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Thank you for attending the Break Free Workshop. Here are two powerful ways for you to continue your work with Jack – and breakthrough to your best life this year. Start today!


Join Jack Canfield for 3 Life-Changing Days, Reignite Your Purpose & Gain Sustainable Strategies for Living Your Best Life. Ticket deals for a limited time.


10 Module Self-Study Training Program

If it’s not possible for you to train with Jack in person, sign up for Jack's signature Break-through personal growth training system to accomplish your goals and live your dreams. 

Together let’s make this the year everything changes for you!

Sheri Fink

Bestselling Children's Author

Jack's teachings gave me the courage to go for my wildest dreams. I became a #1 best-selling author (5 times), an inspirational speaker, and an award-winning entrepreneur. More importantly, I'm living my life in alignment with my values and my passions.

Danny Khursigara

Executive Coach & Bestselling Author

I have had the opportunity of attending many workshops and seminars over the years, but Breakthrough to Success was a master class like none other. It was a phenomenal program. I call it a game changer!


Lynden Kidd

Career Strategist

I've always counted on Breakthrough to Success to be a time to recharge and renew my commitment to my goals and to being successful in all areas of my life. I get clear about what I want, and what it will take to reach, stretch and grow. Now I have 24/7 access to Jack whenever I need a boost!


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