VIDEO #1: How to inspire people on a profoundly deep level by teaching powerful “a-ha!” moments

This one’s for all of you speakers, trainers, teachers, coaches, and consultants out there…

Last year I sat down with my friend Steve Harrison for a special Live Stream event on the topic of Transformational Training, which is the cornerstone of my own personal teaching philosophy. It’s a powerful experiential methodology that I have developed over the course of my 40-year teaching, speaking, and training career, and it’s what I teach to students in my Train the Trainer program.

The reason this methodology is so effective is because it makes it possible for your students or audience to EXPERIENCE the full impact of your teaching – mind, body and soul.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing a series of short videos from this event that will teach you more about Transformational Training – and what makes it so much more powerful than other teaching or speaking styles.

 Here’s the first one – a  19-minute video called, “What Does It Mean to Be a Transformational Trainer?

If you’d like to become a world-class speaker or trainer – and create profound lasting positive change in your students or audience – I encourage you to check it out!

By watching this video, you will learn…

  • The kinds of profound shifts Transformational Trainers are able to create in their students or audience
  • The difference between external motivation and internal inspiration (and the time when I thought Deepak Chopra was going to diss me on national TV!)
  • How to teach “a-ha!” experiences that will inspire people to take ACTION and change their lives for the better
  • The difference between simply telling people what to do and helping them EXPERIENCE the truth of your teaching in their minds, bodies, and spirits
  • How one of my students – a kindergarten teacher – totally transformed her life and launched the first TEDX event in India – and who is now the top Transformational Trainer coach in her country!
  • How another one of my successful Train the Trainer graduates is using my Canfield training methodology to transform the lives of young people across all of Mexico
  • … and more! 

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to learn from a Transformational Trainer, please share your experience in the comments below!