48-hour Flash Sale

Wow! Yesterday my Facebook community hit a huge milestone…  half a million fans! I am so humbled to have such an amazing group of fans to share and engage with every day.  I truly feel I have one of the most enthusiastic, exciting and engaged Facebook communities out there and it is my pleasure to provide daily doses of inspiration and motivation.

To celebrate this huge milestone, I asked my team to put something really fun together…  Something we’ve NEVER done before. 


To go with the 500,000 theme, we decided to offer 50% off EVERYTHING in my Success Store.  The Flash sale is on NOW so head on over here and begin filling your success toolbox.  There’s no better time than the present!  The sale will expire at midnight EST on Friday, 3/21.


ASK JACK LIVE: How to Create & Grow a Successful Business

If you missed my first Success Strategies LIVE online event of the year, then I have some exciting news to share with you. Just by registering (for FREE!) for my second event, Ask Jack Live: How to Create & Grow a Successful Business on February 5th, you will gain immediate access to the replay of my first event AND automatic registration for my BIG surprise event this March!  Yes, you heard correctly—that is three exclusive events absolutely FREE. The purpose of this series is to jump start 2014, so get on the path to making this your BEST YEAR EVER. 

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover on my next Ask Jack Live online event:

These events will prepare you for success in the upcoming year, as well as provide the motivation you need to continue to exceed your goals.  My Success Strategies LIVE series includes all three online events below ABSOLUTELY Free with promo code EXCEED (a $59.85 value)!  I’m so excited to offer these events to you so register today and start living the life you actually want: http://bit.ly/1jlPBd5

  • Available for Immediate Replay Access | Ask Jack LIVE: Exceed Your Goals in 2014
  • Premiering February 5, 2014 | Ask Jack LIVE: How to Create & Grow a Successful Business
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FREE Vision Board App

Vision Board App - Free Gift for YOU!

Without a doubt, having a vision board is one of the most powerful ways to visualize your goals and keep you focused. It’s a physical representation of where you are going… representing your dreams, your goals, and your inspired life.  I have used this tool for decades, and– chances are – you have too.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with the team at Mogulworx to create a fun and easy Vision Board App for your smart phone or tablet!

Vision Board Checklist

To celebrate it’s release, we’re giving it away at iTunes and Google Play FREE for a limited time.

Watch a video demonstrating the app here: 


Grab your free download of the app for your Android or Apple device below and let us know what you think: (If you are outside the US, search your country’s store for “Success Vision Board app”)

Available on iTunes   Android App on Google Play

BONUS: Enter unlock code: “Jack-Gift” to access a private library of pre-written affirmations for your vision board.  (You will be prompted for this after the app has been installed on your phone and you build your first vision board.)

If you are committed to achieving your goals, and are looking to stay focused and inspired to achieve massive success. You’ll want to check this out.



How to Create a Daily Appreciation Ritual

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.
– Mother Teresa, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

blessingsThe period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is the time when most people tend to express their appreciation and gratitude. But wouldn’t it be nice to experience that level of joy, love and appreciation every day of the year?

Appreciation is one of the highest emotional states you can be in. It is the state of abundance. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. If you are grateful for what you have already received, you will attract more for which you can be grateful.

Many people find that it requires great diligence to cultivate an attitude of appreciation. We are culturally conditioned to focus on what we don’t have, rather than appreciating what we’ve already received.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough..”
– Oprah Winfrey

Appreciate the Smallest Blessings

Activate your gratitude by acknowledging the gifts most people take for granted.

If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes in your closet and a roof over your head, you are better off than 75 percent of the world’s population.

If you eat three meals a day, you are far better off than the 1 billion people on the planet who eat once a day at most. Celebrate these simple blessings.

Do you have a phone?  Be grateful – millions don’t. How about a car that allows you to travel to work or to explore the country? Is your family healthy? Do you have a computer and Internet access to stay in touch with the world, get access to education, and perform work for which you are paid? Do you have clean water to drink?

These daily conveniences are gifts that most people in the world do not enjoy.

Daily Appreciation Habits

Here are five easy ways to make appreciation part of your daily routine:

  1. Take 7 minutes each morning to write down all you appreciate in life.Starting your day this way primes you to be receptive and grateful for everything your day will bring.
  2. Appreciate at least 3 people every day.Most people enjoy receiving verbal appreciation. But written notes are also nice because they can be saved and re-read. (For ideas on expressing  appreciation, grab your copy of The Success Principles and review Principle 53: Practice Uncommon Appreciation.)
  3. Play the Appreciation Game.As the saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Look for the good in all situations. When my wife was in a car accident a few years ago, she could have chosen to berate herself or question her judgment. Instead, she focused on her gratitude for suffering only minor injuries and for the help she received from other drivers.
  4. Carry a physical token of gratitude in your pocket, such as a stone, crystal or some other small item.As you reach into your pocket throughout the day and feel the token, use it as a reminder to stop, breathe and take a moment to fully experience the emotion of gratitude.
  5. Appreciate yourself.We all need acknowledgement, but the most important acknowledgement is what we give ourselves. In addition to celebrating your big successes, acknowledge your small daily successes too.

One of the most powerful ways to acknowledge and appreciate yourself is by doing the Mirror Exercise. This powerful exercise requires you to appreciate yourself for the day’s accomplishments while talking to yourself in a mirror. For detailed instructions and guidance for the Mirror Exercise, see page 199-201 of The Success Principles.

It may not feel natural at first to focus on appreciating what you already have. But by faithfully practicing the Daily Appreciation Habits outlined in this article, you’ll begin to change your conditioning.

Giving thanks should be more than an occasional exercise once year. Let it become a daily discipline that allows you to attract more of what you want from life. I invite you to experiment with this discipline over the next 30 days and watch your blessings multiply!

New Livecast: How to Excel as a Transformational Trainer

Do you want to become a more powerful and effective trainer, speaker or coach?

Do you want to be more effective in your work by helping your  clients (no matter what industry you’re in) move past their fears, overcome challenges, and become more successful?  

Do you want to transition your career to something that is more fulfilling – something that allows you to empower and uplift others? 

Then join me and my friend Steve Harrison on Wednesday, October 30th for a complimentary livecast …

* * * * * * * *
5 Keys to Outrageous Success as a Transformational Trainer, Speaker or Coach 
…and How to Help a lot a People and Make a Good Living Doing It!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013  
5:30 pm PT | 8:30 pm ET  
Duration: 2 hours 

Reserve your spot here: www.JackCanfieldWebEvent.com

* * * * * * * *

This complimentary training is for trainers, facilitators, professional speakers, coaches, educators, counselors, business consultants, human services professionals, business leaders, managers and anyone else who wants to…

  • Empower others, transform lives and facilitate self-esteem in individuals  
  • Become a more effective teacher, trainer and coach  
  • Build a brand-new business in the personal development field  
  • Accelerate your training or coaching career  
  • Be a leader in the human-potential field  

During this exciting live event, you’ll discover: 

  • The defining difference between a “ho-hum” trainer or  facilitator and a “transformational” trainer or facilitator
  • Key insights into how the speaking, training, coaching and author business “really works” 
  • How developing yourself as an effective trainer will open new opportunities to expand your business  and generate even more  powerful results for your clients 
  • The Anatomy of a Master Trainer: My journey from inner city  public school teacher to an award-winning speaker,  transformational trainer and celebrated thought leader 
  • The tools you must master so you can help others transform  their behavior and achieve their true potential 
  • How authors can make more money by using training, coaching  and speaking to “explain their book” 
  • What your peers have experienced — both in themselves and  with clients — when they shifted from being good trainers,  speakers and coaches to facilitating transformational  experiences. 
  • Learn about my new life’s mission for developing and  mentoring the next generation of human potential trainers via my 2014 Train the Trainer Program … where I’ll teach you everything I know about transforming peoples’ lives — including yours.  

If you’re looking for new ways to grow your business, you want to enter the coaching and training field, or you’re simply passionate about helping your fellow man achieve their potential, don’t miss this opportunity to learn and benefit from my more than 40 years of experience as a teacher, trainer or coach.

Register for the livecast here: www.JackCanfieldWebEvent.com  

Taking Deliberate Daily Action

When my friend Pete Winiarski first showed me the proof copy of his book, Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days, I immediately thought, “This is the perfect tool to implement The Success Principles!”

Why did I think such a bold thought?  Here are just a few of The Success Principles that are incorporated into the content of Act Now! and the methodology Pete describes:

  • Success Principle 2 – Be Clear Why You’re Here
  • Success Principle 3 – Decide What You Want
  • Success Principle 7 – Unleash the Power of Goal-Setting
  • Success Principle 8 – Chunk It Down
  • Success Principle 10 – Release the Brakes
  • Success Principle 11 – See What You Want, Get What You See
  • Success Principle 20 – Commit to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement
  • Success Principle 21 – Keep Score for Success
  • Success Principle 23 – Practice the Rule of 5
  • Success Principle 29 – Complete the Past to Embrace the Future

The fact that these Success Principles are woven into this book is no accident.  Pete is a graduate of my Train the Trainer program, has been assisting at my trainings for years, and incorporates The Success Principles into his work as a corporate consultant, speaker, and results coach.  He is an expert trainer who lives these principles through this powerful methodology he describes in Act Now!

blog-ActNow-open-book-coverAct Now! helps you clarify your goals for your next 90 days, guiding you to chunk them down from your longer-term goals.  Pete shares a simple action plan format to make sure you are thoughtful about the steps you plan to take during this 90-day period.  He then teaches that there are three types of action to take toward achieving your goals.  When your 90-day goals are clearly aligned with your purpose and long-term vision, and you have an action plan for each goal, and you are taking all three types of action each day, you become UNSTOPPABLE!

The power that is created by taking all three types of action each day is extraordinary.  Here’s a quick description of each.

  • Planned Actions.  Consider what steps you can take today as you continue your steady, persistent march toward your goals.  Follow the Rule of 5 each day.
  • Daily Habits.  There are many Success Principles that highlight practices that, when followed regularly, will accelerate your progress at unbelievable rates.  Daily habits include practices I recommend such as visualizing your goals as complete, saying affirmations, and mediating.  The others Pete recommends, which I agree are important, are journaling, reading, exercising, “letting go”, and any other success habit you choose to develop.
  • Inspired Actions.  We all receive ideas, insights, and intuitive hits – “moments of inspiration”.  It’s up to you to act on them quickly when you do, as they are truly gifts that will accelerate your progress.

Taking deliberate daily action has been a critical ingredient to my success and what Pete Winiarski shares in Act Now! will help you apply The Success Principles and get into the high-leverage actions that will enable you yo achieve your goals at record speed.


Order your copy of Act Now! A Daily Action Log for Achieving Your Goals in 90 Days here

New Book Release: Coaching for Breakthrough Success

CBC-book-click-to-buyI am thrilled to announce the release of Coaching for Breakthrough Success, my latest book, co-written with Dr. Peter Chee. Dr. Chee is the president and CEO of ITD World, a multinational corporation for human resource development, and he has more than 26 years of experience in training and developing leaders from over 80 countries. 

Coaching for Breakthrough Success shares the principles and best practices of great business coaches to inspire and propel people forward in their careers.

In this new book, we explain how to draw out solutions from employees through effective listening, asking great questions, using feedback, appreciating and continuously supporting people to take ownership, and be accountable for taking action to realize their goals.

Take a sneak-peek: Download the first chapter of the book free!

Our book introduces six paradigms of Situational Coaching that managers, leaders and coaches can use in any given situation:

  • Goals Paradigm: Where are you going? 
  • Exploration Paradigm: How are you going to get there?  What else do you need to consider?
  • Analysis Paradigm:  Where are you now?
  • Releasing Paradigm: How do you feel?  How can you feel better?
  • Decision Paradigm: Which path are you taking?
  • Action Paradigm: What action steps do you need to take? By when?

We also highlight and discuss the top 30 coaching principles that business professionals can put to use every day, including:

  • Using influence rather than position
  • Asking questions that empower and create buy-in
  • Listening rather than telling
  • How awareness and acceptance cultivates transformation
  • How growing others allows us to  grow ourselves

Filled with powerful personal stories, case studies, coaching conversation tips, sample coaching questions, and ready-to-use tools, Coaching for Breakthrough Success is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to assist others in raising and improving performance.

Download the first chapter of the book free and then order your copy of Coaching for Breakthrough Success from Amazon.com or BarnesAndNoble.com.



Twenty Years of Powerful, Inspirational Storytelling

blog - Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th anniversary edition frontTwenty years ago, I sat in meditation, waiting for inspiration about what to call the new book I had just written with my dear friend Mark Victor Hansen.

I suddenly saw the image of a huge green chalk board like the ones in school classrooms. A hand appeared—I imagined it was the hand of God—and wrote the words Chicken Soup on the chalkboard. I said to the hand, “What the heck does chicken soup have to do with this book?”

The hand replied, “When you were sick as a child, your grandmother gave you chicken soup.”

“This book is not about sick people, “ I replied.

“People’s spirits are sick. They are living in resignation, fear and hopelessness. This book will help them rise above it.”

My mind mulled that over. Chicken Soup for the Spirit, I thought. Hmmm. Chicken Soup for the Soul. Wham! All of a sudden I was covered in goose bumps. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories to Rekindle the Spirit!

It’s hard to believe that it’s now been 20 years since Mark Victor Hansen and I released that original best-selling book! I’m honored that it continues to bring hope, wellness, inspiration and love to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Today, I’m very excited to announce that we have released Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary Edition to inspire a new generation of readers with everyone’s favorite original stories, plus an additional 20 bonus stories.  This edition contains not only new stories from myself and Mark Victor Hansen, but also other powerful and inspiring stories from today’s top thought leaders.

Give the gift of Chicken Soup for the Soul 20th Anniversary Edition to a family member, a friend, or yourself. It will be a reminder of your love that will be opened and used over and over again.  

Happy Reading!

My Top LOA Reads

blog - loa resourcesSince its release in 2006, the movie “The Secret” has introduced millions of people to the Law of Attraction.  As one of the featured teachers in the movie, I firmly believe in the power of the Law of Attraction and I’ve used it for decades to effortlessly create ever-growing levels of success.

The Law of Attraction harnesses the power of the universe to deliver the people, resources and results that you want and need.

Recently, I was reviewing questions for an upcoming Ask Jack Canfield teleseminar  and I came across a question about which books, other than “The Secret,” I would recommend for people wanting to learn more about the Law of Attraction, so I thought I’d post a list here on my blog.

Law of Attraction Recommended Reading:

  •  The Science of Getting Rich: or Financial Success Through Creative Thought by Wallace D. Wattles
  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  • Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Jerry and Esther Hicks
  • Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing by Jerry and Esther Hicks
  • The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks
  • Gratitude: A Daily Journal by Jack Canfield and D.D. Watkins
  • Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield and D.D. Watkins
  • The Attractor Factor: Five Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) From the Inside by Joe Vitale
  • Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire by Sharon A. Warren
  • Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings by Lynn Grabhorn
  • You Can Have it All: The Art of Winning the Money Game and Living a Life of Joy by Arnold M. Patent
  • The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles by Bruce Lipton
  • Creating Affluence: Wealth and Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities by Deepak Chopra
  • Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling by Wayne W. Dyer
  • The Science of Success: How to Attract Prosperity and Create Life Balance Through Proven Principles by James A. Ray
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart 
  • Quantum Power of Thought: Designing Your New Future Today by Grant Trevithick 
  • Are You Ready to Succeed?: Unconventional Strategies for Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and Life by Srikumar S. Rao
  • The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: Forces that Bring Riches to You. by Catherine Ponder

When you learn to harness the Law of Attraction, you’ll discover that the things you want and need appear almost as if by magic.

Happy Reading!


Consistently attract the good, positive and extraordinary!
Learn how to harness the power of the Law of Attraction with these resources from Jack Canfield:
Law of Attraction System
Vision Board Collection
The Key to Living the Law of Attraction Book
Gratitude: A Daily Journal

Activating The Law of Attraction

Jack Canfield on the Law of AttractionThe Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. And, just like gravity, it is always operating whether you are aware of it or not. Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will be magnetized to you. This means whatever you think about, talk about, read about, watch on television, listen to on the radio, worry about, fantasize about, and feel strongly about, you will attract more of it into your life. Therefore, if you stay focused on all the good and positive things in your life, you will automatically draw to yourself more good and positive things. Likewise, if you focus on lack and negativity, then that is what you will draw to yourself.

How can you use the “Law of Attraction” to enhance our life?

The key to utilizing the Law of Attraction is to constantly focus on, talk about, visualize, and expect to receive that which you want-not what you don’t want. To use this Law to your benefit, you have to quit talking about your unwanted current reality and do two things instead:  1) appreciate and celebrate that which you already have; and 2) focus on, talk about, believe, visualize, affirm, and expect that all you desire is already on its way to you. Maintain a constant focus on your vision. Keep your eye and your conversation on what you are already grateful for and what you are creating.

Get started today…

Take time to clarify exactly what you want in every area of your life without limiting yourself by worrying about how you are going to get it. Then write a vivid and complete “ideal scene” of what it will look, sounds, and feel like when you actually have it. Do this for every aspect of your ideal vision-job and career, finances, health and fitness, relationships, fun and recreation, possessions, personal and spiritual growth, and the contribution you want to make to the world.

Next, create a vision board-either in the form of a vision book or a screen saver-that contains visual images of your vision already manifested. Take time every day to close your eyes and visualize each ideal scene as already complete, and, most importantly, to feel the feelings you would feel if you had already achieved this goal or a desire.

Next, release your request to the universe. Trust that you are now attracting the ideas, people, resources, money, and opportunities will start coming into your awareness. Pay attention to them.

The next step is to begin taking action on the creative impulses you receive. For example, if you want to be a doctor, the obvious actions are to study anatomy, biology, and biochemistry, apply to medical school, and so on. Inspired actions, on the other hand, arise from your intuition, during meditation, or occur to you as sudden impulses that have a deep feeling of rightness to them. An example might be that one afternoon you get this overwhelming urge to take some cookies to the elderly woman who lives down the street who always treated you kindly when you were a kid, so you do. When she invites you into her house, she introduces you to her nephew who is visiting, and he turns out to be the Dean of the Harvard Medical School.

Finally, the full utilize the Law of Attraction in your life, you have to become a vibrational match with whatever it is you want to attract into your life. This means creating and maintaining an emotional state that matches the one you will experience when you actually get the thing you are focusing on. If your goal is to be rich, you need to focus on feeling abundant now. You can do this by appreciating what you already have, and continually finding more and more things to be grateful for. You can do it by being generous with what you already have. Most importantly, you do it by thinking abundant thoughts and feeling rich right now.

If your desire is to attract your soulmate into your life, start feeling happy about the relationships that you already enjoy. Act as if you are already loved and adored. Pamper yourself. Buy yourself flowers. Clean up your house or apartment the way you would if you were expecting company. Bring closure to your past relationships by forgiving any hurts and appreciating all the good things that you experienced. Let go of any resentments, guilt, or hurt you might be carrying from the past. Find appreciation for the lessons you’ve learned from previous lovers so that you can be free of the past and live in genuine state of positive excitement about the future.



You can, as long as you include this complete statement with it: Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul® and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. If you’re ready to jump-start your life, make more money, and have more fun and joy in all that you do, get FREE success tips from Jack Canfield now at: www.FreeSuccessStrategies.com

Meet me in Dubai, Chennai, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain!

2013-gulf-tourI’m excited to announce that I’ll be returning to Dubai and India this month, with additional stops in Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain in April!  I can’t wait to return to the gulf to teach several powerful workshops designed to help you develop a clear, personal plan of action to help take you from where you are to where you want to be – and I want to meet you there!

Whether you want to dramatically improve your personal relationships, create optimum health, expand your personal possibilities, increase your earning-power, or renew focus on your life’s goals – I want to give you the help and direction you need to make the rest of 2013 a spectacular year!

During these powerful programs, I will bring my best-selling book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, to life and teach you the in-depth knowledge you will need to achieve the life you have always wanted.

These events will be a remarkable experience, so *please bring your friends and colleagues* along and I’ll show them how easy creating success in their lives can be.

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to Take 100% Control of Your Life and your results
  • How to set clear, defined goals in the seven key areas of your life
  • How to change the outcome of any event, simply by changing your response to it
  • How to complete past projects and heal past relationships so you can embrace the future
  • How to maximize your success with money, your time, your future…and so much more!

Following this seminar, you’ll experience new confidence and commitment, at all levels. I will give you all the details that make easy – risk taking, making decisions, pushing through your fears, and asking for what you need as an individual or as part of a team.

I have spoken to thousands of people all over the world about implementing my Success Principles to change their life, and now is your chance to experience the same powerful presentation.

What’s so amazing about this opportunity is the host has made attending this conference so affordable; you can’t afford to miss it!

I look forward to seeing all of you with your families, colleagues and friends in the coming weeks!