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Effectively Utilizing the Law of Attraction (replay)

Jack Canfield, your success coachSince its release in 2006, the movie “The Secret” has introduced millions of people to the Law of Attraction. As a featured teachers in the movie, I firmly believe in it’s power and have used it for decades to help create ever-growing levels of success. But sadly, I’ve witnessed that it doesn’t work for everyone. The issue isn’t the law itself. It’s how people attempt to apply the teaching. That’s why I devoted July’s “Ask Jack Canfield” tele-training to teaching strategies to help you harness the life-changing power of the Law of Attraction.  

To preview all 12 questions I answered, download and print the Audio Guide so you can also take notes as you listen along. To listen offline, download call recordingRunning time 70 minutes.

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If you’re like many of my students, you understand how the Law of Attraction works and what to do … but you struggle to put it into action. I have just the resource to help…

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