The Problem with Gratitude...

blog-The-Problem-with-GratitudeA shocking number of people have fallen into a dangerous trap on the road to success…

…settling for less than they deserve in the name of gratitude.

Could you be one of these people?

Rather than taking action and asking for a raise... they say, "Well, I should be grateful I have a job."

Rather than taking action and asking for what they want in a relationship... they say, "Well, I should be grateful that my partner is faithful."

Rather than taking action and looking for a bigger house... they say, "Well, I should be grateful that I have a house when so many people don't."

Chances are that you, too,  settling for less in all areas of your life. This conflicts with your soul’s natural desire to continually expand to greater levels of success, happiness and love.

Here's the thing…

Wanting more doesn't mean that you're ungrateful or greedy. It means that you acknowledge that you are the master of your destiny.

Most people are too scared to pursue their dreams because of what other people might
think or say.

But like many of my readers, you’re different.  That's why I want to remind you about my upcoming 5-day Breakthrough to Success training, August 11-15 at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.

During this powerful 5-day training, I'll show you how to live in a state of gratitude (essential for activating the Law of Attraction) while maintaining a focus on everything you want to be, do and have.

You’ll discover how to move past your self-imposed limitations... and finally manifest the unique vision of success that you are meant to live.

You might set your sights on becoming an influential speaker, trainer or coach. You may feel called to tackle a global issue that affects millions... or dream of starting a new business, losing weight, or even finding your soul-mate.

Maybe your heart is tugging at you to reconnect with your passions and discover what your true unique purpose is at this stage in your life.

Success is about living your purpose - however it may look.

I can help you create the amazing, fulfilling, wildly successful life you secretly dream about - but only if you're in the room with me. Get full details and reserve your place now.

Only you have the power to create the life you want. And it will be as big - or as small - as you make it.  You make the choices that produce the results (or lack of results) you see in your life.

When you join me at Breakthrough to Success, you’ll learn the fastest and easiest techniques I know for replacing the self-imposed limitations that are keeping you stuck … so you never again settle for any less than what will make you deliriously happy.

Say YES to your vision of success and join me in Scottsdale next month. It would be my honor to work with you.

  • Linda Davidson

    Gratitude is not complacency. When we are truly grateful we are engaged and ready to take action. I have been inspired by your work and the Chicken Soup of the Soul series!

    Linda Davidson
    Share something your thankful for today!

  • Jacki Whitford

    I write a dozen things I am grateful for when I first wake up - before breakfast and exercise. I give compliments to at least 3-4 strangers I meet on mass transit every day. Just saying - your hair is beautiful, that is a gorgeous dress, what a lovely purse, you have the sweetest baby - you would be surprised how a compliment can make someones day. While I am waiting for mass transit I appreciate the weather - thank you for this beautiful summer day, thank you for this sweet breeze, thank you for the rain soaking the ground helping the flowers and trees, thank you for getting me to work on time... and so on. At night before I sleep I thank each part of my body for carrying me through the day. This has helped me tremendously appreciate the joy in every small thing I receive, and gives me the courage to ask for something better in my goals rather than settle.