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Elite Mentoring and Coaching for Private Clients

For a limited time only, Jack Canfield will begin working with Select Private Clients to Create Dozens of Modern-Day Success Stories.

Will one of them be you?

Announcing:  A Unique Opportunity to Work With Jack Canfield One-on-One To Create a Life Plan That Delivers on Your Highest Vision… Not Only for 2023, But Beyond

Dear Prospective Client,

Do you ever wish that life came with a rewind button?  Most of us would go back months, years, even decades and do things differently.  We’d start something big… pursue the career of our dreams… start a business we could be passionate about…achieve financial independence... become a worldwide traveler… launch a charity or cause we believe in… or in other ways create a decidedly different life than the one we have now. 

It’s not that hard to reawaken these dreams—regardless of the economy, your finances, your family obligations, or other realities you may have seen as stopping points.  In fact, the good news is that most all livelihoods and lifestyles are easy to achieve—once you have a clear vision, a plan, and the support of a world-class advisor and mentor who can help you.

Jack wants to focus on creating a plan that's uniquely designed for your unstoppable future

Aside from Jack’s transformational seminars and powerful speaking engagements, for more than 30 years he has also worked privately with select clients to take them from where they are. . .  to where they want to be.  In fact, his greatest enjoyment comes from working one-on-one with people who truly want to make the internal changes and life-changing decisions that will take them to the goal they want to reach.

Of course, with his busy schedule and corporate commitments, it’s rare that Jack has the available time to take on any new private clients.  He just hasn’t had an opportunity to create the necessary time and transformational environment required...

That is, until now.

Due to the current pandemic and international travel restrictions, Jack finally has enough days at home over the next few months to work privately with select clients via Zoom.  He’ll dedicate one intensive day (or the same seven hours split over multiple days) to planning, strategizing, and masterminding on your future—privately and confidentially.

What could your life evolve to once Jack goes to work on your future?

Start a new career path?

Determine the next phase of your life?

Develop a Legacy Project?

Impact millions with your message?

... or follow in the footsteps of these people whom Jack has worked with over the years:

Tim Ferris

When Jack reached out to his New York literary agent to introduce Tim Ferriss—start-up angel investor, media personality, and bestselling author behind The 4-Hour Workweek and four other #1 New York Times bestselling books—just weeks later,

Tim landed a publishing mega-deal with Random House Books for his first book, now in 35 languages. His podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, has been downloaded more than 500 million times. And that original introduction from Jack? It eventually allowed Tim to create his own multimillion-dollar brand.

Filmmaker Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne approached the Transformational Leadership Council—an organization that Jack co-founded in 2005—to film individual trainers and capture their advice on creating an abundant life using The Law of Attraction. Those interviews eventually became featured segments of the blockbuster documentary film, The Secret, which not only generated hundreds of millions of dollars, it launched an accompanying book that has been translated into 50 languages and remains one of the longest-running bestsellers of this century. (The Secret even made a reappearance recently when it became “The Secret: Dare to Dream” – a motion picture starring Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas.)

Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff became one of the most published women authors in America, selling more than 13 million books, being named Top Female Author of the Year by USA Today, getting featured on countless national television shows and building a lucrative worldwide speaking career . . . simply by following Jack’s advice.

Dr. Haylie Pomroy

Dr. Haylie Pomroy was a celebrity nutritionist but realized she needed help to grow her industry presence and take her career to the next level. Jack’s advice led Haylie to hire a CEO and develop her own line of nutritional products, as well as pursue a program on public television about her work.  Today, Haylie has the #1 PBS special on the air, wrote a New York Times #1 bestselling book, The Fast Metabolism Diet, and has her own branded line of wellness products—as well as offers wellness cruises, wellness consulting and other services.

Dr. Ellie Shefi, JD, Esq

Dr. Ellie Shefi, JD, Esq.—who is Dean of a California University School of Law, as well as an entrepreneur, speaker and published author—reached her goal to move from behind the scenes to prominence with her message. After working with Jack, Ellie hosted a three-day global summit that doubled her social-media engagement in just one week and earned $16,000 in revenue in just a few days.

John Calub

Philippines entrepreneur John Calub was homeless, broke and sleeping on friends’ sofas when he posed as an eager journalist to “interview'' Jack during a promotional book tour throughout Southeast Asia. John eventually applied what Jack taught him and rediscovered his true passion and purpose: teaching. He became the Phillipines’ leading corporate trainer, top success coach, and highest paid motivational speaker, helping thousands of his fellow countrymen achieve at their highest level.

What could your future look like with Jack Canfield as your advisor?

To ensure your private consultation delivers the plans, important decisions, internal changes and critical shifts in mindset you need, Jack has created an application and approval process that ensures he’s confident you’ll see results from working with him.


Step 1 - Submit a Refundable Deposit & Complete the Application Process

Step One is where you'll submit your refundable deposit and complete a private client questionnaire so you can tell us your goals and primary objectives, diving into your pain points and challenges.  You'll then speak with a member of Jack's team for a brief personal interview to confirm your desires and readiness to meet with Jack.


Step 2 - Join Jack on an Advance Assessment Call

Step Two is where you’ll meet with Jack on an advance intake call, before being approved for a client spot, to assess whether Jack can truly help you, the course of action he recommends and establish a schedule that is exclusively customized and 100% based on your priorities and needs. 

While this is not a coaching call or consultation, it IS a thorough due-diligence process that could pinpoint the one thing that would uplevel everything you do. The in-depth assesment call is THAT POWERFUL!


Step 3 - Approval and Implementation

Your consulting will begin once we receive the required payment(s). You'll begin your training on schedule, and a benchmark will be set for its completion. 

To make sure you’re committed to this due-diligence process—as well as committed to proceeding with private consulting once you’re approved—we charge a $2,500 deposit that's fully refundable if you and Jack decide that private consulting is not the best option for you.

If you qualify, Jack will customize a full-day consultation for you that will help you break barriers, create results, and achieve your goal faster (or easier) than you ever thought was possible.

Your Private-Client session might include...

Jack Working with You to Achieve the Optimum Belief, Mindset, and Confidence for Success

If you’re talented and successful in your field but haven’t quite reached that pinnacle of your career you dream about, there may be a “hidden roadblock” that’s been subconsciously stopping you. Jack will help you identify it and replace it with an even stronger catalyst that will propel you into focused action on your goal.

Jack Helping You Determine the Steps to Pursuing an Encore Career or Legacy Project

If you’ve long been interested in pursuing something in the arts, philanthropy, or public service – but that work is not “important” enough to leave behind your thriving business or corporate job – Jack will give you new perspective and passion for your dream and show you ways to acheive the outcomes you want.

Jack Helping You Identify "What's Next" 

If you’ve recently sold a business, retired from an executive position, or otherwise separated from the life you’ve always known, don’t accept boredom with “the good life” as an acceptable future for you. Jack can help you transition into what the world needs you to be doing instead.

Jack Identifying where You're "Off-Course" or at Cross Purpose with Your Life Plan

 Working Jack 1:1 allows you to see yourself (and your opportunities) in ways that simply cannot be accomplished effectively in a group. Jack can help you create a comprehensive "life-plan" that delivers the excitement and fulfillment you’ve been dreaming about.

If you’ve never before experienced the excitement of someone of Jack Canfield’s caliber personally guiding you through a complete plan for getting what you want, I urge you to call us about joining Jack for a day (or more) of intensive planning, strategizing, and masterminding.

The Universe is waiting for you to play a bigger game. Will you accept the abundance it has in store for you? 

Consulting with Jack Canfield privately will be unlike any experience you’ve ever encountered. And unlike his group training programs, Jack must limit the number of clients he’ll agree to work within this unique and intensely personal way.

But before you reach for the phone, you must qualify for one very important reason:

Jack knows his personal, one-on-one mentoring and advice can deliver results  but it will require you to operate at the highest levels of business, philanthropy, and endeavor—enjoying some of the most powerfully important relationships imaginable. 

For this reason, Jack only wants to work privately with the most motivated and dedicated clients who he believes will bring their plans to fruition. Otherwise, it simply isn't worth spending his time - or yours.

Jack's Private Consulting Client Agreement:

If you qualify and will agree to diligently dedicate yourself to the client consulting process Jack has in mind for you, he’ll schedule a full-day (or multiple sessions equaling 7 hours) for your private-client immersion experience—yet your cost is actually less than what other clients have paid to engage with Jack at the highest level.

  • You must agree to go through a Discovery Process with a member of our client-services team and meet the financial requirements.
  • You must agree to join the Zoom calls promptly at all designated times with Jack—immersing yourself in the processes, consulting sessions, transformational work and brainstorming discussions. They will be scheduled at mutually agreeable times.
  • You must be practical and open-minded. You must have a burning desire to persevere and to have people listen, read, follow and embrace your message or idea.
  • You must want more for your own life but also wish to make an impact in the lives of others (even if it’s just your own family or personal network).
  • You must be willing to learn and apply some very powerful—yet disarmingly simple—ideas about building an exciting life, making money, and creating a worldwide phenomenon. These strategies produce results quicker and are more non-traditional than any you've ever been taught, so you must be open to new ways of thinking and unique ways of applying knowledge.
  • You must be willing to personally learn from Jack as he teaches you, advises you, and works with you, revealing step-by-step how to put all the secrets of success to work for you. Jack wants to be sure that you know how to properly execute, fully understand, and completely master the dynamic principles he will be sharing with you.
  • You must be 100% committed to taking action on the advice he’ll give you—including over 30 years of real-life implementation and millions of dollars' worth of real-life experience.

If you were a corporate client—hiring Jack to speak for 90 minutes at your industry event or advising your team—you’d have paid up to $35,000 plus the cost of Jack’s first-class travel.

International clients have paid up to $80,000 plus the cost of Jack’s first-class travel...

But that’s not what Jack’s asking YOU for this full-day strategic planning experience!

To sit down with Jack privately—no crowds, no fellow participants—is just $25,000.

Your investment includes the advance assessment call, Jack’s dedicated planning time, and seven (7) full hours of consultation time with Jack’s personalized advice for you and your future.  And if you’re contemplating in a field where family or colleagues might also benefit from Jack’s advice, you can get together and share the cost of the full-day consultation – allowing others to listen in and benefit from Jack’s advice to you.

(Of course, at the $25,000 price Jack charges for private consulting services, he understands that not every one of his readers, students, and followers will be able to participate. Though thousands may want to, only the most ready, able, and committed—those who know a private consulting experience with Jack will deliver the life they want—will appreciate the unique and priceless opportunity he is presenting.)

Become Jack’s next BIG Success Story…

If you are like one of these committed people, you too could be living the second half of your life very differently from your first 30, 40 or 50 years. You’ll discover success “Jack Canfield-style,” by becoming a success story in your own right:

Jack was the driving force behind the mental programming I built to quit my 6-figure corporate job and start my own company. I've never been happier and more grateful in my life!

Zander Fryer

Business Coach & Consultant

After working with Jack, I reinvented myself as a consultant, and my mastermind program is now the leading incubator in the mortage industry for successful brokers.

Cindy Ertman

Founder, Millionare Mortgage Club

I wanted to grow my income to $500,000+ and with one suggestion, Jack poured so much belief into me, I started brokering bigger deals and eventually landed my first 8-figure sale!

Happy Client

Art Dealer

To join this elite group of people who’ve benefitted personally from working with Jack, take action now! Others who’ve worked with Jack are living the life of their dreams.  Shouldn’t you?

To be approved for a private-client spot, you’ll first submit a refundable 10% deposit ($2,500) and complete Jack's Private Client Questionnaire. Next, you’ll be contacted promptly by Jack’s client-services team to meet and review your specific situation, and schedule your advance personal assessment call with Jack.

STEP 1:  $2,500 refundable deposit now, followed by your assessment calls. The balance of the full $25,000 investment is charged upon mutual acceptance to proceed with 7-hours of private consulting with Jack Canfield.

Our team will meet with you to review your questionaire and go over the consulting process before scheduling your call with Jack. If for any reason he can’t accept you, we will refund your deposit.

QUESTIONS?  Call us now at (805) 881-5191

P.S.  If Private Consulting isn't a fit for you, but you still want to tap into Jack's advice and coaching – call our team now for additional options.

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