Is network marketing the greatest thing since sliced bread?

I have been involved in the direct selling and network marketing industry for more than 40 years. My life has been richly rewarded as a consumer, as a distributor, and as an active Success Trainer, Coach and Advisor for dozens of companies. My passion and affinity for the industry runs deep. I love the people, the products, the leadership and the culture many of companies have (and continue) to create.

Last week, industry leader Eric Worre, interviewed me at my home to learn more about my opinions and why I’ve continued to be involved for so many years. I invite you to watch my interview with Eric below to learn why.

Oh, and this interview is NOT a sales pitch. No specific network marketing companies are mentioned… just the benefits and freedoms one can obtain by becoming a part of this amazing industry. 🙂

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  • Noah

    I need tips on how to start a good business

    • Lisa Hicks Clark

      I was involved with 6 different businesses until I found one that had a proven system with the right products. In fact it is the one that Jack Canfield is in!

    • liz4horses

      Jack's book Success Principles is in new edition, I am waiting for my copy to arrive int he mail.....the old one is well marked, and tabbed and scribbled in. I like Trump's book, Think BIG and Kick Ass, he suggests anything, Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay to get you to know the ropes. He says, where else are you going to get business school and a franchise for $50 bucks. I was using Mary Kay products for Women's Veterans programs and to send thank you packages to the deployed women, who I had heard needed lotions and sunscreen. I was buying them from a rep and her boss asked me if I wanted my own number so I could get a fifty percent discount? I said, sure, why not. I was amazed at the business skills I learned, and also that just going around getting people to donate new items to the troops and veterans, which got shipped right to the social workers, and on the field chaplains, and medics.........made me into one of the top sellers for their area for two years. I loved Tupper, when I got disabled and had two sons, our whole family sold it for awhile. We found a niche market with animal rescues and food bank donors who made up little kits for the homeless..............these could also be a good fundraiser for community and church groups to give to incarcerated people and / or juveniles that need someone to say HEY the world wants you to succeed, smile up and do it.............. Marth Stewart's business books are also really good ones. BUT start with Jack's book, it will help you figure out what kind of business, and why and how will follow. THEN you can also contact SCORE the mentor program at Small Business Administration. Many city colleges also have SBA classes for less than $100 a term.

    • Richard Rue

      Have a solid plan. estimate your success by completeness of your plan !

  • watson

    Enrich post! Greatly you provide unique information about online network marketing or direct marketing business. Two years ago I too involved this business. Now, I earned much money from this business.

    • liz4horses

      We use these strategies in our non profit work. ALL of our classes and programs are provided free to our clients. Veterans and high risk kids do not have money, so we do not waste time trying to get them to pay, and they pay us back with coming back to volunteer, and help at fundraisers, and just being happy and successful people...........We are just going back after some huge roadblocks shut us down for two years............and the Success Principles have given us great advice and success. ASK, ASK, is amazing where we have gotten. I overheard a man talking in the bank one day, and on crutches and braces, in the middle of a long line, I could not get out to say anything to him, I was reading ASk, ASK, ASK. I said, as he left the window, HEY MUSTANG you have a card. He did, and i am now connected to some great networking people who ALL are in areas of service to animals, high risk youth and veterans and it is amazing and happy to not feel like the only one, and to use my skills at business to help many of them, and my skills at mediation t o help programs work WITH government and former adversaries to resolve issues rather than fight. All thanks to the half hour free coach that said, read Jack's book and do the exercises, even at the library. We have no near library, but I was able to buy it for less than $4 online, postage included, yes it was used, but no one had even cracked I am waiting for the new edition and my goal is to make enough money to pay the $20,000 for one of Jack's small coaching groups. I know I will learn, but will gladly pay $20,000 just to say thanks..............he helped us out of our road block pit.

  • Angel Balichowski

    I appreciate you sharing this interview so much! You capture the passion and the dreams in all of us to do something bigger with our lives, and this helps so much to share why the Direct Sales industry can be the answer for so many people. Thank you for your interview with Eric, and I'll be sharing this post in my next blog post as well!

  • Richard Rue

    Oh, and this interview is NOT a sales pitch. 😀 Great write up. always inspiring for the common!