Twice the Breakthroughs in 2015!

Breaking newsDue to popular demand, I’m delighted to announce that we are offering not one but TWO Breakthrough to Success seminars in 2015:

  • LAS VEGAS, NV – February 9 – 13, 2015
  • SCOTTDALE, AZ – August 10 – 14, 2015

Over the years, we’ve had many Breakthrough to Success participants ask us to hold the event at a different time of year, as taking a holiday in August can be tricky.

That’s why we’ve added a second date – to give you more flexibility and choice on when to fit this invaluable personal and professional development training into your life.


Since our recent Breakthrough to Success event in August, the letters have been pouring in.

Here’s what participants are saying about the experience:

“One of the most powerful trainings I’ve ever had in my life. Jack’s personal coaching style is amazing.” –  Farrukh Iftikhar, Surry, UK

“So much more effective than working on the materials at home alone. The emotional depth that comes when one shares the experience with other people is incredible.” – Suzanne Davenport, NY, NY

“I recommend it for everyone – no matter where you are in life.” – Melissa J. Shea, Shirley, NY

“You will come out of it a new person.” – Lynn Stent – London, UK

“I will be forever grateful for the transformation that took place – it was a true life-changing experience.” – Sean Lykken, Phoenix, AZ

“Absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm and the love.” Yong Katz, Fairfax, VA

“This will take my life and business to a whole new level.” – Sandra Grace, Weaverville, NC

“I came into BTS wanting more clarity of purpose, but came out with so much more. I literally felt like a different person – more loving, open, authentic, and determined.” – Karina Kainth, Califon, NJ

“I am impressed by Jack’s incredible ability to move people forward through the work to a place where they are able to be their best self possible.”  Ingrid Koivukangas, Spring Island, BC


During this life-changing seminar, you will:

  • Get crystal clear on your true purpose in life
  • Learn how to align your personal and professional life with your passions – and create a life of greater abundance, joy, and meaning
  • Overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back
  • Create a step-by-step plan to take your life from where it is now to where you want it to be

I guarantee it will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

Visit the Breakthrough to Success website to learn more about the seminar and choose the location that works best for you.

Hope to see you in Vegas or Scottsdale!

Guess who’s coming to Italy? (hint: he’ll breathe fire into your business)

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Exciting news – a Dragon will be joining us at my private retreat in Italy this July!  That’s right, I said “Dragon.”  I’m talking about Sean Gallagher, one of Ireland’s top entrepreneurs and finalist for the Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Here he is:

Sean is best known as co-founder and former CEO of Ireland’s largest home technology company, Smarthomes.  He was also a popular investor on Dragons’ Den – an International version of the U.S. television show, Shark Tank – and is known as a champion for start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs.


Over the last 20 years, Sean has successfully trained and mentored hundreds of start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs.   And now he’s going to share his brilliant business mind with the 26 participants who attend my private luxury retreat in Italy this July!

I’ve asked Sean to come on board as a facilitator because many of the registered participants have said they want to focus on growing their business during the four-day retreat.  I know that Sean will give them invaluable support that will launch them toward achieving their most ambitious goals.


There are only 4 spots left at the retreat – and I suspect with this announcement those spots are going to fill very quickly. (The retreat IS taking place in gorgeous Tuscany, after all!)  So, If you’d like to seize the chance to work one-on-one with me to achieve more than you ever thought possible – NOW is the time to act.

You can learn more about this life-changing retreat here:

We hope to see you there!

Will I see you in Long Beach, CA?

blog- californiawomensconfierenceI’m thrilled to announce that I will be joining a star-studded lineup of speakers at the upcoming California Women’s Conference!

This conference is set up to provide attendees with inspiration, resources, and connections to take the next step in business, personal development, health and wellness, or philanthropic endeavors. It features widely respected thought leaders, talented entertainers, and a marketplace of ideas, exhibits, networking and panel discussions, and is truly designed to benefit women from all walks of life.

I will be leading a breakout session as a keynote and will discuss the elements of living a balanced life and I’ll give you the tools you need to take action in your own life.

The California Women’s Conference is a global movement that I am very proud to be a part of! The collection of speakers, organizations and attendees make it unlike any other conference, so I encourage you to attend. You can learn more here:

48-hour Flash Sale

Wow! Yesterday my Facebook community hit a huge milestone…  half a million fans! I am so humbled to have such an amazing group of fans to share and engage with every day.  I truly feel I have one of the most enthusiastic, exciting and engaged Facebook communities out there and it is my pleasure to provide daily doses of inspiration and motivation.

To celebrate this huge milestone, I asked my team to put something really fun together…  Something we’ve NEVER done before. 


To go with the 500,000 theme, we decided to offer 50% off EVERYTHING in my Success Store.  The Flash sale is on NOW so head on over here and begin filling your success toolbox.  There’s no better time than the present!  The sale will expire at midnight EST on Friday, 3/21.


ASK JACK LIVE: How to Create & Grow a Successful Business

If you missed my first Success Strategies LIVE online event of the year, then I have some exciting news to share with you. Just by registering (for FREE!) for my second event, Ask Jack Live: How to Create & Grow a Successful Business on February 5th, you will gain immediate access to the replay of my first event AND automatic registration for my BIG surprise event this March!  Yes, you heard correctly—that is three exclusive events absolutely FREE. The purpose of this series is to jump start 2014, so get on the path to making this your BEST YEAR EVER. 

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover on my next Ask Jack Live online event:

These events will prepare you for success in the upcoming year, as well as provide the motivation you need to continue to exceed your goals.  My Success Strategies LIVE series includes all three online events below ABSOLUTELY Free with promo code EXCEED (a $59.85 value)!  I’m so excited to offer these events to you so register today and start living the life you actually want:

  • Available for Immediate Replay Access | Ask Jack LIVE: Exceed Your Goals in 2014
  • Premiering February 5, 2014 | Ask Jack LIVE: How to Create & Grow a Successful Business
  • Premiering March 5, 2014 | Jack’s Big Surprise – A Special Topic to be Announced Soon!

New Livecast: How to Excel as a Transformational Trainer

Do you want to become a more powerful and effective trainer, speaker or coach?

Do you want to be more effective in your work by helping your  clients (no matter what industry you’re in) move past their fears, overcome challenges, and become more successful?  

Do you want to transition your career to something that is more fulfilling – something that allows you to empower and uplift others? 

Then join me and my friend Steve Harrison on Wednesday, October 30th for a complimentary livecast …

* * * * * * * *
5 Keys to Outrageous Success as a Transformational Trainer, Speaker or Coach 
…and How to Help a lot a People and Make a Good Living Doing It!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013  
5:30 pm PT | 8:30 pm ET  
Duration: 2 hours 

Reserve your spot here:

* * * * * * * *

This complimentary training is for trainers, facilitators, professional speakers, coaches, educators, counselors, business consultants, human services professionals, business leaders, managers and anyone else who wants to…

  • Empower others, transform lives and facilitate self-esteem in individuals  
  • Become a more effective teacher, trainer and coach  
  • Build a brand-new business in the personal development field  
  • Accelerate your training or coaching career  
  • Be a leader in the human-potential field  

During this exciting live event, you’ll discover: 

  • The defining difference between a “ho-hum” trainer or  facilitator and a “transformational” trainer or facilitator
  • Key insights into how the speaking, training, coaching and author business “really works” 
  • How developing yourself as an effective trainer will open new opportunities to expand your business  and generate even more  powerful results for your clients 
  • The Anatomy of a Master Trainer: My journey from inner city  public school teacher to an award-winning speaker,  transformational trainer and celebrated thought leader 
  • The tools you must master so you can help others transform  their behavior and achieve their true potential 
  • How authors can make more money by using training, coaching  and speaking to “explain their book” 
  • What your peers have experienced — both in themselves and  with clients — when they shifted from being good trainers,  speakers and coaches to facilitating transformational  experiences. 
  • Learn about my new life’s mission for developing and  mentoring the next generation of human potential trainers via my 2014 Train the Trainer Program … where I’ll teach you everything I know about transforming peoples’ lives — including yours.  

If you’re looking for new ways to grow your business, you want to enter the coaching and training field, or you’re simply passionate about helping your fellow man achieve their potential, don’t miss this opportunity to learn and benefit from my more than 40 years of experience as a teacher, trainer or coach.

Register for the livecast here:  

Creating Success in Money and Life

Do you have a clear plan towards financial success? Creating success in money and life

The first step in reaching success in money and life is to make the conscious decision to “become wealthy”. You are the one who ultimately decides what level of success you need to achieve balance and find happiness. However, you must first allow yourself to visualize and gratefully accept the benefits and rewards that will come your way during this process.

Once you make that important decision, then your unconscious mind will automatically come up with solutions, resources and opportunities that you were unable to see before. I’ve helped thousands of people achieve this important change.

I wanted to make you aware of a special opportunity that I believe you’ll be very interested in. Specifically, I want to share some key principles that will help you develop a positive money consciousness and help you Create Your Success in Money and Life…

Join me on May 1st for my next “Ask Jack Canfield” training LIVE and online!  Plus, I’ll provide a free hour of bonus training!

During this powerful LIVE presentation, you’ll discover:

  • How to develop key habits to help you focus on what’s important
  • How to identify and define what financial success means to you
  • How to transcend and overcome your limiting beliefs about money
  • How to take control of your time and develop helpful skills to identify new opportunities
  • Effective techniques to overcome your fears, take action and stay motivated until you reach your goals

Plus, immediately after, I will include an additional bonus training session to help you Create Your Success in Money and Life!

Join me LIVE online on Wednesday, May 1st to learn proven strategies to change your mind-set about money, improve your net-worth, and reach your financial goals. Register for this FREE live event here.

FREE Success Training with Me

ask-jack-online-blogIt’s easy to start the New Year full of enthusiasm and optimism…but as you’ve probably seen in your own life, most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions within weeks.  This can happen for several reasons – either we don’t properly set our goals, we don’t develop a plan for achieving our goals, we don’t have a system for keeping track of our progress, or (yikes!) all of the above.

Whether you are interested in building your own business, achieving a weight loss goal, or have a burning desire to make your dreams a reality, first you must have unwavering faith in yourself. You have the power and ability to be and do whatever you dream; however, most of your limitations come from within.

I’d like to help by giving you the tools you will need to make 2013 your best year ever.

I’m excited to announce that for the first time ever, I will host my February “Ask Jack Canfield” training LIVE and online!

During this powerful LIVE presentation, you’ll discover:

  • Strategies you can use immediately to help make 2013 your most successful year
  • How to fully embrace change and recognize why this is a crucial step on the path towards success
  • How to identify and define your breakthrough goal and define your purpose in life
  • How to transcend your limiting beliefs and overcome unforeseen challenges
  • Effective techniques to stay motivated throughout the year in pursuit of a higher level of accomplishment.

Plus, immediately after, I will include an additional bonus training session to help you Exceed Your Goals in 2013!

I hope you’ll set aside some time to join me for this never before seen training opportunity where we will plan your 2013 success journey and give you the tools you need to achieve peace, balance, and the success you deserve in life.

If you are unable to attend live, register for the training anyway and I’ll send you instructions on how you can access the replay.

A Bittersweet Goodbye…Join Me For The Grand Celebration!

BTSEvery summer I hold my Breakthrough to Success training and I’ve had over 5,000 people graduate from the program and literally transform their lives.  During the past 30 years, I’ve guided high achievers through the time-proven system participants learn during Breakthrough to Success and it has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done!

However, after careful contemplation – and with 2012 being a year of massive transformation and change – I’ve decided that the time is right to move forward with my plans to retire this 7-day training program.

This will be such a bittersweet goodbye for me as Breakthrough to Success is hands-down my favorite week of the year, because I get to help hundreds of high achievers break through their limitations and finally get to where they want to be in life.

I am busy actively working on many new projects for 2013 (it’s just the training that’s “retiring,” not me personally) but if you’ve ever wanted my personal guidance and attention for 7 full days, I invite you to attend the grand finale for this one-of-a-kind program.

During this life-changing 7-day retreat, we’ll work together to:

  • Discover and Fine-Tune your vision
  • Align your goals with your purpse (a key to achieving success effortlessly)
  • Create a plan for bringing your dreams to life
  • Get the tools, strategies and confidence to secure the resources you need
  • Create a life you’re truly excited to wake up to each day
  • And so much more!

You’ll walk out laser-focused, bursting with confidence, armed with a detailed plan of what to do each step of the way, and supported by a new family of like-minded people  to cheer you on.  

Since this summer’s Breakthrough To Success will be our final 7-day training, we are going all out, making this a celebration of huge proportions, and a very special training for participants.  I’m excited to see that over a quarter of the seats have already been filled and I just know it will be best BTS yet.

August 12th can’t come soon enough…I hope you’ll make the decision toshare this experience with me!