Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?


Since its release in 2006, the movie “The Secret” has introduced millions of people to the Law of Attraction.

As one of the featured teachers in the movie, I firmly believe in the power of the Law of Attraction. I've used it myself for decades to effortlessly create ever-growing levels of success.

But sadly, I've also witnessed that it doesn't work for everyone.

The issue isn't the law itself. It’s how people attempt to apply the teaching. Common and seemingly innocent mistakes can dramatically reduce your results – and even prevent you from achieving any results at all.

I want to help you create greater success in less time and with less human effort. That’s why I've decided to devote this month’s “Ask Jack Canfield” tele-training to sharing strategies to help you better harness the life-changing power of the Law of Attraction.

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Ask Jack Canfield: Utilizing the Law of Attraction
Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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  • Why the Law of Attraction works
  • Why most people struggle to fully leverage this universal law
  • How to balance the inner work needed to activate the law with the right amount of action
  • Tips for maintaining a peak emotional state so you don’t sabotage your efforts
  • Ways to create a vivid vision of what you want
  • And much more!

When you learn to effectively use the Law of Attraction, you’ll discover that the things you want and need appear almost as if by magic. Join me for my next “Ask Jack Canfield” tele-training so I can help you avoid the critical mistakes that most people make when trying to use the Law of Attraction … so that your efforts are fruitful and greater success comes more easily.

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  • Glen Tibaldeo

    If it weren't for the Law of Attraction, the life-changing story in our book that is getting Hollywood attention never would have come about. Thanks for your post, Jack! Always a pleasure.