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YAY! You made it... Thank you for completing the BTS 2014 Evaluation.  This is a "secret" page!! Please bookmark this page, as you will not be receiving an email with a link back to this page.

Below you'll find links to the Participant Directory, BTS Facebook Group, Official Photo and more!

But first ... just a quick reminder that your 30-day out letter to me is due on Sept. 15th, 2014.  This letter is very important to me, as it helps me understand what is working well for you, or what you may need additional support with.  It also lets me know about your successes and challenges so that we can constantly upgrade what we do to serve you and other participants better.  If you have any questions within your letter, my staff or I will respond to them. 

Remember, the letter doesn’t need to be long...even a few sentences letting me know about your progress or your challenges will suffice.  But I do want to hear from you, so please send me your letter by Sept. 15th at the latest.

Please either email it to or send it via postal mail to:

Jack Canfield
Attn: BTS 30-Day Letter
P.O. Box 30880
Santa Barbara, CA 93130


PLEASE NOTE:  The Participant Directory is to be used solely for connecting with and keeping in touch with your fellow BTS participants in an individual basis.  It is not to be used for any mass group e-mails, solicitation e-mails, sales e-mails, or bulk mailings to participant addresses.  Please respect everyone’s privacy and use the directory solely to connect one-on-one with your fellow participants. By clicking the download link below, you are promising to honor this request.   Download Participant Directory


If you would like to re-do any of the exercises from the training or recreate them in your home, church or workgroups, we have provided them for you here. These are for your personal use only and are not to be used in any part of your paid workshops, seminars or trainings. If you want to use them for this reason, please contact our office for permission.  Download Workbook Forms

As promised, here are some of the Passion Test Quotes.  Click here to download the Passion Test Quotes: Download quotes here.


This is an easy, exciting way to stay connected, share wins, share photos and much more, so we hope you’ll join in on the fun.  If for any reason you ever want to “leave” any of these groups, you can at any time. 

BTS 2014: As you may have seen, we’ve created a BTS 2014 Group on Facebook, This group is a fantastic way to stay connected to each other and share photos.  We’ll be adding you to the BTS group if you have a profile on Facebook.  If you have not been added, please request membership to the group by searching for BTS 2014.

CANFIELD ALUMNI:  We also have another group called Jack Canfield Training Alumni.  This is a group for anyone who has ever attended any Jack Canfield Training.  This group is a way to network and meet other men and women from around the world that have taken part in this work.

JACK CANFIELD FAN PAGE:  If you're looking for daily inspiration, personal sharing, special promotions and content from Jack, you'll definitely want to be a "fan" of Jack's and "like" our official page. 


Doug Ellis, our official BTS photographer, has just delivered our fun group photo and set up an online gallery of images from the event. 

Click here to access Doug's BTS Photo Gallery

Click here to download the Group Photo you see below. (8 1/2" x 11". File size 8 mb)