Make Your Vision a Reality with Personal Mentorship from America's #1 Success Coach


Mastermind Retreat

with Jack Canfield & Patty Aubery

  • October 6-10, 2024
  • Santa Barbara, California

limited spots available

Up to 26  individuals will qualify for this private client experience.  Will YOU be on of them? (ONLY 9 SPOTS REMAIN!)

Make 2024 the Year Everything Changes

Join me for four transformative days in MY hometown of Santa Barbara, California this October – and get the one-on-one private mentorship you need to achieve your most ambitious goals and dreams.

You Have the Power to Create Any Reality You Want

Let’s work together to design a life that will bring you deeper joy, purpose, and fulfillment

Is there something missing in your life – something your soul yearns for?

Maybe you have a good job and are making good money – but youve lost passion for your work.

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your business and need solutions on how to break through the barriers that are holding you back from higher levels of success.

Maybe you’re being called to steer your life in a completely new direction – or you have a vision you’d like to bring to life, but you’re not sure how to proceed and can’t find the support you need to make it happen.

Or maybe you simply want to bring more happiness, sanity, and meaning into your life.

Whatever it is you're looking for, I can help you find it.

Allow Me to Personally Mentor You Toward Creating Your Best Life

Are you ready to step into greater purpose and impact?

During four powerful days of “deep dive” mentoring and masterminding, I will personally walk you through creating a greater vision for your life — one that delivers the joy, excitement, and fulfillment you’ve been craving.

You’ll learn how to align your goals with your passions… launch yourself toward taking MAJOR action… and create bigger results than you can imagine.

I’ll also give you my personal input on your vision and how best to make it a reality – something you just can’t get in a large-group setting.  Imagine how valuable it will be to tap into my decades of experience and all of the lessons I’ve learned through writing and selling hundreds of New York Times best-selling books… building a multimillion-dollar empire… speaking on the world’s largest stages… appearing in worldwide media… consulting with the top brands in the world… and coaching thousands of premier clients across a variety of industries.

But success isn’t all about career accomplishments and making lots of money…

You’ll also learn to create greater balance and harmony in all areas of your life & work.

It’s time to take your life to a much higher level and become the agent of impact and inspiration you were always meant to be.

Does this Sound Like Something You Would Say?

“I have big plans but can never find the time or energy to make them a reality.”

“I know who I’m meant to be – but I just don’t have the roadmap to get there.

“My career has lost its spark – I feel like I’m meant to be doing something else.

“Sure, I’m successful – but lately I’ve been asking myself, ‘Am I really happy?’

“I want to make a bigger impact but I’m not sure how to make it happen.

I need expertise and support from other high-achievers who will catapult me forward.”

Get Elite Mentoring from People Who Have Walked this Path Before You

Join me and Patty Aubery, the business mastermind behind Jack Canfield Companies, on a powerful 4-day retreat that will have game-changing consequences for your entire life.

You and an exclusive group of 25 other successful high achievers will have nearly unlimited access to my soul-inspired teaching and expertise and Patty’s unbeatable business genius.

We’ll be your personal confidantes and will walk you through the process of drilling down into your deepest desires and creating a road map that will lead you to achieve your biggest personal and professional goals.

Having walked this path before you, we deeply understand where you are - we’re excited to help you overcome your biggest challenges as you launch yourself to a much higher level of performance in your life and career.

Because of the groups intimate size, we can help you go deeper and farther in manifesting your passion and purpose.

Best of all, you'll complete this transformative work in Santa Barbara, California on one of the most beautiful and exclusive coastlines in the world!

It's the Biggest Leap You Can Take Toward the Life You Dreamed Of!

"The retreat with Jack and Patty changed my life."

Dina Proctor

Bestselling author

Some investments just keep on yielding massive returns. On every level, this is one of those investments

Deirdre Morris

Fertility Expert

Jack’s retreat is strongly recommended to any entrepreneur looking to refocus and re-energize their life and business plan.

Guillermo Paz

CEO, Villa Aquamare Virgin Gorda

Quite simply a phenomenal experience and the best empowerment event I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended a lot of these events).

Stephane Fournier

Legal advisor

The unfettered access to so much talent in one place is remarkable! I left with a clarity of purpose, and a strategy for action I feel passionate and confident about.

Michael J. Kline

Kline Seminars, Speaking & RIM Faciliator

Attending Jack Private Retreat was truly exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level!

Mitzi Dulan, RD

World Championship-Winning Sports Nutritionist

I must say that the Jack Canfield Retreat was by far the best, most connected and spiritual experience I have ever had. Highly recommended!

Rick Martinez

Freelance nurse, freelance writer, and free spirit

Here's What You'll Achieve During this Powerful 4-Day Retreat

Align your goals with your deepest purpose and passions
Create more harmony in all areas of your life
Step up and start playing at a much higher level
Create a plan to achieve your most ambitious goals
Get personal feedback and insight from us on your vision and plans
Learn the art of execution and overcoming obstacles that appear on your path

My goal is to give you the tools to acquire literally anything you want for yourself

Be one of the 26 applicants invited to attend

Here's What Our Time Together Will Look Like...

day 1

Get Clear, Focused & Grounded in the Moment

Disengage from the “busy-ness” of your life so you can release whatever has holding you back and open yourself to deeper insight and clarity.

day 2

Tap Into Your Life's Purpose & Passions

Discover or reconnect with what you most want to achieve in life – and get the support you need to pursue your purpose with enthusiasm and integrity.

day 3

Create Your Strategy & Mastermind Your Action Plan

Align your vision with your purpose and passions, and access the wisdom of others to create an action plan that will propel you toward your goals.

day 4

Master the Art of Action & Perseverance

Become the person you need to be to achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and execute your plans, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

It's NOT  "all work, no play"...

In addition to our powerful work and planning sessions, there will also be plenty of opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy yourself when we kick off our adventure with an opening night cocktail reception so you can get to know the other participants and meet your future support team.

It's Unlike Any Event You've Experienced with Me Before

I’ve specifically designed the agenda to allow time for connection and one-on-one work with me. Whether we’re in one of our daily mastermind sessions, eating lunch, or enjoying cocktails or dinner together, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bounce ideas off us or get our help in overcoming the roadblocks that are standing between you and your vision.


You’ll have dozens of opportunities to interact one-on-one with me, Patty, and our guest experts so we can help you gain deeper insight and achieve your specific goals or grand vision.


You’ll spend several hours a day brainstorming with your mastermind group and getting ideas, advice, & solutions to your challenges from a hand-picked group of high achievers.


You’ll have plenty of time to build relationships with the other participants during meals, so you can connect on a deeper level and benefit from their input and expertise.

"Your Private Retreat in Tuscany is the BEST! I would highly recommend your retreats to anyone who is serious about taking their business to a higher level. This has been the best investment I’ve made in the last 10 years.”

Serge Ritzenthaler

Therapist and Life Coach

“Jack and his super-star team put together a four-day experience that will transform you, eliminate doubt, and prepare you for any journey. The knowledge base is unsurpassed, as is the meticulous attention to detail. It’s an investment in your future.”

Bob Soltys

Fine Art Wedding & Event Photographer

Did I mention we’ll be meeting at a charming AAA Four Diamond Beachside Hotel on the Pacific Ocean in California?

Welcome to the Santa Barbara Inn

We'll be doing this powerful work at the The Santa Barbara Inn, a spectacular beachside resort located on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

Every morning as we roll up our sleeves and get to work, we’ll be inspired by our spectacular scenery and the comfortable elegance of our surroundings. After a morning full of insight and epiphany, we’ll stop for an incredible catered lunch then dive back into our work and continue into the early evening.  

You’ll love walking the length of the gorgeous beachside trails, taking in the local life, admiring the incredible sunsets.

An Invitation Into My Personal World

We’ll also spend an evening together at my home in Santa Barbara!

During the retreat, you will have the chance to visit my private estate and see where the magic happens!  We'll gather for a wine reception and a tour of my home office.

If you’ve ever wondered what my personal world looks like – and how I’ve created a home and office environment that inspires me to achieve ever-higher levels of success – here’s your chance to find out!

Take a stroll through our gardens, relax on the patio by the pool, and join me for a “fireside chat” during one of our evenings together

Here's a behind the scenes look of one of our retreats

Four Uplifting Days in the Company of Other High Achievers, Surrounded by Positive Energy

My retreats attract an extremely high caliber of attendees.

These are people who are already successful and willing to take serious leaps in their careers, their personal lives, and the contributions they’re making in the world.

They’re the courageous few who dare to step out of the dominant culture of resignation and mediocrity and endeavor to create the life of their dreams.

When you surround yourself with such motivated, energized, spiritually charged people, you tap into the power of the group and become more energized and powerful yourself.

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with the support and encouragement of such incredible people!

And then there's US - YOUR HOSTS:

Jack Canfield

Your Private Advisor, Mentor, and Coach

You probably know me as the co-creator of the New York Times #1 best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® book series—now with more than 225 titles and 500 million copies in print in 47 languages.

I’m also the co-author of The Success Principles, Dare to Win, The Power of Focus, The Aladdin Factor, and Tapping into Ultimate Success.

As CEO and founder of the Canfield Training Group, I teach entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, speakers, and sales professionals how to accelerate the achievement of their personal, professional and financial goals.

I’ve personally helped 100s of thousands of people become multi-millionaires, business leaders, best-selling authors, leading sales professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and world-class athletes while creating balanced, fulfilling and healthy lives for themselves.

And I would love to do the same for you!

Meet Patty Aubery

My Secret Business Weapon & Strategic Genius 

I have another confession to make: I am a successful trainer, speaker, teacher, and writer because I truly love doing those things.

But running and growing a huge business? Not exactly my happy place.

That’s why I was incredibly fortunate to meet Patty Aubery…

She came into my life like a bolt of lightning 25 years ago and has worked with me ever since, helping me build a multi-million dollar enterprise that has taken me from an emerging self-esteem expert to a world-renowned public figure and America’s #1 Success Coach.

As the chief negotiator, rainmaker, developer, manager and champion of my career and companies, there’s barely a project, idea, opportunity, market or career move that Patty hasn’t seen or experienced.

(And did I mention she’s a best-selling author, media professional, executive mom, and world traveler?)

I owe so much of my success to Patty… and I know you’ll say the same thing once you’ve had a chance to sit down and go over your plans with her.

Past Participants Agree:

"This retreat will exceed your wildest expectations."

Kiralee Hubbard has grown her sales at Aeroblend Cosmetics from $165,000 to $700,000 and is on track to make $2 million this year! Plus she’s moved her office to a beautiful new office, has lost 40 pounds, realized her dream of traveling to Europe – and is now signed up to compete the 24-hour Le Mans inline skate race in France this summer with a team out of London!

Click here to read Kiralees's amazing story...

Lies Helsloot created a new product brand and finalized her first collection from idea to market. She’s now selling worldwide online and negotiating with distributors in Asia and the US. Plus she has written two books, finalized her divorce, and met the man of her dreams!

Click here to read about Lies profound experience...

Paul Denletir is a composer who has composed exclusive music for movies, TV shows, and movie trailers for blockbuster campaigns such as: “The Hobbit”, “Avatar”, “Life of Pi”, “Hunger Games”, “300” and “Snow White and the Huntsman.” His fear of speaking in front of large or small groups had been holding him back from taking his business to a much higher level. Since the retreat he has learned to face that fear and has changed the way he is moving forward with his career and life.

Read about Paul's Breakthrough... 

Marcille Pilkington has gained powerful new perspective on what she is capable of – and the results speak for themselves. Her business is growing faster than expected, she is attracting interesting new business opportunities, she’s in better shape than she’s been in since her twenties, and she’s having a lot of FUN in all areas of her life.

Read about Marcille's new perspective...

Recent college graduate Emile Nelson realized his dream of co-founding a publishing company and has published four books since then, one of which was a bestseller.

Read about Emile's bright future...

Halee Fischer-Wright finally finished her book, which had been in a “state of chaos,” and gained invaluable clarity on what her purpose is and how to leverage it for greater success.

Read about Halee's transformation

Lynn Twist is co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, an environmental organization dedicated to empowering the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Rainforest. She’s also founder of The Soul of Money Institute. Watch the video to discover the miracle she experienced in HER life – all because one of her colleagues, Sara Vetter, attended one of my luxury retreats. Hint: it involves an appearance on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show!)

2023 Participant

2023 Participant

2023 Participant

2023 Participant

Only 26 Carefully Selected Participants

This intimate retreat is designed to give you plenty of one-on-one time with us – yet large enough to enable the masterminding that is such an essential part of the experience.

After hosting a dozen of these retreats the past few years all over the world,  we’ve found that 26 people is the maximum number of participants we can host. Unfortunately, that means there are usually more people who want to go than there are spaces available.

That’s why we ask you to fill out an application before registering. We’ll be looking closely at each application to ensure the highest quality experience for all participants. Only those applicants who are willing to play full out and create change for themselves – and mutually benefit the group – will be accepted.

I have dedicated my life to the courageous men and women who dare to go beyond “acceptable” or “good” to create the life of their dreams.

To Be Considered for this Opportunity,
You Must Meet 4 Critical Criteria:

1.  Agree to All Designated Meeting Times

— immersing yourself in our processes, consulting sessions, transformational work and brainstorming discussions with me and my team.

2.  You Must Want to Make a Difference

— and have a burning desire to persevere and to have people listen, read, follow and embrace your message or idea. You must want more for your own life but also wish to make an impact in the lives of others.

3.  Be Open Minded to  Apply New Ideas

— about building an exciting life, finding the passion necessary for making money, and creating a worldwide phenomenon. These strategies produce results and are more non-traditional than you may think.

4.  100% Committed to Taking Action

— on the advice we'll give you. Including immersing yourself in our processes, consulting sessions, transformational work and brainstorming discussions with me and my team.

If you qualify to attend and agree to diligently dedicate yourself to the process my team and I have in store for you, I would love to welcome you to participate.

As One of Our Exclusive Retreat Attendees, You’ll Receive:

  • 4 Powerful Full-on Days with Jack Canfield & Patty Aubery – we’ll be there advising, teaching, and supporting you the entire time along with our guest experts
  • A Welcome Reception the night before the retreat begins to meet the other high-level clients you’ll be working with
  • Daily Lunches featuring healthy and delicious food choices
  • Two Group Dinners to let you bond further with the team
  • Daily Meditation Sessions to help you stay grounded and aware throughout the four-day experience
  • Daily Mastermind Sessions with other top achievers
  • Follow-up Zoom Video meeting with Jack and your fellow participants to further support you once you return

And the Cost for this Private-Client Immersion Experience?

Just $15,000—about 1/5th what you would expect to pay Jack, Patty and Sean for their private consulting time if they were to work with you together, outside this unique setting and unprecedented event. 

Although I could easily charge more, I want to make it possible for everyone who’s serious about creating an extraordinary life that will change the world to get my personal assistance.

If you’ve ever wanted to “hang out” with me in a private, one-on-one setting — knowing that your life would be transformed in the process of getting personal mentoring and coaching from me—this is your opportunity.

“I can point to just one of the many sessions that easily justified the investment.”

– Terrance McMahon

This is the Opportunity to Make Your Most Ambitious Vision a Reality

The work we do together will help you create a life filled with greater passion and purpose, and a deeper sense of accomplishment.

  • If you’ve shifted gears from a corporate job where you’ve spent the last 20 years of your career…
  • If you’ve recently taken early retirement to pursue your dream lifestyle…
  • If you’ve been thinking of winding down your business because it doesn’t deliver the same satisfaction it used to…
  • If you’re serious about wanting to make a big change in your life, whether it’s creating more balance, more free time, better relationships, more money, improved health or anything else…

... I want to help you!

If you’re ready to take action on your biggest dreams – and seriously commit to creating the remarkable life you’ve always know you were destined for – I encourage you to fill out the personal application form and apply to work with me in person.

Complete the form below to download the Participant Application

I’ve purposely limited the seats to this retreat to a max of 26, to give everyone a very personal experience. 

All of our retreats sell out - I expect this one to be the same. QUESTIONS?   Our team  is standing by to help.

YES, JACK!  I want to be considered as one of the 26 committed people to participate in this unique private retreat in Santa Barbara, CA.

All fields are required. Please complete accurately to guarantee delivery of our communications.

What Does "life-changing" Really Look Like?

Take a look at what my Private Clients have achieved after going through this powerful 4-day process:

  • Increased personal revenue by 100%, as well as initiated practices within their companies that boosted employees’ salaries and company profit (one company reported back to us that they had increased profits by 300%).
  • Created more balance in their lifetaking time off, taking vacations, spending more time with family and friends.
  • Created new products, including #1 ranked iPhone and iPad applications, a #1 Amazon best-selling book, and a new medical product and procedure
  • Opened a variety of schools and institutes, including: A school in Malta, a Training and Speaking Company in Australia, and a Meditation Center in California

And a wealth of other results...

“I would have paid double, for the breakthroughs I had.

The opportunities that came out of the experience were enormous. I now have an extended family around the world that I can share my journey with, mastermind with and support them in their journeys.”

ANNI DIAMOND  //  Wisegirls Guide to Wealth

"This retreat has helped me get my personal vision and goals in place.

I was struggling with my objectives, how to think bigger and how to optimally work with my goals. That all fell into place during the 4 days. Thanks for helping me shape my future." 

BJARE NYBO  //  Global Launch Manager, IBM

“The Retreat was truly transformational.

I left empowered, focused, and committed to taking all areas of my life to the next level. From day one, new  ideas came flooding to me like never before… With the business plans developed in our Maui and post-Maui mastermind sessions, new business opportunities seem to appear every day.”

TOM MANNION //  Mannion & Gray, LPA

“Learning his strategies has been extraordinary.

Working with Jack at the retreat and learing his strategies has been extraordinary. I learned so much and the process has brought out the gold nuggets inside me I didn’t even know I had. Thank you Jack!”

ANNE MCINDOO  //  So, You Want to Write!

Are You Ready to Take the Leap and Experience the Same Kind of Life-Changing Results?

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