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 The ONE Thing You Need to Change

You’re about to discover a simple equation that’s going to have a revolutionary impact on your life.


I talked about this in the video you watched two days ago (“Liberate Yourself from the Blame Game”). What it means is, every outcome you experience is the result of how you responded to an earlier event.

Let’s say you’ve gained 50 pounds in the past year.

Maybe that outcome came about because you overindulged in unhealthy junk food (response) as a way to cope with stress at work (event).

Or maybe you just got passed over for a promotion at work again (outcome) because when a co-worker took credit for your hard work (event), you didn’t speak up about it (response).

Of the three variables in this equation: EVENT + RESPONSE = OUTCOME

… there is only one that you have control over. And that’s your RESPONSE to the events that happen in your life.

It doesn’t matter what those events are…

  • A publisher rejects your manuscript
  • Your spouse cheating on you
  • Decline in business
  • A serious illness

… the only way you can generate a more positive outcome is to change your response.

Here’s how to make it happen: 

Transformation Activity #5

Step 1: Read pages 6-10 in your excerpt of The Success Principles

Step 2: Download or listen to this free 60-minute audio gift “Take Control and Get What You Want” for inspiring stories on what people just like you can accomplish when they take control of their lives and pursue what they really want in life. 

This audio teaches you how you can change the outcomes you get in life by simply changing your responses. Listen Now.


Step 3: As you listen, write down one recent outcome you weren’t happy with and consider how a different response might have resulted in a better situation.

Step 4: Think of an upcoming event you’re worried about and consider the different responses you can make. Which one is most likely to lead to the outcome you desire most?

To improve your chances of creating the favorable outcome, please share the upcoming event and your planned response with a trusted friend for feedback.  When you put it out there in the world, you’re much more likely to receive it.


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