10 Ways I'll Help You Succeed This Year

reach your goals in 2016

Happy 2016! I hope your heart is filled with excitement for the year ahead!

The New Year is bursting with countless opportunities for you to create a life that fulfills your soul’s purpose and your heart’s deepest desires.

THIS can be the year when you dream bigger dreams... plan bigger outcomes... take action in a much bigger way... and experience a ton of joy, professional fulfillment, and personal accomplishment! 

All you have to do is say YES – and commit to taking the actions that will make your biggest ambitions a reality!

If you’re ready to make the leap from where you are now to where you want to be, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Here are the top 10 ways I can support you in the pursuit of your dreams and achieve your goals in 2016:

1. Looking for daily inspiration and motivation?

Follow me on  Facebook. I post inspirational sayings and links to articles that contain valuable advice on practical steps you can take to experience more success in all areas of your life.

2. Want to overcome the biggest obstacles that are holding you back?

Start off the New Year right by taking my FREE Success Principles 10-Day Transformation challenge. Every day you’ll receive a new lesson and activity that will help you get clear on what you really want from life – and what you need to do to make it a reality.

3. Longing for a personal Success Principles cheerleader to keep you on track?

Get a Canfield Personal Coach in your corner and have a trained Success Principles expert work with you one on one to help you transform any area of life and accomplish your most ambitious goals. Sign up for a free introduction to coaching here.

4. Want to radically transform your life in five days?

Join me at Breakthrough to Success 2016 this February or August – and create a detailed roadmap that will help you fulfill your soul’s purpose and create the ideal life you’ve always wanted, while overcoming any obstacles with grace and ease.

5. Dreaming of becoming a leader worth following?

Join my friend and colleague Kathleen Seeley for our ground-breaking leadership training program, Leadership Worth Following: How to Build Cultures That Inspire, Motivate, & Thrive this February in Newport Beach, CA. You’ll learn how to become a leader who inspires people to come together as a highly motivated team and accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

6. Searching for ways to re-energize your life and business – and bring more success and fulfillment into your life?

If you’re a successful entrepreneur looking for ways to take your life and business to the next level, join me at my next Private Client Luxury Retreat at the beautiful Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara – and work one-on-one with me and my top business advisors to create a detailed plan to create a life of deeper joy, abundance, and purpose. (Application only – call my team for info: 805-881-5192)

7. Want to fulfill your dreams of success while helping others and making the world a better place?

If you're a speaker, trainer, coach, consultant or up-and-coming author (or simply dream of becoming one), work with me in person and become and Advanced Certified Canfield Trainer during my 2016 Train the Trainer Live program. You’ll learn how to have a profound transformative effect on the people you work with so you can make a bigger positive impact on their lives – and your career. (Application only) 

8. Want to teach the Success Principles to others – but can’t afford the travel and expense of Train the Trainer Live?

If traveling to the US for my Train the Trainer live program doesn’t fit your schedule or budget, you can receive the exact same training and become a Certified Canfield Trainer at a fraction of the cost with my new Train the Trainer Online program. If you work with people in any capacity, this training will teach you how to make a bigger impact on others and inspire them to become their best selves. It’s the best possible decision you can make to advance your speaking, teaching, coaching, consulting or management career!

9. Searching for fun and affordable ways to create your own vision of success – in the comfort of your own home?

Master the Success Principles and learn how to create the life of your dreams with any of these popular home-study programs available on my website. You’ll discover how to feed your mind, open your heart, and visualize your way to achieving higher levels of success in all areas of your life.

10. Looking for permission to just go for it?

You’ve got it! You have my permission – and the permission of the Universe and whatever Higher Power governs it – to pursue your biggest dreams.

I truly believe that we are not given dreams that we lack the capacity to achieve. So if you are capable of dreaming it, then YOU CAN ACHIEVE it.

All you have to do is say YES and take action to make those dreams come true!

You have all of the talent and the resources you need to start right now and create anything you want. 

You just have to make the decision to ACT.

I know you can do it.  And I think that deep down, you know you can do it too.

So don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back!  Get clear on what you want – and what you need to do to make it happen. And then take one small step after another to get from where you are to where you want to be. That’s how success happens.

If you decide to enroll in any my programs, I can guarantee that you will reach your goals faster.  But even if you don’t, you still have the capacity to make your dreams come true.

So this January, once the New Year celebrations are over, I challenge you to roll up your sleeves and make it happen!

I'm here for you!And please don’t forget that I’m here for you, and eager to support you in any way I can.  

In fact, my team is standing by to answer your questions about the above programs. Contact us at:  805-881-5191

P.S. What do you want to create for yourself or your business this year?  I'd love to hear what your ambitions are in 2016!  Declaring your goals publicly is an important first action step.

Post your goals below and let’s create an avalanche of momentum together!

Post your comments below

  • Exceeding Grace Homeschool Aca

    I'd love to create the opportunity for me to be able to afford the Jack Canfield Coach Training program. I am tired of seeing great programs come along but I have to pass because I don't have hundreds of dollars just laying around at the end of the month. My goal this year is to have more than enough money to be able to afford whatever programs I need to succeed.

    • liz4horses

      Get the book, read the book, re-read the book, underline, highlight, get the vision book going. I bought one from Jack's website to get myself the idea this was REAL, not just a hobby, and to share it with my clients. I also bought the gratitude book, filled one, and bought a new one, because it helps me on days that are so hard it is hard to find gratitude.............I work with veterans, high risk youth and seriously ill people and it is often hard to remind myself that their problems are theirs, not mine, and I have to come in and see MY gratitude book and remember I am VERY gifted and have so much to be grateful for..............and step back in to MY life and out of theirs and to not allow myself to get over committed.............I too have on my list to afford to get the money and go to Jack's personal seminars. I do sign up for the free classes and phone calls.............they really helped me rebuild after a serious accident and financial losses...............the exercises on what have I done in the past helped me realize how many times I have been on top, and slid down, and come back and not take the latest losses and injuries so dramatically..........get up, dust myself off, get more surgery and get back on track.............:) One phone call seminar Jack talked about some of his life experiences in the they just kept saying NO category, and the part of the book that says NO is just a step on the way to getting where you want to go, not the end of your dreams............I needed to hear that..............to review all my successes........every single one of my successes truly IS life and death...........and life wins...........so it made me realize, I have a lot of successes and need to get back on track and move along. God bless you, hope to see you within the next year at one of the expensive personal classes..........we can both work towards that day with prayers for each other!!!

      • João

        Thanks Jack to give me this time to introduce my goal on the 2016. Keeping believe in GOD...
        To be 100% boss of my life...create a group to support people around the world in health, to get my house dreams, to get a strong website wish I should be in total 1000 clients and recieve abundance money coming from multiple sources...

  • Diann Martin

    Jack I read your book The Success Principles and have listened to the audio version twice. I am currently in the online train the trainer program, I am also a certified passion test facilitator and have gone to the School for the Work with Byron Katie. 2016 is going to be my year! I am taking my toolkit and skills to transform the nursing profession and support nurses as leaders. Thanks so much for your kindness and your inspiration. My best Diann Martin PhD, RN

  • Camilla Andersson

    Jack, your inspiration is fantastic! I read your Fb and emails all the time. I'm nearly done with your book and I've watched the Secret at least 8 times. I have big dreams, but I can't define them, fully. I start out with one plan, then 1/2 way through change it etc. With the help of the Secret and all you post, I've been narrowing my plans (they were way too broad) and I think its becoming easier. 2016 is going to be fantastic! Before end of Jan I need to have my exact plan laid out. I am 50 and have a big playing field of life ahead of me!

    • liz4horses

      I too had a lot of, or at least one BIG goal. I have realized that by being a successful consultant I am helping many more people do THEIR dream and vision and in the doing, they get big parts of MY dream and vision going. I too have gone back, using the book, and exercises and have several of my on the shelf plans going again and they are becoming realities, almost without effort it seems, and I am VERY and every DAY grateful for it. A man actually called me and said he was bored with his job, and his old career was calling, and as a volunteer he is going to help me make the documentaries and movie I have wanted to make, AND then another man called and said a tech company needed some people, they were going to PAY them, to use their movie making and television making products and train studios that are paying them for the equipment HOW to use it............THANK YOU GOD. I have two books written, published and out for sale, and out of the blue, my older son said, you know, I am going to help you with those other books you wanted to do, he has cameras, and two career experience to help me!!!

  • Lee-Anne Webb

    I want to help 100 people achieve better health and lose weight by 9pm, January 8, 2017. I will do this by launching my new business and recruiting 10 other people to help me. I want those 100 people to continue using the healthy, toxin free products that helped them lose weight. I want them to be so excited about their success and energy that they tell everyone they know and then they too want me to help them.
    I want to be earning $1000 a week by 9pm, January 8, 2017.

  • Madhulika Kataria

    To earn 100crores by the end of 31 December 2016

  • Gigio Wifi

    My Goal is to Sell my Energy Production Systems of 200KW with 5 clients in the next 6 months. Also Sell a 10MW Project in the following 9 months. That is what I will do, and will make it happen NMW (no matter what). Thanks Jack for your support.

  • Isolde Kühn

    Ich bin Ihnen zu tiefst dankbar,lieber Jack Canfield und habe die Kraft und die Freude und ich nehme sehr gern das Angebot für alle Programme an. Das Leben ist ein Lernprozess und ich freue mich

  • Steffanie Barger

    Thank you for your inspiration and generosity! I have huge goals this year to create more for myself and my daughter, wishing you the best!

  • liz4horses

    Thank you for your inspiration and giving so much of your programs either free, or in easier to afford programs. I have spent a serious year in the book, as directed by the free half hour coach I spoke with. So many great wonderful things are moving ahead, and in my work, even one person who does not commit suicide, or stops committing crimes is such a success.....and heart felt thanks goes to you, and to our clients as they move ahead in their lives and successes. I always direct them to your web sites and to the book Success Principles........................God bless, and I still have on my 101 things to do list, is to get to those personal classes with you as a trainer, and one day to afford the $20,000 and go to one of the small classes to thank you for all.............I do want to add, that like any program, I find many people who want to whine at me and say, it does not work, and then I ask how they are doing in reading the book, re-reading the book with notes, and hi lighters, and then going through and starting their own notebooks and vision pages, and they say....."what".....and I say............hmmm. I have bought several used books and given them to clients in my consulting business...........one was even signed by you, and still not one had any sign of real use.........or even having been read..........it shows me why it did not work for those people. I love it that the exercises work and the gratitude books help me............even in the small things. During Christmas holidays I had gone with a friend to volunteer at a disabled person holiday dinner and celebration........we had stopped at the store for items for snack at a business meeting we had later in the afternoon. I had NOT bought several items I just wanted, but just the snacks for the meeting. When we were cleaning up from the holiday meal and celebration, the hostess said, here, there are extra gifts, we want you to have some, and they were from the same store we had just shopped at. EVERY single thing on my list of wants was in the package I took home. A free living tree, free plants for the holidays, three living rose bushes, and every kind of chocolate and holiday snack we could think of..............all FREE and with gratitude and love for having come and helped give the disabled persons and their families a great celebration!!!

  • liz4horses

    Oh, and my goal is to keep thanking God, for every tiny move towards peace on earth, and humans restoring our world and all the damage we as humans have done to it......and it is awesome how many people are doing so many wonderful things, individually and in groups! Whole nations even! I also loved hearing our President say in his State of the Union Address that we have it ALL within our grasp, but it is going to take ALL of us.........and makes my work, urging everyone to BE part of the celebration and restoration, and thank you to our Creator a bigger and growing reality. God bless us, every one.