My “101 Lifetime Goals” list (and why you should have one, too)


If you are bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals. –Lou Holtz

Life Goals: My “101 Lifetime Goals” list (and why you should have one, too)

Experts on the science of success know that the brain is a goal-seeking organism.  Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve it.

However, one goal isn’t good enough. Some goals take longer to achieve than others – and if you spend years working toward only one objective, you’re likely to get discouraged when it doesn’t happen right away.

But when you have a long list of goals you’d like to achieve, you have more to strive for, and more opportunities to check those goals off your list. And the rush you feel every time you check one of those goals off the list will inspire you to accomplish even more of them!

What goals do YOU want to achieve in your lifetime?  

Make a list of 101 goals you’d like to achieve in your life. Be as specific as possible. Include details such as when they will happen, where they will happen, how much you’ll make, what model you’ll buy, what size it will be, and so on.

Keep your goals somewhere you can review them often. You might want to put them on a deck of 3”x5” cards you shuffle through every morning, on a poster or piece of paper you hang on the wall beside your computer, or in a book you read each night before you fall asleep. By keeping them top of mind, you’ll be more likely to make them a reality.

And every time you achieve one of your goals, check it off the list and celebrate what you’ve managed to accomplish in your life!

Here’s my list – and the goals I’ve achieved so far are in bold font.

For inspiration, check out the list of goals that I committed to achieving before I die:

I will travel to the following places:

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. Rome, Italy
  3. Paris, France
  4. London, England
  5. New Zealand
  6. India
  7. Bali
  8. Tahiti
  9. Nepal
  10. Tibet
  11. Turkey
  12. Africa (Morocco and Cameroon so far)
  13. Israel
  14. Russia
  15. Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia
  16. Vacation on a Greek Isle

(I have now traveled to more than 50 countries, and conducted seminars or given speeches in 47 of them.)

 I will visit and see the following sights:

  1. Disneyworld
  2. Epcott Center
  3. The Eiffel Tower
  4. The Vatican
  5. The Great Wall of China
  6. The Taj Mahal
  7. The Great Pyramids
  8. Machu Pichu
  9. The Terracotta Soldiers of Xian, China

I will:

  1. Go fishing in the Northwest Territories
  2. Climb on a glacier in Alaska
  3. Go on a safari in Africa
  4. Become a certified scuba diver
  5. Snorkel in Hawaii
  6. Learn to sail
  7. Skydive
  8. Ride in a hot air balloon
  9. Go on a river-rafting trip
  10. Go kayaking
  11. Attend Vic Braden’s tennis camp (Deleted due to ruptured disc)
  12. Fly in a glider
  13. Dive in a submarine
  14. Learn to windsurf
  15. Learn to ski
  16. Ski black diamond level (Deleted due to ruptured disc)
  17. Ski Vail, Aspen, Beaver Creek, Sun Valley & Jackson Hole
  18. Ski in Europe (Deleted due to ruptured disc)
  19. Explore all 5 of Hawaii’s islands
  20. Swim with the dolphins
  21. Go to the Super Bowl
  22. Go to the Rose Bowl
  23. Go to the Final Four College Basketball Championships
  24. Go to the Olympics
  25. Take one of my sons to the Olympics

Personal Achievements

  1. Appear on the Phil Donahue Show (deleted because it is no longer airing, but I have appeared on the Larry King Show, Fox and Friends, The Today Show and Good Morning America, as well as more than 100 other television shows and more than 700 radio shows)
  2. Appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show (I also appeared on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday this past year.)
  3. Write a best selling book (61 best-sellers so far)
  4. Make one million dollars in one year ($20 million best year so far, plus $20 million one year when we sold one of my companies)
  5. Golf 18 holes under 90 (Deleted due to ruptured disc)
  6. Run a 10k race
  7. Run 14 miles in less than 3 hours
  8. Meet a U.S. president while he/she is still in office (I had lunch at the White House but President Bush was traveling in Texas; I also met Bill Clinton but after he left office.)
  9. Build or buy my dream house
  10. Own a vacation home in Hawaii
  11. Own my own pool table
  12. Assemble a good art collection
  13. Own a Mercedes or Lexus (I have owned 6 Lexus cars so far)
  14. Speak in 30 or more countries (47 so far)
  15. Give a university commencement address (3 so far)
  16. Attend my 50th Harvard reunion in 2016
  17. Publish 100 books (225 so far)
  18. Speak at the Million Dollar Roundtable
  19. Produce a TV infomercial
  20. Write a children’s book
  21. Complete NLP training
  22. Produce a PBS program
  23. See my sons Christopher, Oran and Kyle graduate college (No longer important – they took alternative education paths, although Christopher, now age 26, was just accepted into the degree program at the Berklee College of Music in Boston)
  24. Have $3,000,000 net worth when I retire (I have much more than that already)
  25. Sell $20,000 worth of books and tapes at a live event in one day (I have sold $160,000 in one day)
  26. Have 1,000,000 people graduate from the GOALS Program (Over 600,000 so far)
  27. Have 500,000 people graduate from the STAR Program
  28. Sell 1,000,000,000 books (500 million so far)
  29. Sell 1,000,000 audio albums
  30. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  31. Appear in a movie (The Secret, 2006; The Opus, 2009; The Tapping Solution, 2009; Beyond Belief, 2009; The Truth, 2010; The Gift, 2010; The Keeper of the Keys, 2012).
  32. Learn to paint with oils
  33. Publish a poem
  34. Master 5 magic tricks
  35. Learn to sing and play 10 popular songs on the guitar
  36. Give a speech or conduct a seminar in all 50 states
  37. Appear on the cover of a magazine (over 20 so far)
  38. Get paid $10,000 for a single talk ($70,000 highest fee to date for a single talk)
  39. Keynote an NSA conference
  40. Win over a $1000 in a casino ($3000 at the New Orleans Hilton Casino)
  41. Give a talk to an audience of 10,000 people (12,000 people the largest so far)
  42. See one of my books piled high in the window of a bookstore
  43. Learn how to take world-class photographs (I just bought a Canon Mark III D5 Camera.)
  44. Type 50 words a minute
  45. Weigh 175 pounds (I’ve lost as much as 35 pounds and gotten down to as low as 185)
  46. Bench press 200 pounds
  47. Run a mile under 6 minutes (Deleted due to ruptured disc)
  48. Do a fire-walk
  49. Have a personal gym in my home
  50. Conduct a training for a professional athletic team
  51. Write a book for couples with my wife
  52. Write a book for teenagers
  53. Write a children’s book
  54. Have a syndicated newspaper column
  55. Take more guitar lessons
  56. Have an incredible 50th birthday party
  57. Convene Two Beautiful People Conferences (TLC)
  58. Meet the Following People:
    Garth Brooks
    Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton
    Jimmy Carter
    The Dalai Lama
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    George Lucas
    Kenny Rogers
  1. Attend the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

In 2006, I added the following goals to my list:

  1. Attend the National Championship College Football Game
  2. Attend the Country Music Awards
  3. Take the Landmark Forum Training
  4. Create a dynamic coaching and training community with 500 or more members
  5. Sell one billion books by the year 2020 (500 million so far)
  6. Visit Buenos Aires, Argentina
  7. Attend the Oscar Awards ceremony
  8. Attend the Radio Music Awards in Los Vegas, Nevada
  9. Retire with a $30 million net worth
  10. Live to be 100+ years old
  11. Receive the CPAE designation from the National Speakers Association **
  12. Create a curriculum guide for a college course based on The Success Principles
  13. Create a high school curriculum guide based on The Success Principles
  14. Create a Curriculum Guide for teachers based on the Chicken Soup for the Soul stories
  15. Visit Japan
  16. Visit the Achawara tribe and work with a shaman in the rain forest with Lynn Twist
  17. Learn to play “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by Bach on the piano
  18. Take a formal training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (I’ve even written a book on it.)
  19. Develop a leadership training
  20. Go to Dubai
  21. Obtain a $1,000,000 advance for a book (The 30-Day Sobriety Solution)

I wrote this list back in 1989 at the age of 45 – and I’m proud to say that I’ve crossed more than a few goals off the list - 80 to be exact!

Once you’ve completed your list, please share some of your own goals in the comments below.

I’d love to read them!

If you need help, let me be your personal mentor...

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  • Reinhard

    Thanks a lot Jack, for yet another inspiring article. Before I start on my list, I just wanted to comment on your goal 82: I could show you how to paint with oils, like the old Flemish Masters did it.. takes a lot of patience though :-)

  • Hey Jack, Congrats on your list! Here's the one that I'm working on: The Chicago Trib and other media have loved it. Hope you may find it of use as well.

  • Great list, Jack. I heard you talk about your 101 goals list in audio but never see it before. I like how you organized your list in such an orderly manner. Time to revise my 101 goals list!

    I would have to include that one of the person I want to meet is you! You inspired me to write my book, Fearless Passion. :)

  • Dear Jack, thank you very much for your inspiring blog posts! I enjoy every one of them.
    Regarding your list: In my opinion, goal #93 needs to be refined => Which
    photographs do you consider as world-class? I am a photographer and
    would be more than happy to help you to accomplish you goal, if you
    consider my photos as world-class :-) Just visit my website to review my

    You have helped me a lot on my way to success. And I'd love to return the favor one day.

  • Inga Navickaitė

    Amazing and
    inspiring.. Especially when you see how
    many goals from the list have been
    achieved. I miss one goal in your list –
    visit Eastern Europe and particular Lithuania – small, emerging country with 3
    mio inhabitants, and very beautiful.

  • Sam Davis

    Jack I begin to follow your principles about 9 years ago and I have accomplished many of my goals and have had much success I am continuing to add and change. It makes a happier life. Thank you for sharing. Sam Davis

  • Hideyuki Matsumoto

    Thank you Jack. I've made my life time 101 goals. I modeled for your list which inspired me a lot.
    One of the goals to check it off soon is :
    to meet you ,Jack.

    I'll be at the event in Japan for 2 days. With 101 goals ready, I think I get most out of 2days seminars in Japan.

    Thanks and see you soon!

    • Ricardo Marcelo

      Hello may I know the specific details of the event in Japan? I sent email to the organizers of Jack Canfield training but it came with a response that they don't know what training I am talking about in Japan. They asked me to send the link where read it but unlucky it is nowhere to be found. Please share me the details so I could attend in Japan as well. Thank you.

  • Inga Lohmann

    Thank you so much, Jack, for constantly inspiring and motivating us! Your list is creative and impressive. I have a vacation coming up and will take a little book with me, to be filled with my 101 goals list. I already know, that one of my main goals is to attend your BTS 5 DAYS TRAINING in the US live! This is really a challenging goal for me, because there are current health and money issues to solve first. But I will make it and meet you personally in 2016! Sending my best wishes to yours and everyone elses goals here!

  • Reinhard

    Reading your list again, Jack.. thanking you for the inspiration, as I'm still working on my list. Thing that worries me, is, that I have gotten a lot of things I wanted in my life, but they often come with a twist. Sort of like: you ask for a lot of extra time and end up in prison (just an exaggerated example, it didn't really happen)... how do you make sure, you don't get negative side effects?

    As for your list of "people you want to meet", I'm surprised it doesn't read: I want to be the person, the following people want to meet... 😉

    • Justgolda

      You know what? That's a good question. I was thinking "what if I wish to lose 50lbs and end up losing it as a result of disease?". I'm sure there's an answer but I thought I'd tell you I was thinking the same thought.

  • Ange Rolleman

    You've helped me achieve several of them Jack! One was to get published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, which I did two Christmases ago. Another was to attend one of your workshops, which I did in Mexico three years ago. Another was to meet you in person - and my husband and I were lucky enough to have lunch with you in Mexico and then we met you again in Toronto just last month when you signed the Chicken Soup book that I was published in. You've also helped me achieve several goals that had nothing to do with you personally; but your Success Principles helped me to achieve them. "Act As If" is a huge one for me and "Become an Inverse Paranoid"!!! Thanks Jack :)

  • Trisha Jacobson

    "Create a high school curriculum guide based on The Success Principles" is on my list too! The pilots I've done in middle and high school have been so powerful! I set that as a goal at BTS in 2010, expanded it again at TTT 2012. And now, I'm moving right along!! I love your work the impact it has on human potential .... especially the impact on our youth!

    • Bridgette Clark Waldrop

      That is awesome!! Schools would benefit greatly from this.

    • Laurice

      Hey Trisha, I am busy doing this right now as part of a bigger program and would love to chat about it if you are up for it.

  • Harrison

    I never heard or thought of making a 101 straight goal , but after reading yours I am inspired, I have loved you so much when I saw you in the movie the secret , you are exceptional so relax. Like others said , my 5th goal is to meet you, either in Nigeria, or another country before you retire. Thanks

  • Gildinha Machado

    You haven't been to Brazil yet. We are waiting for you!

  • Gildinha Machado

    Btw the next Olympic is in Rio. You can cross two of your goals in one trip.

  • Luc Buseyne

    Didn't make my list... yet. Guess most of my goals will be about traveling and diving, but the most important most probably will be: Having peace of mind.

  • hitokirihoshi

    though i have already list of my prayer requests and long term goals, I will follow your suggestion - make my dreams very specific. good vibes!

  • Wilma Dsouza

    Thank you thank you thank you so much Jack. You have totally inspired me to make my own list which I have been procrastinating for years now. You're the best. Hope to complete and post my list soon.

  • Janelle

    I've committed to becoming financially free this year so that I can live a life of giving, and enjoy life to the full with my wonderful husband.
    Some of my other goals:
    1. Live in South Korea
    2. Visit Seattle
    3. Visit Ecuador
    4. Attain my ideal body measurements, the golden ratio, looking and feeling as healthy as I can!
    5. Visit Paris
    6. Go to Italy: Tuscany, Venice, and more.
    And much, much more!

    • Constantin

      Hi Janelle,
      I saw that you would like to visit Ecuador one day. So I just moved some weeks ago to Cuenca en Ecuador, if you want I can get you some information and maybe play the tourguide for some places, as my wife is from Ecuador. Would love to help!

      • Janelle

        Hi Constantin,

        Thank you for the offer, how kind of you! My husband is from there, actually! Lol. I've heard Cuenca is lovely, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    • Syna Yori Kim

      may I ask why you want to live in South Korea?
      I am a Korean and maybe I can give you some tips :)

      • Janelle

        Nice to "meet" you! Seoul looks so full of acivities, and there are many romantic and picturesque spots, it seems. I love Korean food, pop music, fashion, and culture. I'd love to hear some tips from you, thank you for offering!

        • Syna Yori Kim

          Any time :) just let me know when you are planning.

          Syna KIM


  • Васюта

    The spread of the list makes it sound like bs.

    "obtain a $1m advance for a book" is orders of magnitude more challenging to do than "go to dubai" or "visit japan" - the latter can be done for less than $1k.

    • You're missing the point, Vasyuta. It's not how challenging a goal is. Unless you actually ENUNCIATE and WRITE DOWN the goal of visiting Japan - if that's what you want to do - you probably won't ever actually DO it.

      • Васюта

        If we take your argument to its logical conclusion, it will become this: Unless you actually ENUNCIATE and WRITE DOWN the goal of ... (insert whatever here - eat a cheesesteak hoagie, visit a bathroom, brush your teeth) - you probably won't ever actually DO it.

        Japan is a visa-free country. There are tickets occasionally that cost $500 round trip. Get up and go.

        Same for epcot and other theme parks.

        Same for the 50% of bs "goals" on this list.

        Now, compare that to $3m at retirement. 95% of the earth's population could ENUNCIATE and WRITE DOWN that goal until they give up the ghost - still ain't gonna happen.

  • Cam Wilkes

    Thanks for a truly inspiring read Jack.
    We'd love to see you down here in New Zealand at some stage soon!

  • Mike

    do you have any charitable goals?

  • I have a goals list, but it's not numbered. I am almost 44 and you give me hope that I still can accomplish them.
    I love your books.
    I also have been to Singapore,in the Navy, and enjoyed it.

  • JacobGudger

    There's great skydiving in Santa Barbara... Doesn't take more than a few hours :)

  • ندى جبار

    Follow you for years.You are my teacher &trainer as well as my coach life.

  • StartUp Communty

    So far, OK! The next to get my life going to stay , although neither short plan !

  • Sergey Avdeev

    Great article! Thanks a lot, Jack!
    Just made my 50 list, continue later :) had great insight that the list I made before is more then enjoyed and most of the things done already, even the ones thought to be fantastic before...

  • Muguta Ruth

    Good idea i will do
    This is ispiring

  • Awesome AJ

    WOW.. Loved this List Jack ..You are my Mentor and I have my list ready time to keep manifesting them.. Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You...

  • A truly great list Jack!
    One thing that you do so well, and that I believe to be so important in inspirational leaders, is transparency and openness about your own goals and dreams. It really helps others to resonate with you. Thank you for sharing this, and please reach out to me at when you're ready to take on #82! I'd be honored to teach you to paint with oils!

  • Constantin

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. While i have been going truth your list I noticed that your goal # 70 and goal # 103 are the same. Hope you dont take it personally just thought it could be interesting for you to know. And you maybe can add one more goal instead :-)

  • I want to be the best teacher of voice in my country and develop my own coaching enterprise based on the voice and be more financially independent

  • My last concert in Brussels, January 2015

  • I am disappointed in you, Jack! 😉 “It takes no more time or effort to dream a big dream than a slam dream” - General Wesley Clark, as quoted by you). Your dreams aren't BIG enough: surely even you realize that.

    Here’s my list - I have less than 40 items but I am finding it hard to enunciate up any more, since the ones I have written down include pretty much everything else I can think of):


    My BIG Goal

    Seek the Truth … about everything (clearly, with the implication, seek it until I FIND it.)

    This however will almost certainly take me more than one lifetime.


    My Bucket List of 101 Items (I can achieve these before I die: note that I am almost 72 years old now):

    I declare that God willing, I hereby make it my goal, before I die, to do all the following:

    1. Become as good as I think St. Francis [of Assisi] was at Right Surrender [see my Dad’s page on the “Seven Principles of Right Surrender”, google the phrase.]

    2. Be supremely happy no matter what happens

    3. Make sure all members of my family will be supremely happy, both now and after I am dead

    4. Make a gift of $1 BILLION (US) to every man, woman and child on the planet before the end of 2015

    5. Set up a bank before the end of 2020 to provide interest-free secured loans to anyone on the entire planet who qualifies

    6. Get rid of all my negative thoughts

    7. Create a company to manufacture La Macchina [the most awesome automobile ever conceived - the car conceived of my me and my son Cyrus: there’s a link to it at my web site, ardeshirmehta-dot-com], and own one of those cars

    8. Own an air-cooled Singer Porsche 911

    9. Own a Pagani Huayra with the orange interior

    10. Own a red or yellow Ducati Monster S2R 800 motorcycle from the year 2006 or thereabouts

    11. Own a wooden “Dragon”-class sailboat

    12. Own the original Olin-Stephen-designed “Dorade” (his first sailing yacht)

    13. Own a fast small private jet like the Gulfstream G650 or better

    14. Learn to fly my private jet myself

    15. Own a lakeside house near Lucerne, Switzerland (or even better, near Rütli, Switzerland)

    16. Own a Lakeside house in Ticino, Switzerland

    17. Own a rooftop apartment along the Arno in Florence, Italy

    18. Own a downtown penthouse in Vancouver

    19. Get the kitchen, bathrooms and basement at my house at 414 Kintyre Priv., Ottawa renovated properly

    20. Hire enough competent staff to look after all my property

    21. Make sure all my gardens are extremely well tended

    22. Set up a company offering Theodore Nelson’s idea of hyperspace, using mainframes

    23. Own all the latest Apple products

    24. Honour [my late wife] Claire and [my late mentor] Mr. Bo adequately — even more than adequately — by, say, writing a book about each to show how awesome each of them were

    25. Seek out at least 10 highly interesting people around the world and become very close friends with them all

    26. Get rid of my borderline cholesterol problem

    27. Get rid of my borderline high blood pressure problem

    28. Get rid of my enlarged prostate problem

    29. Get rid of my tiredness problem

    30. Get rid of my delayed sleep phase syndrome problem

    31. Get rid of my skin problems

    32. Get rid of my weight problem

    33. Die peacefully in bed without pain or suffering, well past the age of 90

    • Lara Sweetland

      Where's my one billion? 😀

      • Before 2025.

        But if you want it sooner, I suggest you listen to Abraham-Hicks (try for example and ). Also go to Youtube and search for "Abraham Hicks financial abundance" (without the quotes).

    • Erica

      Jack - don't waste time. Get down to New Zealand. this should be top of your list. Can guarantee you wont be disappointed.

  • Sorry, I made a typo: the quote “It takes no more time or effort to dream a big dream than a slam dream” should be: “It takes no more time or effort to dream a big dream than a small dream”

  • Praveen Srivastava

    Dear Mr. Canfield, I read your book success principle firstly in the year 2005 during my visit to United states. This books helped me a lot to give shape to my career in Corporate. Truly blessed!! Now list of your goals once again , inspire many of us to have purposeful life. Thanks and God bless. Wish to meet you sometimes , if you visit New Delhi for any Seminar. Regards. Praveen Srivastava

  • Elliott Lowen

    Still want to meet Bill Cosby?

  • Me

    Amazing!! What a GREAT idea!! I'm going to make my list tomorrow. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  • Dominique Sims

    Appreciative that you would share something so personal with everyone. Gives me inspiration.

  • Autumn

    One of mine is: Sell 10 homes that are worth $200,000 or higher within a 12 month period. (I'm an out of work realtor right now.)

  • Sarah

    Dear Jack, I did not expect to read a list of goals - let alone someone else's - and be so incredibly inspired! I was so moved as I was reading through them and found myself beaming every time I saw one that was just so surpassed. Congratulations and thank you! :)

  • Lela Hoxha

    I have a lot,but some are:
    1.To work in an embassy have an intelligent and handsome partner live e happy live have two children

  • Alda Lima

    Oooh Jack please have one of your training events here in Rio! I'd do everything I could to go :)

  • AJorgensen

    There's a great place to track your bucketlist online, and even check off some of the items with your friends. Check out

  • Peter Latham

    Why limit oneself with only 101 - I am too busy enjoying my life to make lists and if I look back I have achieved far more than I ever expected!

  • Adriana Cazan

    1. Learn English
    2. Visit the sea side
    3. Live near sea for a while (I am in Antalya for the next 4 months)
    4. London, England
    5. Win 5000 lei / month
    6. Take performance scholarship (I took an award from Romanian Academy)
    7. Published scientific papers
    8. Go for rafting
    9. Scuba diving (I will begin classes next week)
    10. Finish an academical year with 10 (the highest mark)
    11. Take my driving licence
    12. Participate at Targu Jiu Conference - take first place (I took it in Bucuresti)
    Thank you for inspired me ! All of these are accomplished :)

  • Imran Said

    One of it will be:
    I will personally teach JC 5 magic tricks

  • Becky Ellis

    Amazing thank you so much definitely passing on to my team

  • Tammy Lewis-Thompson

    I just love you and think everything you do is for the good of all! Thank you!!!!

  • Thato Mokhothu

    Hi jack, I just skimmed over your list and I could not continue reading after the realization that you made an effort to mention (in travel) some country's names and yet then said Africa. I am deeply offended when people list countries and then mention African as if it were one of them. If you want to go to Cameroon say Cameroon, and Morocco is Morocco . You did not make the same mistake with European countries, in fact you actually mentioned the very city you will be going to, i.e, Paris, France? Whereas you say you want to go on a safari in "Africa" . where in Africa? Please mind this distinction next time, and treat other countries with the same respect.

    • OutdoorSociety

      He did say visit the Pyramids in terms of a specific place in Africa. But I get where you are coming from. I have visit Ivory Coast and Morocco on my list. Also have visit the Pyramids, Go on a safari in South Africa and play the 19th hole at the Legend course in SA.

  • Ashleyd906

    I have 2 personal goals. Become a mom, and visit all the states in the US. So far, I've been to 1/2 the states.

    I've been recently making a goal list for my husband and I to do TOGETHER. (Been married for 9 years). I never thought about setting up a goal list for us to do. We just did whatever. We've hit a rut from living life the same way for a few years now. Hopefully by us setting up a goal list, we can push ourselves out of the rut. THANK YOU for making a list, I am actually taking a few ideas off yours. :-)

  • Ashleyd906

    I have 2 personal goals.
    1) become a mom
    2) visit every state in the US. (1/2 way there)

    I've recently wrote a few goals (current/future) for my husband and I to do together. 1 of which is to become foster parents (maybe adoption within that) in the FAR future, so hopefully my #1 goal gets marked off.

    Hope you don't mind, I'm going to take a few of your ideas. :-) I've randomly been adding to the list as I think of them, as well as when I hear something from someone else. (Most of the ideas I've actually thought about years ago).

    1 of my goals for my husband and I to do, is deep sea fishing. Well, I'm planning our 10 year anniversary (September 2016) to do either a deep sea fishing on a tour guide boat, OR do a floating cabin that's surrounded by the gulf for a weekend stay. I'm SUPER excited about it, and it will be a total surprise for the hubs. I won't tell him until the week of. :)

  • aundre hayes

    1.) Become a Veterinarian
    2.) Pay off student loans
    3.) Own a home
    4.) Pay off mortgage
    5.) Own a suv
    6.) Own a German Shepherd and Siberian Husky
    7.) Get married
    8.) Have 2 kids
    9.) Take care of mom and step dad
    10.) Travel the world

  • Nobody

    Where is the goal to love more and be more joyful? All external goals leave us unfulfilled on our soul level. All the best.

  • My goal is simple, in this month, I should be able to make, a video tutorial, along with one article each day. Video uploaded to youtube, then embeded to articles written on the blog.

  • Lara Sweetland

    Aw geez, all those accomplishments and you still haven't picked up a paintbrush?

    I KID!!!

  • Sahil Thakur

    As soon as i decide to make my list, i get confuse between DREAMS and GOALS? and still not able to make it with the sentence "DO WHAT YOU LOVE" because i don't know what i love to do or i think i love to do many things. Though i am achieving what i want but i want to make a list of my future achievements. your's is very inspiring and got some idea.Thanx!

  • Arlida Abdullah

    Thanks Jack, I was inspired to list down my own
    Do check them out at

  • Maryellen Cheal
  • Kelly Weaver

    AWESOME! I am such a goal oriented person and have accomplished a lot in my life! Excited to add more goals to my list!! I moved to Oahu which was my biggest goal. Which island is your vacation home? Thank you for your inspiration!

  • Justgolda

    Hello Jack, I know an adventure company up in the NWT if you really want to go fishing. It's a really great one. I live in northern Alberta but spent a year in Yellowknife. (That was on my list. )

  • Pankaj Singh

    That is truly inspiring! I think it was in one of your books that I came across the fact that Bruce Lee had written down his life-goal on paper. That had a great impact on my life. Thanks for sharing your list with us. I am going to add to my own life goals some of the things you have listed. I pray that you achieve the rest of your goals on your list soon.

  • Amrita Sheth

    Wow, this is great!! I was looking to be inspired and viola i received this!! Mr. Jack tons of gratitude to you for your writings have helped me en number of times!! I shall proceed to make my own list soon!! Thanks a lot! God Bless

  • Jordan Breen

    Hey Jack! I listened to one of your seminars a while back and it inspired me to write my own affirmation/goal list, and it has changed my life profusely.

    I started off kind of humble, but as I achieve more, my goals are becoming more ambitious. So far I have achieved:
    1. Obtain an IT certification
    2. Get a job that I love with a short commute and make at least $30k per year
    3. Obtain a nice washer and dryer
    4. Record albums with my bands
    5. Have at least one show a month with my various bands

  • Katarína Hrbáňová

    Lots of work before me Jack.
    Whic goal was the hardest to achieve for you?
    Your fan, Katty.

  • cool running

    Thanks Jack... Remember the Million Dollar Forum in Waikoloa way back when? I had the pleasure of being there and doing a 101 goals list. Misplaced the list but I know that many have been accomplished including owning 20 Hawaii properties! (an impossible dream at the time) Thanks for reminding me to sit down and write a new list.

  • Emma Renata

    1) have my children's books published worldwide
    2) Draw the strength I gained from losing my little boy to find more ways to help other grieving parents
    3) Attend the awakening prosperity 3 day live event in Dallas in nov 2016
    4) become a jack Canfeild success principals trainer.
    5) Teach the success principals to high schools throughout New Zealand (the students in there last year)
    6) To see the northern lights
    7) travel to Paris and visit the rifle tower
    8) To have a second son
    9) to be financially free
    10) meet Jack Canfeild 😄

  • mary

    Hi Jack,

    I've read your book The Success Principles. I'm a huge, huge fan!! I want to write down more goals today after reading this post. I wish you would come to Toronto!! That's where I live right now.

    Best, Mary

  • By the Grace of Allah these are my personal Goals for my life

    1. Send My Mother to Mecca

    2. Buy a new Car and Customize it with my Mother’s name to pick her from The Airport

    3. Speak in USA

    4. Speak in France

    5. Speak in Burkina Faso

    6. Learn to Speak Arabic

    7. Learn to Speak Spanish

    8. Learn to speak French

    9. Marry a Highly Motivated Wife

    10. Write 133 books

    11. Establish a World class University in Public Speaking

    12. Train and Speak in the Parliament of Ghana

    13. Send my Brother Mutala to the USA

    14. Establish a Beauty and Fashion School

    15. Establish a Canopy Rental and Sound Systems Rental Business

    16. Help 10 people every year with an amount of over $5000 each

    17. Send My Brother Shamuna to go and Study In Canada

    18. Start and Run a Building Materials Rental Business

    19. Establish a world class Restaurant in Tamale

    20. Give Birth to 3 Children

    21. Train Workers of Bank of Ghana

    22. Train Staff and Beneficiaries of Camfed

    23. Appear on CNN

    24. Appear on TV3

    25. Appear on GTV

    26. Buy a Lexus Car

    27. Buy a Range Rover Car

    28. Sacrifice a Cow every year for Yain Prayers

    29. Make $1000,000,000 by age 50

    30. Live up to 80 Years

    31. (Speak to the Lecturers and Board Members of Tamale Polytechnic---- (Achieved)

    32. (Speak at the International Conference Center in Ghana--------(Achieved)

    33. (Speak at Radach Conference Center in Tamale------ (Achieved)

    34. Build a house for My Mother

    35. Build my dream house, for my immediate Family

    36. Visit and spend time with Manchester United’s Players at Old Trafford

    37. Work with Sarkodie

    38. Build 3 Mosques

    39. Cruise in a Yacht

    40. Win 20 International Awards

    41. Write a Best Selling Book in the World

    42. Feature in a Holywood Movie

    43. Mentor and Coach 100,000 young people to start their Businesses

    44. Train 1,000,000 Speakers

    45. Attend a Conference at UN and Lead a Session by age 40

    46. Travel to Rwanda

    47. Speak in Nigeria

    48. Speak at University of Ghana

    49. Travel with my Family of 5 to four Different Countries

    50. Buy an Apple Laptop

    51. Feature in the New York Time Magazine

    52. Speak and Train members of The Arm Forces Of Ghana

    53. Train Members of the National Service in Ghana

    54. Send 3 People to Mecca

    55. Go to Mecca

    56. Speak at Ahmadiya National Conference

    57. Enter a Submarine

    58. Build an International Conference Center in Tamale

    59. Speak in South Africa

    60. Work with Ministry of Health

    61. Work with USAID

    62. Reach 800,000 kids with my laptop trainings

    63. Enter a Helicopter

    64. Open ten Branches of My Public Speaking University in ten Countries

    65. Go on a one week Vacation with my team every year

    66. Appear on 40 International TV’s and Magazines

    67. Serve on 18 Boards. Achieved 2

    68. Help educate 4000 Young girls in Africa by paying their fees

    69. Build an ICT Center for Kids in Tumu

    70. (Organize training for Hair Dressers -----Achieved)

    71. Get Invitation to partake in ENactus International Competitions

    72. Speak at Ashesi University

    73. Speak at Gonjaland Youth Convention

    74. Buy 10 IPhone’s and give away to my friends as gifts

    75. Buy 10 bags of Sugar and ten Bags of Rice and Distribute to people every year

    76. Meet and Talk with Papa Kwesi Ndum

    77. Meet and Chat with Pastor Mensah Otabil

    78. Travel to 30 Different Countries

    79. Meet Oprah Winfrey

    80. Meet Les Brown

    81. Read 5 Books Every Week

    82. Speak in the same program With Jack Canfield

    83. Build four Community Schools

    84. Obtain a PHD

    85. Share $2000 every year in an Open Market

    86. Help my father to start a poultry farm business

    87. Open a Super Market for my Mother

    88. Buy a Car for my Sister Mamata

    89. Give my Sister Muniratu an amount of Ghc 200,000 to add to her business

    90. Buy a Bus for my Conference Activities

    91. Buy a Hearse for Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Tamale

    92. Buy a V8 Module car

    93. Run and Establish Mission For Africa. An International NGO

    94. Help 10 Members of my External Family with Capital to start their own Businesses

    95. Be a good Husband

    96. Invite and send 10 of my fans to Lunch

    97. Speak to 40 Schools every year

    98. Speak to Staff and Students of UDS

    99. Establish an ICT Company

    100. Train Staff of GCB

    101. Surprise someone with a Car or House every year

    102. Speak at Cape Coast University

    103. Exercise my Body Everyday

    104. Ensure that my Children get the best of Education

    105. Speak to players of the Black Stars of Ghana

    106. Take Care of my Dead Friend Hakim’s Daughter up to the University level

    107. Train Staff of ADB

    108. Train Workers of Unicef

    109. Train Staff of Tamale Teaching Hospital

    110. Organize a leadership training in a Bus

    111. Go to heaven

    112. Speak to a Crowd of 5000 people

    113. Build the tallest building in Tamale

    114. Pay School Fees of 20 people Every year

    115. Travel to Sao Tome and Pricipe

    116. Surprise Bertha with a Big Gift

    117. Practice Speaking for one Hour Every day

    118. Establish a World Class Day Care School

    119. Take Care of Ayisha and Hassan

    120. Take Care of Madiya

    121. Sign a Big Deal With Airtel Ghana

    122. Sign a Deal and Work with British Council

    123. Have a chat with Otumfuo Osei Tutu

    124. Get 10 Coaches and Mentors to help me Work on my Brand

    125. Ranked as the number Motivational Speaker in Africa and among the top ten Motivational Speakers in the World

    126. Sign a deal with Barclays Bank

    127. Buy a Private Jet

    128. Get 10 Invitations from ten presidents around the world as a Gust of Honor

    129. Sign a deal with World Trade Organization

    130. Pray Every Midnight and fast once every Month

    131. Sell 20 Million Copies of my Books ----- Sold 10 Copies So far

  • Rene E Porcile

    Here are some heartfelt ideas that came to me. They are a mix of goals and experiences that I am working towards. I learned, it's very important to hang around bright minds - and that's why I stay connected to your insightful and uplifting work... all the best, Jack!

    To radiate my love and light more fully
    To constantly be in my inner peace, smile and harmony
    To appreciate all the beauty within and around me
    To look for the good in all things
    To express my feeling more honestly
    To laugh more deeply and more often
    To love God with all my body, mind and Soul
    To be an inspirational speaker in front of 100's of people
    To help people towards greater health, wealth and abundance
    To lift and expand into greater God awareness
    To increase my income to $1 million per year
    To be a Chairman's Club Member with Herbalife Int'l
    To participate with all the riches of the Kingdom of Heaven
    To be of service for the highest good of all concern
    To love unconditionally
    To be an outstanding listener, student, teacher and leader

  • Well come to nepal to explore world highest snow peak Mt. Everest 8848m

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