Join my “Golden Motorcycle Gang”


I am so excited to share that my first novel, The Golden Motorcycle Gang, has officially hit bookstore shelves this week and I would like to invite you to join my “Golden Motorcycle Gang” on an incredible journey.

First, I’d like to give you a little background on how this novel came to be. Awhile back, I was describing for my friend Bill Gladstone (author of The Twelve) a vision I’d had of being part of a gang of golden “soul-traveling” motorcycle riders called to Earth to help it through a period of crisis and transformation.

Bill was transfixed. Having written a huge bestseller about the Mayan prophecies and the global transformation predicted for 2012, he related instantly to this vision. And Bill agreed: the world actually IS at a “tipping point”: a perfect storm of economic, environmental, political and religious crises that will certainly result in a different world.

Our collaboration resulted in The Golden Motorcycle Gang and it’s unlike any book I’ve written before. It’s part novel, part autobiography, part spiritual adventure and part resource book to prepare you for the imminent changes we all face in 2012!

You’ll read about my own life and the strange synchronicities that have brought me to where I am today. But you’ll also begin to see the synchronicities in your life – and what they teach you about your destiny.

Could you be part of the Golden Motorcycle Gang to help bring about a better world? Would you join us in a higher purpose?

I’d like as many people as possible to join with Bill and me on this incredible journey – to align ourselves with the POSITIVE aspects of these massive global changes, and help the world emerge suffused with compassion, collaboration and creativity! Our book even features an appendix of people, events and groups currently involved in movements to assist in the global transformation.

You can learn more about The Golden Motorcycle Gang

Bill and I put a lot of ourselves into this book and I think you’ll sense it. More importantly, I believe you’ll be able to envision yourself as part of this vision – and join “the Gang”! 2012 is going to be an overwhelming adventure.


Want to hear more?  Listen to a full length audio interview with founder David Riklan and Jack Canfield by clicking HERE

In the meantime, you can also work on finding your higher purpose by learning how to meditate for free in this blog post.

Why You Can Be Confident That 2012 will be a Very Good Year

mayan_calendarThe tabloid press and many pundits are writing about the end of the Mayan Calendar and Nostradamus prophecies of the end of the world slated to occur on December 21, 2012. There is a lot of doom and gloom associated with this date and much of it is based on absolute conjecture unrelated to any hard facts of any kind. Much to my surprise I recently learned that the actual Mayan prophecies connected to the end of their calendar are positive predictions and not negative at all. Even more to my surprise through my friendship with Bill Gladstone and Barbara Marx Hubbard I learned that  my own life purpose  may be related to bringing to you and others the positive  potential of  2012  for all of us to create a better world.

Together with my co-author Bill Gladstone I have just written my first novel The Golden Motorcycle Gang. I call The Golden Motorcycle Gang   a “novel novel” because it is unlike any novel I have ever read let alone written. The premise of the novel is taken from actual events in my life. I was careful to stay as true as possible to the actual events in my life and on one level The Golden Motorcycle Gang could be read as my autobiography. Writing my autobiography never occurred to me. My life is about inspiring others, motivating others and offering transformational training that can help people succeed in all aspects of their lives. However a very important moment in my life was a vision I had when still in graduate school of seeing myself along with others as members of a special gang of golden motorcycle riders speeding through space encountering a planet in distress. That planet, of course, was earth.

In the forty years since I had that original “golden motorcycle gang” vision I have shared the story of the Golden Motorcycle Gang with my closest friends and colleagues. One of the people I told the story to, over dinner in Santa Barbara a decade ago, was Bill Gladstone. In the years since, every time I saw Bill he would ask me if I had had the time to write the story down to share in a book. Because I always told Bill I was too busy, he offered to interview me and write the first draft of what is now The Golden Motorcycle Gang. At the time I thought he would end up with a mini eBook or perhaps even a book for children.  The original story only took a few minutes to tell and I was not seeing at the time the larger context of the story or even  how it was so integrally related not just to my life but to what is happening on our planet at this precise moment of human history.

Although Bill’s first draft needed significant rewriting, which in the end required as much of my time as Bill’s, I  do want to acknowledge Bill for seeing in the story of The Golden Motorcycle Gang  an even larger purpose than I had seen myself. I was busy living my life, authoring, co-authoring and overseeing hundreds of Chicken Soup for the Soul titles, creating an amazing network of transformational leaders, and conducting workshops and trainings throughout the world through my Success Principles organization.  I now see how all of those activities are actually linked to my higher purpose of connecting millions of people to the dynamic opportunity that 2012 represents for changing the direction of so many negative current trends from global warming to economic collapse, religious wars, terrorism, poverty, inequality and intolerance. These are serious world problems and they will not go away on their own. However, with awareness and united focus from each of us we can and I predict will solve the majority of these problems and solve them within the next twenty to thirty years.

The choice is no choice. If we do not solve these problems NOW, there may be no 2112 and perhaps not even a 2062. Fifty or a hundred years may seem like a long time, but when we consider that our children and grandchildren are the ones to deal with those future dates, it is the time to wake up. That is the reason I am eager to share the story of The Golden Motorcycle Gang with as many readers as possible. The novel provides not just the story and the motivation to take action but practical links that will enable you, no matter who you are, where you are, with or without resources, with or without skills or higher education, to make a difference. The Golden Motorcycle Gang, unlike any novel I have ever read, includes appendices of people and organizations that you can link to and work with to begin creating a better world TODAY. I am grateful to my family, friends, colleagues and mentors for all they have gifted me throughout my life. Whether you are drawn to my mentors such as Pete Seeger, W. Clement Stone, Stewart Emery or Barbara Marx Hubbard—all of whom appear in the novel—you will learn through my life experiences how synchronicity and commitment to helping others have been the keys to my own success and happiness in life. And I believe they will reveal to your own keys to a happier, more successful and fulfilling life as well as inspire you to step up and play your part in birthing a new world that works for everyone.

In the novel you will be presented with the five questions that Barbara Marx Hubbard believes she is here to present to the world, and in answering these five questions you may discover your own higher life purpose. I cannot guarantee that you will discover your higher life purpose but I know you will enjoy the novel.  I sincerely hope that after reading the book you will be inspired to join The Golden Motorcycle Gang and seize this opportunity to be part of the collective, positive social movement that is changing the world.