Imagine: at the end of our 3 days together you will be armed with the most powerful, proven, and cutting-edge tools for creating success you could ever wish to learn.

You will know how to set – and achieve – your Big Breakthrough Goals. You’ll be taking 100% responsibility for your life. And you’ll be living authentically with your unique Life’s Purpose… taking inspired action on your dreams… and so much more.

So let me ask you…

Is NOW A Good Time To Breakthrough To Success?

It’s really up to you...

Check in with your intuition and ask yourself:

  • Do I want to live the best life imaginable?
  • Do I want to inspire my friends and family with what’s possible?
  • Do I want to fulfill my personal and professional goals, dramatically increase my income, and manifest my deepest life purpose in 2024?
  • Do I want to master the Law of Attraction, raise my vibration, and manifest the biggest and best year of my life so far?
  • And – do I believe that spending 3 days with Jack Canfield is likely to help me achieve more of my goals… faster and easier than struggling on my own?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please do whatever it takes to join my brand new Breakthrough To Success 2024  3-Day Live Event.

Like I said, it will change your life.

Remember, you can be a VIP and get extra exclusive access, coaching, and 1-on-1 help from me… for only $1,297.

Or if you’re on a tighter budget, you can claim a discounted general admission tickets, for only $697.

Either way, this is a sensational offer I hope you’ll jump on right now.

Day One is on October 24th – I can’t wait to meet you!

Love and Success,

Jack Canfield

Your Success Coach

CLAIM YOUR TICKET to Breakthrough To Success 2024  Now – and SAVE!

Time to make your decision:  You can choose a General Admission ticket for only $697… Or get the best possible results – and access – with a VIP upgrade. 

IMPORTANT:   VIP’s Have Access To Incredible One-On-One Coaching… and more exclusive benefits.

The beauty of live events is that everyone gets in on the action. So there’s far more opportunity for face-to-face interaction, not only with other participants… but with me, and our faculty of coaches.

But as a VIP, you'll get even more “bang for your buck”…

During the event, you have the chance to be laser-coached by me personally on-stage. Plus, our VIP attendees can even schedule 15-minute private coaching sessions with one of our fully certified Success Principles trainers… to give you deeper levels of insight and help with your personal questions and challenges. (And more!)

Whichever option feels best for you, remember:  you’re getting an extra ticket, as my gift, to share with a friend, colleague, or loved one.

Just make sure that you’re “in the room” with us. That’s what matters most.

No Matter Where You Are Now...
"Breakthrough to Success" Maximizes and Re-energizes Every Single Aspect of Your Life:

If you’re an Entrepreneur, you’ll discover how to…

  • Master the law of attraction.
  • Turn negative situations into launching pads for success and growth.
  • Think BIG (and how thinking big will immediately bring you BIG results)!
  • Increase the flow of income into your life.
  • Find inspiration to develop new products and services.
  • Attract bigger and better business opportunities.


If you’re in a Sales Career, you’ll access the power to…

  • Overcome all resistance to cold-calling.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Overcome fear of rejection
  • Attract the kinds of buyers you want.
  • Substantially increase your income.
  • Compel people to buy your product or services over others.


If you’re an Educator, Human Resource Specialist, or Personal Development Consultant, you’ll learn…

  • How to immediately implement my success principles into your daily life.
  • Techniques and processes that you can use to enhance your students’ or clients’ self-esteem, allowing them to become more responsible, deepen their motivation and goals, and enhance overall communication and cooperation with others.


If you’re a Student, you will quickly and easily… 

  • Create more balance in your life.
  • Discover your life’s purpose.
  • Utilize the techniques you need to get higher grades in school.
  • Strengthen your relationship with friends, family, and teachers.
  • Deal with high stress environments and heavy workloads.
  • Perform better on tests and quizzes.


If you are a Speaker, Trainer, or Coach, you'll get... 

  • Over dozens of techniques, processes, and exercises you can integrate into your speeches, seminars, workshops and trainings to make them more powerful and effective.
  • The simple way to ask for (and receive) higher speaking fees.
  • Precise techniques to enhance your speaking skills.
  • A proven method to develop your “elevator speech”.


If you are a Parent, you’ll understand how to… 

  • Teach the principles of success to your family.
  • Teach your children and family members to be more focused on the positive instead of the negative.
  • Build your children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Create an income while staying at home.
  • Perform and use a heart talk with your family to enhance communication and relationships.
  • Better appreciate and acknowledge your family.


If you’re a CEO, Manager or Supervisor, you’ll be empowered to…

  • Create a compelling vision for your employees.
  • Attract and keep top talent (and how to keep them highly motivated and reduce staff turnover).
  • Appreciate your staff.
  • Improve conflict resolution skills in the workplace.
  • Inspire yourself and others to consistently perform at peak levels.
  • Use the principles of success (and how you can better manage people for success).
  • The significance of Best, Rest, and Prep days.
  • Conduct more efficient and effective staff meetings.
  • Better delegate and prioritize.
  • Create more time off.


If you’re a Therapist or Psychologist, you’ll learn…

  • Over a dozen techniques that you can integrate into your professional practice with individuals or groups.
  • Experience a model of how to work successfully with much larger groups, which will allow you to expand your income.
  • How to perform a guided meditation or visualization.
  • How to help your clients cure any fears and phobia in less than 5 minutes.


If you’re an Author (or aspire to become one), you will…

  • Learn how to effectively implement my success principles into your book writing and publishing process
  • Get clear on your book’s message, and overall vision and goals for publishing
  • Set clear goals around any important dates and deadlines relating to your book
  • Techniques you can use to quickly be able to finish your book (if needed)
  • Overcome fear of rejection (remember, I was rejected 144 times before Chicken Soup was published)
  • Let go of limiting beliefs around becoming a successful author


If you’re Not Sure What You Want,  and Looking for Direction and Purpose, you will…

  • Discover your life purpose.
  • Establish a personal vision for your life.
  • Follow your built-in inner guidance system.
  • Turn fear into power.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Create a group of people that will support you throughout the next year.
  • Permanently eliminate self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Create and follow a clear set of goals.
  • Identify negative habits and how to erase them forever.
  • Find and secure your ideal job.
  • Design and implement the life of your dreams.


Here's What Breakthrough to Success Alumni Say About this Life-Changing Event

Jack’s work is a must for anyone desiring to dive deep within themselves to discover their greatest potential. To say it’s life-changing and transformative is an understatement. 

My life just keeps getting better!

Amy Burton

BTS truly changed my life…

Not only did it clarify my calling but it opened my eyes to all the thoughts and beliefs holding me back.  Since then, I’m a lot happier and have started a business that allows me to contribute to society, and have met beautiful people that help my journey.

Joyce Rojas

Jack's principles have completely changed my life! I was able to double my income, find my purpose in life, and communicate better with my teenager to build a trusting relationship with him.


Now I teach these principles to my entire family!

Noemi Rub

I literally doubled my income twice in 3 years...

By applying Jack's principles.
We bought a vacation home and eventually reached my breakthrough goal of purchasing a investment property and we've found greater purpose in living more intentionally.

Mike Pate

No matter who you are or where you may be in life, Jack’s wisdom and insight will help propel you to any of your life’s goals. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to dream big or make their life better.

I am more confident and significantly more excited about my future.

Lynn McInnis

I always come back energized, focused, and ready to take on the world.... 

I've been to BTS twice now. My business continues to grow and thrive, and I credit much of that success to the strategies, practices and insight I gained at BTS. Plus, my relationships with my wife, family and friends has never been better.

Peter Krull

Build Your Dreams in Newport Beach, California!

The Breakthrough to Success event is being held October 24-26th at the Hyatt Regency John Wayne Airport in Newport Beach, California, centrally located in the heart of Orange County between Los Angeles and San Diego. We've also arranged a wonderful discounted room rate of $229/night you can take advantage of.

Prepare to immerse yourself each day, from 8:00 AM to approximately 6:00 PM Pacific time. We’ll have short breaks throughout the day, plus we'll pause for an hour lunch break for you to recharge.   

BTS isn't just any event; it's live, highly interactive, and must be experienced in real time, which means you have to attend all of the training sessions IN PERSON.

Whether you're reflecting inwardly, collaborating closely with a partner, or engaging in group activities, every moment is crafted to spark significant breakthroughs. You’ll be surprised at how vibrant and energetic you’ll feel, both during and after the training.

FAQ about Breakthrough to Success

Browse answers to your questions on everything related to the event. Need more help? Contact our Event Support Team at and we'll get back to you ASAP

What's the daily schedule and agenda?

When should I plan to arrive/depart?

Do you have discounted hotel rooms?

What airport should I fly into?

What is the dress code?

Can I upgrade my ticket to VIP?

Can I Bring a Guest with Me - and is there a discount?

Are meals covered?

Can I record the event?

What is the Cancellation policy?

FINAL CALL: Reserve Your Tickets Now!

General Admission

October 24, 25, and 26th, 2024

  • 3 Days of LIVE Breakthrough Training with Jack Canfield October 24-26, 2024 in Newport Beach, California
  • Get the exact tools, strategies and psychology you need to thrive & create success in a changing world
  • Jack's famous "Come As You'll Be" social hour, celebratory dinner, and dance party on final night
  • Breakthrough event materials
  • BTS Private Facebook Group
  • Life-Changing Results

Ticket Price $997

VIP Package

This is for YOU if you want to elevate your experience, increase your access to Jack, enjoy exclusive benefits and additional perks.

Get Everything in the GA Ticket PLUS:

  • Attend Jack's Private Welcome Session October 23th at 4:30-7pm (Day before event)
  • VIP Book Signing & Photo with Jack Canfield during Welcome Session (Day before event)
  • 3 Daily VIP Catered Networking Lunches
  • VIP Coaching Session with a Canfield Coach during the Breakthrough to Success Event

VIP Pass $1497

Still Have Questi0ns?

Contact our event support team at 805-881-5191
or email us at:

Loads of Love from BTS Attendees

1000+  5 star reviews

This is my 3rd BTS...

I keep coming back to get amazing gold nuggets from this event as Jack’s process is so amazing to me. Every time I get more clear, I build a better belief system and I trust myself more.

- Khursheed Sethna

It was truly magical.

I loved every part of Jack's process and achieved my first breakthrough before the 2nd break!

- Shradda Agarwal

Many breakthroughs...

You guys have made this weekend amazing! The participation of everyone in the break out sessions was wonderful. You all helped me make many breakthroughs this weekend. I love all of you so much!!!

- Barbara Craigie, CSP

Still basking in the afterglow...

Thank you for a truly AMAZING weekend!!! I’m still basking in the afterglow of being immersed in healing love, incredible support, and positive energy last weekend during BTS!!! This exceeded my expectations by the millions! 

- Sally Hand

Tremendous coaching...

Thank you for your tremendous coaching throughout the BTS weekend. Your generosity, energy and dedication are truly inspiring. The support system you have innovated is brilliant. Moreover, BTS creates a context that brings out the best in its participants. 

- Steve Timmins

Transformative weekend...

Thank you Jack for your invitation and perfectly-timed opportunity to attend this powerful transformative weekend, and my heartfelt gratitude to the Canfield Team for this amazing Breakthrough experience. 

- Teri Cox

Best. Damn. Event. Ever!

Thank you for this Jack! Best. Damned. Event. Ever! And I am 63. Love you all for your commitment and time!

- Janice Varvel

You showed me the way!

BTS was amazing! Each time I get to achieve something wonderful in my life. From my family, weight loss, reversing diabetes, and writing my book - you helped me live the life I’m living by showing me the way.

- Irene Leung

It's been life-changing!

Living on a small island in the Indian Ocean I’m so grateful you are doing the BTS event  online.

- Ravin Papiah

Breakthrough decision...

Being here is a Breakthrough decision!!! Talk about the Power of Decision!!!

- Patricia Gunther

Phenomenal weekend!

 Jack and Patty were fantistic and the people I met and listened to have been nothing but inspirational. Rooms full of successful people, grateful for their life, and working to better themselves.

- Andrew Szczecinski

Solid, positive group!

It’s amazing to be part of the Jack Canfield community! It’s such a solid, positive, fabulous group to be apart of.

- Myriam Korstanje

Are You Ready to Break Through?

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