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Starting MARCH 2023

Training Skills Accelerator Bootcamp

Get the Personal Mentorship & Support You Need to Master Your Training Skills - Faster than You Thought Possible!

A 10-Week Small-Group Intensive with Jack canfield & Kathleen seeley





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What’s Stopping You from Using your Success Principles Training to Achieve Your Life and Business Goals?

Maybe you haven’t found the time to complete all of your Train the Trainer Online lessons yet, or are just getting started

Maybe something caused you to stall-out on your progress and you haven’t received the “kick in the pants” you need to complete the training. 

Maybe you completed your Success Principles certification, but lack confidence and ease in your training skills – and are struggling to attract clients. 

OR… maybe you ARE using your Success Principles training to make an impact, but know you could be getting MUCH better results – if you had a team of expert trainers showing you the way. 

No matter what your situation, if there’s a gap between where you are as a coach or a trainer and where you want to be – I have great news!


And, if you’d like to get small group mentorship and coaching from Kathleen and me – not to mention 10 weeks of support from our elite team of successful certified trainers – to help you massively boost your skills in a very short time, be sure to join us for this game-changing intensive bootcamp!

I can't wait to see you there.

Spend 10 Weeks Workshopping Your Training Skills and Getting Immediate Feedback from the Experts

… while mastering your ability to adapt the Success Principles content for any audience or situation- on the fly! 
your training skills in a safe and supportive environment
your own personal “story bank” to adapt for any success principle
into a powerful storyteller who has the audience hanging on every word
your processing skills – so you can manage challenging emotions in any situation
your confidence and ease and make a bigger impact 
the “must-have” virtual training skills that will help you take your business global
We’ve designed the Training Skills Accelerator Bootcamp for Train the Trainer students who want to dramatically boost their ability to confidently deliver Success Principles content to any audience, online or off.

(This program is also extremely valuable for Train the Trainer grads who are looking for new ways to energize their training and expand their reach to a global audience!) 

"My buiness is growing by leaps and bounds! " 
-Laverne Wilson, Bootcamp Attendee

Limited to 40 participants ONLY – act fast to book your spot

During this 10-Week Virtual Bootcamp, You Will Learn How To...

Successfully teach the 5 core Success Principles

Integrate personal stories, social proof, and experiential exercises to create a deep and lasting impact

Easily adapt your personal stories to any teaching

Fully engage your clients or audience and hammer the point of the lesson home in a powerful way

Incorporate Success Principles training into your own content

Energize your workshops and empower your participants to get better outcomes

Move people through challenging emotional experiences

Help your participants proccess feelings and bring them to a successful resolution 

Design powerful online experiences

Create presentations ranging from 15-30 minutes to building multi-session programs

Master the latest online training techniques

Use technology to facilitate transformation and help your participants make deep ande lasting connections in a virtual environment

In the process, you’ll master the five core competencies every trainer, coach, or speaker should know to have a transformational impact on the people they work with (online or off)!  
“Bootcamp has boosted my confidence 1000%, and allowed me to deliver really exciting and fun workshops. Now I always get really amazing feedback from my attendees and clients, every single time."

– Sarah McCalden  Bootcamp Attendee 

Bootcamp Schedule at a Glance

A 10-Week Small-Group Intensive to Master Your Training Skills


3-Day Live Bootcamp: March 30 - April 1

The 5 Core Competecies of Transformational Training

Spend 3 game-changing days with Jack and Kathleen mastering your training skills in a safe and supportive virtual environment. Receiving and implementing immediate feedback from experts  is the key to rapid growth!



Processing Skills & Signature Story - Part 1

You’ll learn how to remove blocks and grow your expertise in managing emotions – then focus on developing your personal “story bank” of anecdotes and experiences to engage audiences and amplify the impact of your training. 



Processing Skills & Signature Story - Part 2

Learn how to facilitate clients and workshop participants through guilt and resentment – then work on adapting your signature story for any audience or principle. Here’s where you make the training truly your own!



Workshop Development - Part 1

Learn how to tie two principles together and making smooth transitions while wearing your personal story throughout your teachings. You’ll also learn how to leverage virtual platform skills for maximum engagement in any online training.



Workshop Development - Part 2

Here’s where you bring it all together and design your own signature presentation using any Principle. Your confidence as a trainer will explode – and we’ll end the day with a trainer-specific “Come As You’ll Be” party that will fire you up with motivation to achieve your professional goals and more!


BI-WEEKLY MEETUPS: April 10, May 1, May 15, June 5
Meet-Up Monday with Kathleen & the Team

Join Kathleen and the senior trainers for bi-weekly two-hour drop-in sessions, where you can ask questions and get feedback on your progress. This is the face-to-face support you need to keep implementing what you’ve learned and massively accelerate your skills mastery.

"The feedback I got has really helped me to enhance my speaking skills and my confidence has definitely shot up to be charging more!"

– Ritu Agrawa  2022 Bootcamp Participant

Designed for Maximum Skill Mastery in Minimum Time

The Training Skills Accelerator Bootcamp combines live virtual training with self-paced study to help you hone your training skills and develop fully customised workshops faster than you may have thought possible.

OUR blended learning model incorporates:
Group Learning:

Core training principles will be delivered to the group as a whole. (maximum 40 participants) 

Small Group Breakouts:

Each live session gives you plenty of opportunity to workshop your skills in groups of 4 people max – along with a member of our elite training team to provide you with immediate feedback and support. 

Self Paced Learning:

Between live sessions, you’ll be given the tools and resources to continue implementing what you’ve learned on your own time, so you can keep sharpening your skills and go even further during our live virtual sessions.


Engage in small-group masterminds with your fellow trainers and  get the accountability, feedback, and support you need to solve challenges and accelerate your progress to your goals.

Engaging Facebook Community:

Here’s where you’ll get to practice your live video skills and take part in mini-challenges that help you refine your skills and practice what you are learning in a safe and supportive space. The Bootcamp community is exclusive to this class only, and will be part of the “secret sauce” of your success! 

Plus, you'll receive this Awesome Toolkit of "done for you"  workshop resources available ONLY to Bootcamp participants

Kathleen and our team of trainers have invested 500+ hours of work into creating our enhanced toolkit of fully designed and customizable resources you can start using tomorrow to deliver top-quality workshops.  
  • Detailed Facilitator Guides for half-day, full-day, and 6-session Success Principles trainings
  • Professionally designed TSP slide decks you can use “as is” to bring your training to life
  • Comprehensive scripts for teaching core Success Principles in 15-minute increments you can easily build into larger workshops
  • Participant workbooks you can customize with your own content and branding
You will be blown away at how professional these resources look and how easy they are to use!
"You’ve made it SO easy for me with the script and slides. It almost feels like cheating!”

Trisha Bailey-Geiwitz, PhD

2021 Bootcamp Participant

"The experience was priceless! Participants are raving about how useful the scripts were, and how easy it was to practice with real people, and get so much expert feedback."

Michael J. Kline

2020 Bootcamp Participant

I'm really confident delivering professional classes and workshops online now. It's not daunting at all (and it was before)!”

Maria Elena Laufs

2021 Bootcamp Participant

Meet The Training Team


As a NY-Times bestselling author of countless personal growth books (including The Success Principles), I have dedicated my 40-year career to helping others achieve success and create lives they love, in addition to consulting with Fortune 500 companies and speaking in front of audiences of 10,000+ people.   I’ve personally trained thousands of people in my proven Canfield Success Principles Training methodology and I’m excited to work with you in a small-group virtual environment to help you master the principles and deliver your trainings with ease and confidence. 


Kathleen is a highly celebrated speaker, trainer, consultant and executive coach whose client list includes eBay, Siemens, TransCanada Pipelines, and George Washington University. She is a master of designing and delivering workshops that empower people to achieve their highest potential. Kathleen has a master’s degree in Leadership and has her own growing community of more than 250 coaches and consultants she has certified in the Barrett Values system. You’re going to find her personal guidance and feedback on your trainings invaluable! 


We have enlisted an elite group of our top certified trainers to work with Bootcamp participants in a small-group virtual setting to provide you with the expert input you need to become the trainer you were born to be. 

Every member in our training team is using their Success Principles certification to transform lives and make great money in the process. And they are dedicated to helping you do the same!

How Will Their Expert Input Accelerate Your Skills?  

Watch the video of recent participants describing how valuable their small-group practice sessions have been.

Click to play

"I'm really confident delivering professional classes and workshops online now. It's not daunting at all (and it was before)!”

- Maria Elena Laufs  
    2021 Bootcamp Participant

The Training Skills Accelerator Bootcamp IS FOR YOU IF:

  • You’re looking for a powerful way to speed up your Train the Trainer Online skills mastery
  • You’ve stalled out in your training and need a loving “kick in the pants” to complete the work and get certified
  • You’ve completed the training but are lacking the “real life” expertise to deliver the content with confidence and ease
  • You’re ready to reignite your motivation and recommit to your dreams of becoming a world-class trainer, coach, or speaker
  • You’d love to share your teachings to a global audience but lack the technical know-how to deliver compelling virtual trainings
  • You’re ready to become a “bigger player” in the Canfield Training Community – and cultivate life-long connections with incredible individuals who will give you the opportunities and support you need to achieve your personal and professional goals! 
It’s the expert-supported “real world” practice you need to hone your skills and gain the confidence to charge what you’re worth.

Here’s what past participants are saying about the Bootcamp and how it’s helped them grow their business 

Keli Davis Simlesa

2021 Bootcamp Participant

Absolutely Priceless

"Bootcamp has been transformational! It's one of the best investments I have made. This experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone into a space where I was challenged and encouraged to grow. Having a space to make mistakes, try new things, and find my voice was absolutely priceless."

Echo Palster

2021 Bootcamp Participant

Solid Training System

"If you want a solid training system with information that is applicable for any niche, career, or teaching topic, you will find the success training at this virtual bootcamp will exceed your expectations."

Lila Larson

2021 Bootcamp Partipant

Increased My Training Rates

"I've increased my training rates, attracted more executive coaching clients, incorporated more of the TSP into both coaching and training sessions, become more specific about what I can offer to clients, and am now more creative with how the marketing happens – online and in person!"

Holly Fitch Stevens

2021 Bootcamp Participant

Confidence to Start Making Money

"It’s truly boots-on-the-ground implementation and gives everything you need to start training online from day one, including social media training, and technical training so your 5-500 person Zoom meetings can go smoothly. Extreme immersion, wonderful coaching and mentoring to ensure we have the skills and confidence we need to start making money."

Sarah McCalden

2021 Bootcamp Participant

I'm Getting More Referrals

"I get a lot more word of mouth referrals now, which I attribute to using what I learned in the bootcamp. I am able to charge more now, too!"

GerlieMa Lee

2021 Bootcamp Partipant

Transformational Experience

"Bootcamp was a deeply transformational experience for me as a trainer and spirit-seeker with the opportunities to share and to practice my presentation skills in small break-out groups, do FB lives, as well as learning the technical aspects of Zoom. These useful tools have helped up-level my skills and live the Success Principles."


REGISTER NOW and Receive a FREE VIP Ticket Package to BTS Weekend this Fall!

PLUS two more incredible training BONUSES:
Bonus #1
BTS Virtual VIP Ticket Package
April 14 - 16, 2023 

THIS APRIL, you and a friend spend 3 incredible days with us digging down into the Success Principles and setting yourself up for even greater success in 2023.

$1,297 value

Bonus #2
Email List Builder Masterclass with Karson Grady

EXCLUSIVE TRAINING! Discover the KEY fundamentals of what you need to do to build a thriving email list that can become the lifeblood of your business.
$200 value

Bonus #3
Bootcamp Exclusive: Newly Designed 200+ TSP Slide Deck

JUST GORGEOUS: 200+ slides (Google, Keynote, or Powerpoint) designed to support your teaching The Success Principles, customizable to integrate your brand.
$1,000 value

total bonus package value: $2,497!

ACT TODAY to Advance Your Life & Career

Bootcamp is limited to 40 people. This is our only session of 2023!

  • 10-Week Small-Group Intensive with Jack Canfield, Kathleen Seeley, and our Elite Canfield Training Team
  • 3-Day Bootcamp: March 31, March 30, April 1, 2023
  • 4 Full-Day Skills Development Days for ongoing practice and growth: April 20 & 27, May 11 & May 25, 2023
  • Bi-Weekly Monday Meet-Ups with Kathleen and the senior trainers for mastermind-style problem solving and support as you workshop your material
  • Built-in accountability team to support your progress
  • Private Facebook Group with contests, giveaways, and more
  • Certificate of Completion with Certified Canfield Virtual Facilitator Seal (Level II)
  • BONUS:  New TSP Toolkit: 200+ slide professionally designed, customizable workbooks, facilitator guides, and enhanced scripts, and more!
  • BONUS:  Email List Building Masterclass
  • BONUS:  VIP Ticket Package to BTS Virtual April 2023





  • PREREQUISITE: You must be a Train the Trainer online course owner OR Certified Canfield Trainer. Not a member? Start here, or call for special pricing.

Questions? Let's Talk!  
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Don’t Miss Out... 

The Training Skills Bootcamp is a HUGE success!

Look at what more of our grads have to say:

Lesley Strachan

2021 Bootcamp Participant

“Post Covid business has doubled...
and I see nothing that will change that! Clients are approaching me now, rather than the other way around.” 

Laverne Wilson

2021 Bootcamp Participant

“I have raised my prices, more than doubled my income and increased my bookings…
I am currently on track to 4X by income while having more time for myself. THANK YOU, Jack and Kathleen - you changed my life!” 

Mark Hayes

2020 Bootcamp Participant

"I loved the story bank build out.. 

because it just reminds us of how many valuable life experiences can be used to illustrate the principles!  I definitely see myself doubling my income based on what I've learned here, along with the utilization of the principles to find new clients and opportunities."

Have Questions? Let's Talk!  
Connect with a Canfield Training Advisor at
or email customerservice@jackcanfield.com

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