It’s All Because of You…


Here in America, it’s Thanksgiving – and this year, I have more to be thankful for than ever before.

And it’s all because of you.

For the past 40 years, I’ve been on an ambitious mission: to make a huge positive impact on the world…

I truly believe we all have the right and the ability to live the life we want, and to be happy doing so. 

But to make such a drastic shift on humanity, I need help.  I cannot do it alone! 

That’s why I created a “big hairy audacious goal” that will help me: to have one million individuals become certified “Success Principles” trainers – and partner with me to help people all over the world to dream big, take action, and create happier, more abundant, and purpose-filled lives for themselves. 

This is the legacy I want to leave on the world.  It’s the number one thing that drives me.  I know I was put on this planet to help people, and I work every single day to find ways to do that.

This is why I started my Train The Trainer program six years ago, and it’s the reason I launched the new online version of the program this summer – to ensure that anyone, no matter where they live, can become certified to teach the Success Principles to others.

I’m extremely delighted to announce that in just a few short months, we now have more than 800 people enrolled in Train the Trainer Onlinefrom 63 countries! 

It fills me with a profound sense of pride to know that these people have stepped-up to join me in helping others become their best selves and create lives of deep joy and meaning.

Because if there’s one thing the world needs right now, it’s more people shining their light – and empowering others to do the same.

So today I would like to thank my team, who has worked so hard to help me make my audacious dream become a reality.


The support and encouragement I’ve received this year from our Canfield Success Community has been truly overwhelming – and inspiring!

If you’ve invested in any of my products and embodied their teachings in your life, you have helped make this success possible.

If you’ve attended any of my live events or participated in any of my free online training programs, you have helped make this success possible.

If you’ve opened and read any of the emails I’ve sent over the past year, or are one of my 835,000 Facebook followers, you have helped make this success possible.

Because when I sit down to write, it’s the idea of YOU reading my words and being inspired by them to improve your life – and the lives of those around you – that motivates me to keep on doing the work I do.

SO THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for continuing to inspire me to empower people through my work.  

You’re the reason I’m excited to get up in the morning – and if I’ve inspired you even a fraction of how much you’ve inspired ME, I will consider my life well lived.

Oh, and if you’re new to my community, or if this is the first time you’ve ever heard about Train the Trainer Online, feel free to check out the program here.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter where you live in the world.

With gratitude, Jack.

7 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement and Create a Culture of Success

sales manager stacks business training blocks like a growing business7 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement and Create a Culture of Success

What’s the difference between leaders who inspire a high level of employee engagement – and ones who struggle to get people to do the bare minimum their jobs require?

The secret lies in knowing how to lead from the heart outwards.

Successful leaders inspire their team by communicating their vision in a way that generates excitement and motivates others to jump on board with full commitment. They recognize potential in their people, coach their team members to go above and beyond, and routinely acknowledge others’ positive contributions. And while they demand accountability from the people they lead, they also hold themselves accountable for their performance as well.

Here are some heart-centered tips on how to boost employee engagement in your company – and create a culture of success:

1. Know your own strengths and weaknesses

If you want to lead others, first you must understand yourself. When you have a clear sense of your own strengths and weaknesses – and the impact your behavior has on others – your ability to engage others will improve.

For example, let’s say you’re not a graphic designer. Why impose your ideas on the company brochure when you can delegate this responsibility to someone who will do a much better job than you?

Or maybe you’re an introvert who hates making sales calls to clients. Why not hand that task over to an extrovert who’s been blessed with the “gift of gab” and speaks in a way that makes other people want to listen to him or her?

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you the ability to discern when your skills will add value – or not – and keeps you open to delegating and listening to people with other points of view.

2. Inspire them with a clear, compelling, continuous vision

To engage your employees and motivate them to work tirelessly toward achieving a goal, you must first have a clear and compelling vision of the future. What will you and your team ultimate achieve? By when? What will everyone gain when the goal is reached? Is it honorable, beneficial, ethical, and uplifting? What’s so compelling about it? What else will also be achieved as your team is striving for this major goal?

To inspire maximum employee engagement, you’ll also need to articulate who your team will become as they learn and grow on the path to achieving your vision. They must be able to see themselves in the future as better, smarter, stronger, more valued, and more confident. Defining that outcome in a way that resonates emotionally with your team should be a key part of your vision.

Finally, your belief in your vision must be unshakable. You must believe it’s not only possible, but desirable, essential, and inevitable. And you must communicate this belief with absolute certainty. Only then will you inspire the employee engagement in you need to make your vision a reality.

3. Listen for possibility

Once your employees have bought into your vision, be sure to really LISTEN to them – not only to hear their thoughts and input but also to make sure they feel heard. People want to know they make a difference and that their insights and opinions matter.

As you listen, focus on remaining present in the moment and being curious to hear other options. That’s when you’ll be able to hear what’s REALLY being said (the unspoken and well as the spoken) – and create a true dialogue with your team, instead of simply delivering orders or explaining the game plan.

This kind of listening requires a willingness to be transformed by what you hear. It requires you to shift your focus from listening for “the right way or the wrong way” to listening for what is possible.

I call this approach “listening for possibility.” When you truly listen and are open to all input and ideas, it allows you to co-create new approaches, new outcomes and new benefits from the ideas that you hear – and gives your employees the freedom and ability to help shape your path in ways that you alone would not have foreseen.

And that kind of active participation is what will make them become even more motivated to help you make your vision a reality.

4. Coach them to take leadership roles

Coaching people into action and helping them develop their own leadership skills means you not only get to share decision making, you also build a team of smart, confident, and self-directed people who can respond quickly to changing conditions and circumstances. And this will make your own life so much easier.

The key lies in the word coaching. Through deep listening and skillful questioning, you can help others discover their own solutions to problems and opportunities. Instead of being the only person figuring out what to do next, you can help them develop their own problem-solving skills and come up with their own solutions.

Not only does this engage them more fully in the process, it creates more time and space for you to focus on what YOU need to do to accomplish your vision. Business and sales training programs are also a great way to train your team to handle greater responsibilities.

5. Encourage constant improvement

If you’ve read The Success Principles, you’ll know that I encourage people to commit to constant and never-ending improvement. This is something you should encourage in your own team to increase employee engagement and get them to take a leadership role in helping you achieve your vision.

This is especially true in today’s ever-changing world, where new technologies, manufacturing techniques, and marketing tools are announced nearly every month. Improvement is necessary not only to survive, but to thrive.

Meet with your employees regularly so you have a good idea of what their strengths, skills gaps, and interests are. Encourage them to take control of their own career development – and then help them create personalized improvement paths that will benefit them personally while increasing their value to the company. Then provide the budget and time necessary to help them achieve their goals.

Not only will this improve their ability to contribute to their vision, it will earn their gratitude and loyalty toward both you and the company as a whole.

6.  Always have their backs

When it comes right down to it, you can’t inspire employee engagement without earning their loyalty first. The best way to inspire loyalty is to make sure your employees know you are always looking out for their best interests.

If you’re inconsistent with your approach or style, allow your employees to take the brunt of a customer’s or CEO’s displeasure, take credit for their work or neglect to celebrate their successes in a public way that encourages the whole company to recognize their value — they will have a hard time trusting you.

And without trust, there is no loyalty and zero motivation to do their best.

7. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

The key to being self-aware as a leader is a willingness to be wrong, to not know everything, to recognize that you have certain biases, and to see where your opinions may be simply getting in the way. No one has all the answers, and great leaders admit there is always plenty to learn. They encourage honest feedback – and take it to heart.

When you are willing to admit your own mistakes and genuinely listen to critical feedback – without rationalizing, justifying, or placing blame – you get to turn these moments into learning opportunities for yourself and “teachable moments” for your team. You create a more open and collaborative culture among your team members – without the pressure or fear of anyone pretending to know it all.

And that kind of authenticity and transparency is the best possible foundation on which to build a culture of success.

Exceptional leaders aren’t born that way. They become exceptional by developing a unique set of attitudes and skills that are both learnable and teachable.

To boost employee engagement, you must become a leader worth following

You can acquire these skills gradually through years of study and on-the-job experience – or you can dramatically accelerate your progress and leapfrog your way over the usual obstacles by joining my new Train the Trainer Online program.

This self-directed online program will teach you how to become a transformational trainer who has a life-changing impact on others. These are essential skills to have if you lead or manage other people, or if you want to be a more effective speaker, teacher, or coach.

You can learn more here: TRAIN THE TRAINER ONLINE.



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Shelly’s story: The kind of success that matters most

I received a letter the other day from one of my former Breakthrough to Success participants — and what she had to say made my heart soar.

I’d like to share Shelly’s letter with you in its entirety because it demonstrates how you can achieve all the financial and career success in the world – but still feel empty inside. It’s also a great example of getting clear on what you REALLY want – and how visualization and intention setting can help make your biggest dreams a reality.


Here’s what she wrote:

Hello Jack,

First, let me say what a huge difference you have made to my life. I read The Success Principles years ago when it first came out and used its lessons to create success. I still have the highlighted, worn copy that I read regularly to gain inspiration.

You talk about tripling your income. I did that and then some. I got the house I always wanted to live in, the car, started to take amazing vacations, and was promoted regularly moving quickly up the chain.

However, this update is not about financial or material success – it is about family success. When I attended Breakthrough to Success in 2012 for the first time, I was in a long-term relationship that was stagnant. I was in my mid-thirties wondering what to do. I was lost and feeling off balance. I had achieved many of the financial and professional goals I had originally set for myself, but I felt like a failure on the personal side.

It felt as if I had traded one for the other – that I could not be successful in multiple areas of my life. Honestly, I was a bit arrogant about my professional success and I used it to avoid questions on my personal life, which, while not tragic, felt like a mess.

I went to Breakthrough to Success hoping to create more success professionally. However, it became abundantly clear how much I needed to focus on the personal side of my life when I had a breakdown moment on the first day just from the hug session.

By the end of the week I was inspired but still needed work. I knew I needed to gain more insight and break through the layers I had been hiding under. During the “Come as You’ll Be” party, I walked around telling everyone I was married to my future husband and had two kids – but these were the goals that seemed most daunting.

In 2013, I attended BTS again with these same intentions in addition to the professional goals I set for myself.

Fast forward now to 2015 – I am very happy to share that I have been able to manifest both of these big and seemingly unachievable goals through focus, meditation, and visualization.

My love and I had our marriage ceremony in Oct 2013 and we now have a seven-month old little boy. Using the visualization techniques I learned from you, I also was able to use hypnosis techniques to have a completely unmedicated birth! The hospital staff was amazed how quickly I was able to give birth (just three hours after getting to the hospital) by visualizing my son moving down. I was told I was smiling through the contractions. I would have never believed any of this was possible without attending Breakthrough to Success!

At the end of your sessions you ask for an update. This one was a few years in the making but the one I am most proud of achieving. I still have more big goals so once the little one is older I will be attending once again BTS to continue growing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a different in so many lives!

Thank YOU, Shelly, for sharing your story. I’m thrilled to hear that you have the family you desired for so long. Your story is an inspiration to us all!


If you have experienced any positive changes in your life through one of my products or programs, please tell me about it! Reading stories like this is what keeps me inspired and motivated each day. It’s truly an honor to have such a positive impact on people’s lives!

To share your story, please click here:


I can’t wait to read it!