7 Principles of Success and Happiness That You Can Do Today!

“Jack Canfield has made the study of success in one’s personal and professional lives his own life’s work. He has interviewed hundreds of successful people, read more than 3,000 books on success and given thousands of lectures on the topic. Now Canfield has boiled down everything that he has learned about success into his new book, The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Some of those principles, such as the importance of goal setting, are well-known. Others are just as crucial but not commonly understood.

Here, Canfield reveals the principles of success that are most often overlooked.”

1. Develop four new good habits each year. Most of everything we do is based on ritual. We eat at certain restaurants… wear certain clothes… brush our teeth in a certain way… and watch certain TV shows simply because that is what we have always done. These are our habits, and we perform them without really thinking.

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