Is the Secret Real?

is the secret real

Is the Secret real? If you're familiar with my work you know that I'm a huge believer in the Law of Attraction. I was even featured in the groundbreaking movie and book The Secret, which introduced the world to the Law of Attraction in a massive way. I've also written several books about it and the Law of Attraction is featured prominently in the success principles and all the other programs I've created.

Over the years I've heard many people ask whether or not the Secret is real.

Today I want to answer that question...

The Law of Attraction states that the universe responds to whatever vibration you are offering by giving you more of whatever you are vibrating. It doesn't care whether it's good for you or not. It simply responds to your vibration, whether it's love, joy, abundance, prosperity, or whether it's fear, anxiety, resentment or anger.

How I Know the Secret is Real

First, I know the Secret is real because I've used it to achieve, and in most cases exceed, all of the goals that I've set in finding amazing success with the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, creating a high multimillion dollar net worth, a beautiful home, fulfilling relationships, dream vacations all over the world, and a successful company.

Second, I've also seen the graduates from my training use it with great success. Watch this video below where I talk about some success stories of people using the Secret in their lives to achieve wonderful things.

Show Appreciation for All Things

Joe Vitale tells a wonderful story of being dirt poor and living in a rundown apartment.  Joe was reading a book on the Law of Attraction that said, "Write down what you're grateful for." He said, "What the hell do I have to be grateful for?" I'm in this crappy apartment. I've got a pencil and a piece of paper. He said, "I stopped and said, 'Okay if I could be grateful what would it be for?'"

Joe thought, "Well I have a piece of paper. I could write down my goals. I have an eraser. I could erase my limiting beliefs. I have my life. I have clothes. I'm in a country where I'm safe. I've got water coming out of a faucet." 

He started writing down all of the things he wanted to have and at the end of the day he had a list of goals he wanted, and within a year he was out of that apartment, he was in a wonderful place, he was making money, he was writing a book. Everything shifted because he hit bottom and he thought, "Okay, even at the bottom I still have something to be grateful for."

If you have food in the refrigerator, if you have electricity, if you have running water, you're better off than half the people in the world. Over half the people in the world are living on less than $3 a day. I know people that are making $100,000 a year that feel like they are poor. If you're making $100,000 a year in the top one-tenth of 1% in the world of the income. Take some time and start inventorying in your life what you do have and focus on doing what I call a rampage of appreciation.

Take time to walk around your environment and make a list of everything you have that you can appreciate. Things like:

  • The carpet that you have
  • The running water
  • The windows that are clean
  • The cat that you love
  • The plants that you have in your house
  • You have toilets that flush
  • You have food in your refrigerator
  • You have a car perhaps
  • You have warm clothes in the winter
  • You've got shoes

All of the things that are out there that you have that are gifts that you have that most people don't have. Whatever it is. Make sure you focus on that.

Do a little show of appreciation every day for a couple of minutes.

How do You Respond to Things in Your Life?

I want to give you a little bit of homework. We've talked about inventorying what you currently have and what you're currently experiencing in your life. This is your current reality.

Also make note of how you respond to things like current events, the news, what the people in the government are doing, how people treat you, what's happening in the stock market, how you feel when you open up your paycheck or you look at your bank statement, how your children are doing in school, and whether or not your favorite sports team wins.

What is your emotional reaction to all of these things? Is it calm acceptance? Is it unconditional love? Is it joy? Is it peace? Or is it anger, fear, hopelessness, and resignation?

The Secret to the Law of Attraction is that it responds to your negative as well as your positive vibrations when you're reacting to these external events.

It attracts to you more of what it is you're vibrating. If you get angry at the news you're going to attract more things to be angry about. If that is the case you might want to stop watching the news. Instead, engage in activities that bring you joy.

Think Thoughts of Peace and Love

Think about thoughts that bring you peace and love.

One of the most important things you need to focus on in your life is to protect your own positive vibration.

One of the things I often suggest to my students is to go on a 30-day news fast. No newspapers, no news on TV or radio, no magazines, only listen to positive music, only read uplifting books, and only watch uplifting movies. Then notice how you feel. I really strongly encourage you to try that for 30 days.

These are only a few of the amazing Law of Attraction success stories that prove that the Secret is indeed real. Leave a comment below on what you think, and I'll be sure to follow up with you.

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  • Obinna Ibe

    I'm grateful having you in my life!
    Remain blessed!

  • Thank you for reading everyone, for today's homework I challenge you all to go on a rampage of appreciation (you can even do it in the comments below). Afterwards, I think you will find just how much we all truly have to be grateful for. For more on the Law of Attraction, click here >>

    • Anja Toetenel

      Gratitude is my way of living. I Love and appreciate everything and miracles are happening in my life! I feel amazing. Life is so good, even the so called bad guys and negative people are amazing, because they show me how I can Love myself even more, so I can see that Love in them too. They are perfect messengers! I Love my food, my dogs, the couch I am on. I Love it that I write and coach people and teach them about the LOA! I Love my tea right now and I truly Love the idea as well that within half an hour I have a wonderful bed to go to sleep, nice and cozy, warm and dry. I truly truly Love and appreciate life! I smile and I feel great! And I wish the same for everyone! Blessings!

  • Kalia

    Question on the 30-day news fast: I've been wondering about how this relates to civic involvement. How does one contribute to a positive world and a better political climate (peace, understanding, respectful discourse, etc) without knowing what's going on in the world? How do we help our brothers and sisters in war zones and natural disaster zones without knowing about it? How do we stop a company that's about to pollute the river without our journalists investigating it? I have contributed, donated, spoken out, written letters, made public comment -- all in an attempt to create awareness of the problems and to help contribute to the solution. If we keep our heads in the sand (fast from the news), does that make it better, just by thinking positive thoughts? I've been a student of metaphysics and new thought for three decades and my life is enriched. The recent upheavals are testing my faith! We really do need to communicate to those who have the ability to make decisions (about health care, weapons, the environment, and more) and we need to communicate now. My sense is that now that I've come to a place of content and success in my life, it's time for me to help others and the planet. I can't see how to do this without knowing what's going on. I think I'd feel much better in 30 days knowing that I helped save the Dreamers, for example, or Medicade or a national wilderness area, than if I listened to positive things only for 30 days. I wish our wisdom teachers (including you!) would talk about this more. Your thoughts greatly appreciated. (I totally get the rampage of appreciation and will go do that now -- appreciating democracy!)

    • Anja Toetenel

      Hi there Kalia, the more people that know and think about war zones, the more people send war, fear, terror, etc. vibes to the world. So your paradigm tells you, that you should know it all, but in fact you can't do anything and you feel terrible for the people that are suffering. But these emotions are energy and the vibrations influence the entire planet. So if you REALLY want to help, stay away from the news, send as much Love and appreciation to the entire planet. All people need that I wonder what would happen if billions of people would do the same... I think peace would be a fact in no time... <3

      • Kalia

        Hi Anja, thanks for your ideas! I DO send love and appreciation to the entire planet, regularly, alone and as part of a coordinated effort through Global Coherence, a program of HeartMath. I love your point about if we feel terrible about the suffering, then we add to the suffering. That reminds me to immediately send love and appreciation to those that I read about in the news. One one point I differ: You write, "in fact you can't do anything and you feel terrible...". I CAN do something to help, and I have, many many times. Some of my most heartwarming moments of my life are where I helped protect the environment locally and within my state, and helped protect animals and wildlife. And I feel really good about sending money every month to a half dozen organizations that are doing fantastic work. Claiming one's power to do good is important and necessary right now, I've realized. (And, indeed, I'm now realizing that my feelings of love while doing these good deeds that I am inspired to do by watching and reading the news, are indeed adding to the positive vibrations in the world.)

    • Mary Madjeski

      Hi Kalia

      I appreciate the intricate thinking that Jack shares with us, & how he feels about being more positive in life, can move us forward more, than "stinking thinking".

      However, I also agree we can't really be of any assistance to this world, if we never read about the news or watch the news on TV?

      I'm a realist. I think, if we avoid reading, watching, or listening to the news, then what will our perception be like? Is that really facing reality, & is not facing reality, even a reality?

      How is burying our heads in the sand going to help us? What happens, is that the grit from the sand, gets stuck in our eyes & ears. Then, when we pull our heads out of the sand, we find that our views & hearing, are compromised, & our thoughts about life become distorted.
      It's like we are trying to escape reality. How can we learn to deal with the realties of life, if all we do is try to do everything we can, to avoid it?

      I'm probably going to get a lot of slack from other readers of this post. However, when & read your post, & realized how forthright it was, I discovered I wasn't alone in my thinking, & for that, I just wanted to thank you for being so sincere, yet forthright.

      • Kalia

        Hi Mary, thank you for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate yours, too. I've been thinking about this more since I wrote that comment, and agree with you. I've started reading Shakti Gawain's "The Path of Transformation" and she talks about the difference between "transcendence" (which I think reflects the news fast point of view) and "transformation" which reflects more of what you and I are talking about. She's very much about using one's positive energy to make our own lives better, but also to make the world better. I'm still looking for more insight on this. If you know of any other books or resources, please let me know! (I'm off to make calls to my legislators and write a few letters!)

  • Sarah Louise Smith

    Great & inspiring post as always -thank you!

  • shashwat panda

    I am thankful to universe that I am happy, healthy and such a wonderful parents I have got.

    • Your gratitude will continue to reward you, Shashwat. Thank you for sharing.