September Ask Jack Canfield Call Homework

Wow!  There were some amazing questions on this monthʻs Ask Jack Call!

For those who listened, here is the homework we discussed:

  • Take your number 1 goal for the year (or create a breakthrough goal if you don’t have one…see pages 53-54 of The Success Principles for info on creating a Breakthrough Goal) and make a 100% NO EXCUSES, FULL OUT COMMITMENT  to work on that goal every day (except your weekly holy day or day off or Free Days) and use the Rule of 5 (5 action steps every day to achieve your goal) on that goal.

Play full out, knowing that you will probably come up against fears, negative beliefs, considerations (reasons why you can’t succeed) and roadblocks (real external barriers o your success). All of this is natural; in fact, part of the purpose of this exercise is to surface these fears, considerations and roadblocks, which up until now may have been in your subconscious. Once they are in your awareness, you can use the techniques presented in the Ask Jack call to handle and release them.

  • Make sure to schedule your next day the night before, and work from a schedule, not just a To Do list.
  • Schedule in the 5 action steps somewhere into the day, and schedule the rest of the day as well.
  • Be specific about what time of the day you will do what and for how long you will do it.
  • Also, work with an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Make sure to listen to the call if you have not yet listened to it.  Archives of this call and others can be found in the Inner Circle Club.

Let’s really go for it this month!  And feel free to post your results on Facebook or send an e-mail to

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